Andros Bahamas
Largest Island in the Bahamas

Come to Andros Bahamas and relax on its awesome beaches. It is the largest island of the Bahamas and at the same time it's the least densely populated of all of them.

Locals call the island the “Big Yard”. The country of the Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands and keys located east of Florida, USA and stretching southeast to the north of the island of Hispaniola.

Blue Hole in Andros Bahamas

Blue Hole in Andros Bahamas

It is formed of three islands

The island is roughly 2,300 sq mi, equivalent to 6,000 km2 and 40 mi or 64 km wide by 168 km or 140 mi long. It is actually formed of three islands, North Andros, South Andros and Mangrove Cay.

The three major towns on the east coast of North Andros are Nicholls Town and Andros Town and Congo Town in South Andros.

The total population is about 10,000 mostly on the above mentioned towns. The island features lush vegetation and pine forests that include Andros Pine and Mahogany, horseflesh and others.

The vegetation is crossed by many waterways carrying water from the many caves on the island. This island supplies water to neighboring Nassau via a pumping station.

Andros is a paradise for Divers and Snorkelers

Andros is a paradise for Divers and Snorkelers

In this island is located the world’s third largest barrier reef, a heaven for Scuba Diving and Bahamas Snorkeling.

It has a drop-off of 6,000 foot leading to many blue holes. Many important underwater cave explorations have been performed here. Bahamas Beaches are some of the most spectacular in the world where to spend some awesome vacations. We are going to mention just a few.

Andros Bahamas

The Kalamame Cay Hotel in Andros

The Kalamame Cay Hotel in Andros

Beaches of Andros 

  • Andros Lighthouse Beach

It is located in North Andros. This beach attracts fishermen, divers and snorkelers. It is not crowded, therefore also popular with couples looking for a Romantic Getaway.

  • Small Hope Bay Beach

This beach is located close to Andros Town in the north island. It is a lovely sandy beach surrounded by coconut trees with hammocks. The atmosphere is laid back, so is idyllic for a nice swim and sunbathing.

Tiamo Beach in South Andros

Tiamo Beach in South Andros

  • Tiamo Beach

This one is in the south island. The beach is clean and quiet with powdery sands and crystal clear waters. This beach is recommended for those seeking natural activities.

  • Love Hill Beach

Love Hill beach leads to the small settlement of Stanyard Creek, nicknamed “Andros Garden” for its coconut trees and great vegetation. The beach itself is long and features white powdery sand.

For more information visit Bahamas Tourism Website

Map of Andros Bahamas

Map of the Island of Andros

Image Credits:

Blue Hole by R. Pollack at en.wikipedia
Andros Island by Rs3 at en.wikipedia

Both courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Kalamame Cay Hotel courtesy of the hotel

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