Acapulco Beaches
Popular for Generations

Acapulco Beaches are one of the most popular attractions of Mexico. Honeymooners have been flocking to Acapulco for decades; not only honeymooners, but also Hollywood celebrities, wealthy Europeans and more.

Spectacular view of Acapulco Bay

Spectacular view of Acapulco Bay

A Prime tourism spot in Mexico

I know Acapulco since I was a teenager and lived in Cuba; we came with a group of young people to Mexico and visited Acapulco for the first time. Since then I have visited Acapulco many times and always enjoyed this magnificent spot.

What makes Acapulco such a desired place is not only the many beaches, some ones better than the others, but the atmosphere felt while you are in town. The views from any hotel or condo are awe inspiring. The food, the entertainment, the nightlife has made Acapulco one of Mexico’s prime tourist places.

Visit La Quebrada to see the young men diving from top of the mountain

Visit La Quebrada see young men diving from the cliff

Since Acapulco is a semicircular bay the beaches are practically one next the other and the names have been given through the years for its location or its particularities.

There other beaches besides those on the bay, those on the way to the airport. We will mention here some of the best.

There are beaches that lie within the protected areas inside Bahia Santa Lucia and Bahia de Puerto Marques, and there are beaches that front the open stretches of the Pacific Ocean. 

Obviously, the beaches inside the bays areas have calmer waters, as compared to beaches along the open stretches of the Pacific Ocean where wave activity can be strong,

Before I enumerate a few of the beaches I want to warn my readers to be careful of the waves in Acapulco.

Some beaches don’t have lifesavers and it may be dangerous to go too deep inside. Also take care of your children at all times.

Acapulco Beaches

Playas Caleta and Caletilla popular with tourists and locals

Playas Caleta popular with tourists and locals

Acapulco Beaches

  • Playa Caleta
    Playas Caleta and Caletilla the most renowned beaches in Acapulco for decades. They are really one contiguous beach just separated by an aquarium called “Magico Mundo Marino”. Here you may swim, relax, listen to Mexican music and drink your local beer. It was the first beach that Hollywood celebrities discovered decades ago. Now it’s full of Europeans and North Americans.

  • Pie de la Cuesta
    This is a very long beach that runs parallel to Laguna Coyoca. It is great for those seeking peace and quiet in a tropical setting. The sunsets here are amazing and some lime to call this beach “Sunset beach”

  • Roqueta and Marin Beaches
    These two rustic beaches are located on Isla de la Roqueta off the coast of Acapulco. They can be accessed only by boat and are absolutely ideal for relaxation. You may reach the island with a water taxi from Caleta beach. Playa Roqueta is the main beach on the island while Playa Marin is a small remote beach reached after a small hike from the first one.

Beautiful Tamarindo Beach in Acapulco

Beautiful Tamarindo Beach in Acapulco

  • Playa Angosta
    Playa Angosta means “narrow beach” in Spanish and it is named like that because it is between two cliffs, making it secluded and more “private’ than the others. The sunset from here is spectacular. It is located on the next inlet after the famous La Quebrada, where the divers perform.

  • Playas Manzanillo and Playa Honda
    These two neighboring Beaches are between Caleta and the downtown area. It features a few fish restaurants and the beaches may be somewhat crowded and noisy.

  • Playa Hornos and Playa Tamarindos
    Playa Hornos and its neighbor, Playa Tamarindos, are lined with coconut palms and feature some great restaurants. The sands are clean and the waters calmer than on other beaches. It is visited by tourists and locals alike.

Map of Acapulco Bay and its beaches

Map of Acapulco Bay and its beaches

Acapulco Beaches

  • Playa Tlacopanocha
    This busy beach is located right at the end of the Malecón (town pier) and across from the Maritime terminal. It's a great place to watch the cruise ships pull in or take off, and it presents a great chance to take in some authentic Mexican culture.

  • Playa Hamacas
    This is a large stretch of sand located across Hotel Las Hamacas. It is less crowded than the others.

  • Hornitos Beach
    Hornitos Beach is sometimes called “Papagayo Beach” because it is right in front of Parque Papagayo. The restaurants and vendors cater to Mexican families and tourists. This is a beach for kids and teenagers.

  • Playa Morro
    Playa Morro is located close to the Diana traffic circle between Hornitos and Condesa. You’ll recognize it for the tiny offshore island of El Morro.

Amazing Pyramid of Princess Hotel in Acapulco

Amazing Pyramid of Princess Hotel in Acapulco

Acapulco Beaches

  • Playa Condesa
    This renowned beach is located in the Golden Zona Central. It attracts large crowds and it features many water sports facilities. The waters are sometimes a little wild for swimming. One section of Playa Condesa below Beto’s Condesa restaurant is said to be Acapulco’s Gay Beach.

  • Playa Icacos
    This is the other important beach in the Golden Zone but much wider than Condesa. This beach serves many condominiums and hotels and you may note that the crowd is a little more upscale. Here the view to the open sea is just amazing.

  • Playa Pichilingue
    This beach is really inaccessible to most people as it serves the guests of the guests of the Camino Real Hotel and the resort community of Pichilingue Diamante. The beach is quiet, both because it has relatively few visitors, and because it is on the shore of a beach inside the tranquil inlet of Puerto Marqués.

  • Playa Puerto Marqués and Playa Majahua
    These are smaller stretches tan the bay side Beaches. The waters are calm and ideal for a nice swim. The area is surrounded by the village of Puerto Marques with shops and restaurants.

For more information visit Mexico Tourism Website

Acapulco Zocalo or Downtown

Acapulco Zocalo or Downtown

Acapulco Beaches

  • Playa Revolcadero
    Playa Revolcadero, literally means “tumbler beach”. This is a long, wide stretch of sandy strand on the open ocean by the Hotel Fairmont Acapulco Princess, one of Acapulco's most luxurious hotels. It always has waves of a fairly good size but seldom dangerous.

  • Playa Tres Vidas
    This beach is located on the open Pacific Ocean to the east and south of Playa Revolcadero, near the airport. There is a famous golf course here and a small hotel called L'Hotel de Tres Vidas.

  • Playa Larga
    Playa Larga, meaning long beach, is great for ecotourists who like underdeveloped tropical beaches. It is less crowded than the other beaches around.

  • Playa Bonfil
    Playa Bonfil is a popular beach with surfers. It lies right behind Acapulco’s international airport and is best reached by car. The bottom is sandy and the waves start at one meter and reach 2.5 meters in height. The beach features many luxury condos.

As I said Acapulco Beaches will always be a favorite. There are many beaches in Mexico Like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta, but the charm of Acapulco is one and only.

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