Abruzzo Italy
Its beaches on the Adriatic Sea 

Abruzzo Italy is located on the Adriatic Sea and covers a central area of the Italian peninsula from the Apennines to the sea.

The area is mountainous and well prepared for winter sports. But here we are writing about its beautiful Adriatic Italian Beaches.

Pescara Beach in Abruzzo is amazingly beautiful and well organized

Some of the Best Beaches in Italy

Abruzzo has a 129 km coast on the Adriatic offering many small beaches and a few international renowned resorts.

To mention just a few, Pescara and Vasto on the south, Silvi Marina on the center of Abruzzo’s coast and a few on the north called Adriatica, Pineto and Martinsicuro.

These beaches are well equipped to receive thousands of visitors from all over Europe, especially during the summer months.

But take into consideration that Abruzzo is more than summer only. Winters are not so bitter cold and the area is visited by many tourists.

Abruzzo Italy

Vasto Marina Beach south of Abruzzo

Vasto Marina Beach south of Abruzzo

Pescara Italy

What made Pescara such a popular destination is its 20 km of beaches. It is the ideal summer vacation spot in the Adriatic.

There are many hotels taking advantage of these beautiful beaches and some of them own the beach where they are located.

But there are many public beaches that may be more crowded, but they are still great for a day on the beach.

I want to mention the promenade with many cafes and restaurants as well as many shops next to the beach.

Pescara has many other sites to visit besides its beaches, but if you decided that you just want beaches, you will sure have a great time.

Vasto Beaches

Vasto is an ancient town and today a beautiful coastal city in the south of Abruzzo region. Its history is very rich and the golden beaches are breathtakingly pretty.

The sands are golden and the waters warm and shallow, ideal for families with small children.

Silvi Marina a beautiful resort in Abruzzo

Silvi Marina a beautiful resort in Abruzzo

Silvi Marina

This is one of the most famous fishing resorts in Abruzzo. It is located in the center of the coast of this region.

It features a two areas the upper town called Silvi Paese or Silvi Alta and the coastal part named Silvi Marina.

It is a very trendy resort with an array of hotels and shops. It is also famous for the manufacturing of its liquorices. But above all it is known for the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic.

For more information visit the Italian Tourism Website

Silvi Marina Abruzzo

Young Couple enjoying the beach of Silvi Marina in Abruzzo Italy

Alba Adriatica

Located in the northern coast of Abruzzo, this is a small town known as one of the “Seven Sisters” of Abruzzo.

The other six are from south to north Pineto, Silvi Marina, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Gulianova, Tortoreto and Martinsicuro.

This beach has been awarded the European Blue Flag many years in a row and it’s also nicknamed the Silver Beach for the high standard of its beach.

Alba Adriatica is nicknamed the Silver Beach for its high standards


It is a small seaside town with a great beach, also awarded Blue Flag Status. It features all facilities like umbrellas and sun beds, fish restaurant and many other amenities. Here you’ll find all what’s expected of a coastal community in the Adriatic Sea.

My readers will be delighted from a visit to Abruzzo. It is one of the 20 Italian regions and not far from Rome. It is not so populated like most of Italian regions and remains wild in many areas.

A visit to Abruzzo will bring you back to the times when all beaches were not so crowded like they are today.

pineto abruzzo

The Blue Flag Beach of Pineto in Abruzzo Italy

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