Albania Beaches
On the Adriatic Sea

I invite you on a virtual tour of Albania Beaches. If you want to discover one of Europe's Best Kept Secrets. They are scattered along the Adriatic coast of this country that was closed to the world for decades and is now open to all visitors.


Shengjin Beach is one of the Top beaches of the world

Albania is Open to the World

During the times of the Iron Curtain, Albania was the most hermetically closed country in Europe. I remember there weren’t even flight in an out or maybe just a few from neighboring communist Eastern Europe.

But now for more than two decades Europe is free, Yugoslavia disintegrated into many independent countries and neighboring Albania opened up to the world and many tourists are starting to visit its cities and beaches. Its capital is Tirana Albania.

Albania is located north of Greece, South of Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina and west of Kosovo and Macedonia and as mentioned with a long Adriatic Sea shoreline with beautiful beaches.

The good news is that many beaches are still virgin and undeveloped and some are practically empty during the week. So let me offer you some of the best Albania Beaches with the hope you will be able to visit them in the near future.

Albania Beaches

saranda beach

Saranda Beaches in Albania are only 25 minutes from Corfu Greece

Albania Beaches

• Mali Robit

This one is one of the most popular beaches in the country attracting big crowds during the high season. It is located less than an hour drive from the Capital city of Tirana.

It features white sands and the shade of pine forests. We all recommend visiting on low season since it becomes unpleasant because so many people crowding one beach.

• Shengjin

It is located about an hour drive north of Tirana. It is a beach town and one of the country’s largest port. After the construction of a new road the access to the beach is easier nor and some ferries from nearby Italy are operating.

So this beach has a great future. To complete the scenery there are wetlands and pine trees nearby.

• Vlora Beach

This is an industrial and touristic port on the shores where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas meet. It has majestic mountains surrounding the town. Swimming is great here on this sandy beach.

• Saranda Beach

Saranda Beach is located on the southern part of the country, directly opposite to the Greek Island of Corfu. It takes half an hour by ferry to ride between the two countries.

Saranda is a neat sand and pebble beach with crystal clear waters. Since the prices of Greece and Italy keep skyrocketing, Saranda Beach is being discovered by Tour Operators and is becoming very popular lately.

beaches of vlora albania

The Albania Beaches of Vlora

Albania Beaches

• Ksamil Beach

Some say that Ksamil Beach belongs among the Caribbean Islands because of its powdery white sands and clear waters. It is located about 25 minutes drive south of Saranda Beach making it even closer to the Island of Corfu, Greece. Very close to this beach is located the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrinti.

• Spille Beach

It is located south of Tirana west of Kavaje. This is a vast sandy beach and an amazing pine forest near the beach. The waters are crystal clear. Because of the new road just built this beach is creating lots of interest in new visitors.

• Borsh Beach

This is a small village with a breathtaking beach south of Saranda surrounded by olive groves. It is totally underdeveloped, so do not expect bars or restaurants. But, who care if the waters are turquoise clear.

For more information go to Albania Tourism Website

dhermin beaches

Dhermi Beaches are getting attention from Travel Magazines

Albania Beaches

• Dhermi Beach

It is located south of Vlora over the Llogora Pass National Park. It is a small piece of paradise and people are starting to talk about it and it is also getting coverage from important travel publications.

• Himara Beach

It is located half an hour south of Dhermi and offers the same clear waters and shale beaches. The small town is surrounded by olive and citrus trees.

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Vlora by wstuppert
shengji by albinfo
saranda by diego galli
dhermi by igiann

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Map of Albania

Map of Albania

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