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Welcome to our Top Ten Amazing Beaches.  While working on my site I discovered a few beaches that are absolutely “Out of this World” and put them together for you, my reader.

There are many more besides this list, but in coordinating this list I picked the best of the best; let me rephrase, I summarize here those beaches are out of the beaten path.

The Baths Beach in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The Baths Beach in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The Baths

Located in Virgin Gorda one of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean this beach is characterized by its gigantic boulders and tranquil pools. Virgin Gorda is the third largest island of the British Virgin Islands, after Tortola and Anegada.  It is said that Christopher Columbus named the island the “Fat Virgin” because from far the profile of the Island looks like a fat woman lying on her side. Spanish Town on the southwest of the island is its largest town.

What characterizes this island is the unusual geologic formations known as “The Bath Virgin Gorda”, that are huge granite boulders lying on the sea forming little caves and grottoes open to the sea.

The main two resorts on the island are Bitter End Yacht Club and the Rosewood Little Dix Bay.

Camilo Beach on the region of Algarve in Portugal

Camilo Beach on the region of Algarve in Portugal

Camilo Beach

Thib each is located in Lagos on the southern province of Algarve in Portugal. This is exactly Europe’s south westernmost tip on the Atlantic Ocean. Camilo beach has been voted by readers of Trip Advisor as one of the top ten most “wonderfully unique” beach in the world.

The beach features great rock formations and the waters are a warm turquoise making a perfect scene for photography lovers. Especially the big porthole carved in the rock that leads to the adjoining beach.

This beach is ideal for those that like walking and enjoying the scenery while taking pictures that will surprise the folks back home.


Pfeiffer Beach is a great beach in California, USA

Pfeiffer Beach is one of the amazing beaches in California, USA

Pfeiffer Big State Beach

Located in California, United States this is one of the amazing beaches very popular with locals, and somewhat not so well known by tourists. So now I can tell you that it is worth a visit.

The main characteristic of this beach is the color purple of its sands made from manganese particles washed down the hillside. As you walk towards the northern part of the beach the most vivid is the purple color.

The beach features all amenities like showers and toilets, stands for water sports; surfing is great on its waters. Parking is limited and there are no other parking facilities nearby.

My recommendation is to come early and enjoy the beach while others struggle trying to find a parking space. Since it faces west to the Pacific Ocean, the sunsets here are out of this world in beauty.

Maho Beach on the Dutch Island of St Maarten

Maho Beach on the Dutch Island of St Maarten

Maho Beach

I remember on our first trip with the kids to St Maarten we stayed on a hotel on this great beach. St Maarten is the Dutch part of the island shared with French St Martin on the north. Of course there is no border between the two sides and visitors are free to roam the island as they please.

Maho Beach is located at the beginning of the runway of Queen Juliana International Airport, the one serving both sides. Because of this the planes have to land just over the sunbathers, and are therefore a great spot for aircraft chasers. I remember vividly how my children enjoyed waiting for the next plane to land. On the other hand the departing aircraft produce such a power wind that can throw you away into the waters.

There are a few bars on the beach and many of them show the flight schedules of the landing aircraft.

Now, leaving apart the whole aircrafts thing, the beach is beautiful with lots of white powdery sands and crystal clear waters.

Amazing Beaches

This beach in California is called Glass Beach

This beach in California is called Glass Beach

Glass Beach

It is located in Mac Kerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California United States. This other Californian beach is not only beautiful; it has a nice story to tell. In the first half of the 20th century this place was a garbage dump until in 1967 the city closed it. Over the next several decades the waters “cleansed” the beach wearing down the discarded glass and transforming it into the small and smooth colored trinkets that cover today’s beach.

Finally in 1998 the private owner of the property decided to sell it to the State that after lots of cleaning and preparations annexed the beach to the State Park and eventually opened it to the general public in 2002.

The beach is frequented by many tourists who like to collect glasses even though it is prohibited by the Park’s law. Just for you information you will find another Glass Beach in Hanapepe Hawaii.

Playa los Dedos in Punta del Este Uruguay

Playa los Dedos in Punta del Este Uruguay

Los Dedos Playa Brava

Translated into English it means “The Fingers Beach”. This particularly amazing beach is one of the many beaches of Punta del Este Uruguay. Its most identifying feature is these strange formations similar to fingers of the hand of somebody that has drowned and shows only its fingers out of the sands. It is actually a work of art by Mario Irrarazabal, a Chilean artist that was invited by the local authorities. He called his piece of art “Hombre Emergiendo a la Vida” or “Man Emerging to Life”

Punta del Este Uruguay is often called the “Monaco of South America” because its many hotels restaurants and bars and active nightlife almost year round. You may find more information on the amazing beaches of Uruguay here.

Jokulsarlon Lagoon is one of the wonders of Iceland

Jokulsarlon Lagoon is one of the wonders of Iceland

Jokulsarlon Lagoon

This lagoon beach is located in Iceland and its translation into English means “Glacial River Lagoon”. It is actually that and it is located in southeast Iceland bordering the Vatnajökull National Park.

Situated at the head of Breiðamerkurjökull, it evolved into a lagoon after the glacier started receding from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The lake has grown since then at varying rates because of melting of the Icelandic glaciers. The lagoon now stands 1.5 km from the ocean and covers an area of 18 Sq Km and is the deepest lake in Iceland.

The beauty of this site has brought a few film productions of Hollywood. The tongue of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier is a major attraction for tourists.  

Jökulsárlón is a natural wonder with huge ice blocks floating on the lagoon that just because of the scenery it is worth a visit. It is great to relax on the veranda of one of the cafes and enjoy the view.

Children's Pool in California great for Family Vacations

Children's Pool in California great for Family Vacations

Children's Pool

Located in La Jolla in Southern California this beach was especially built for the children to enjoy. Back in 1932 they built a seawall to protect the beach from big waves and now children enjoy it without the danger of big waves.

It created an environment the sea lions and and harbor seals also consider attractive, it is therefore home to many of them. They have made La Jolla and its beaches “their” place and come here to play, bask in the sun and even give birth to their seal puppies.

It is so, that animal life advocates have made petitions to close the beach just for animal life as a mammal sanctuary. The opposition wants to keep the beach as it was meant to be for children. In the meantime, the beach is currently being shared by both humans and seals and is open to the public.

Scala dei Turchi one of the amazing beaches of Sicily Italy

Scala dei Turchi one of the amazing beaches of Sicily Italy

Scala dei Turchi

Located in Realmonte, near Agrigento on the Island of Sicily, it means in English “The Turks Stairs” is a white sands beach surrounded by rocky cliffs. It is accessed by an opening in the rock formation with a steep staircase. The adding to the name as Turkish is in remembrance of the many attacks by the Turks.

In 2007 it was included by UNESCO among the World Heritage Sites. The beach is always full of locals and visitors covered in wet Marl, with the hope of enjoying the benefits it supposedly has for the skin.

The younger and braver usually jump to the waters from the many cliffs. The romantics among us will climb to one of the cliffs to enjoy the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea.

For more information on the amazing beaches of Sicily please click here.

Praia do Sancho Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Praia do Sancho Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Praia do Sancho

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago near the coasts of Brazil on the Atlantic Ocean. It has been named many times by travel magazines as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

It is a bay on the Island with steep clifs covered with rocks and vegetation and a backdrop of turquoise crystalline waters.

You may arrive to this beach by boat or by going down the cliffs.

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courtesy of wikimedia commons

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