Antigua Beaches
One for Every Day of the Year

There are 365 Antigua Beaches. The Island of Antigua and her sister Barbuda are located northeast of Puerto Rico, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.

They are a great source for Antigua Tourism. The island prides itself with one beach for every day of the year. Antigua weather is mild all year round. When it is snowing in North America or Europe you may enjoy a great day on the beach in Antigua.

But since most tourists only have a few day vacations, we are going to mention here some of the Best Beaches of Antigua.

The ones on the Atlantic side or east coast are rough with large waves and ideal for surfing. On the other side the western one the waters are calm and ideal for great swimming and many other water sports. Here are the beaches divided by areas.

Half Moon Bay one of the best beaches in Antigua

Half Moon Bay one of the best beaches in Antigua

East side beaches

  • Half Moon Bay is said to be the most beautiful Beach in Antigua. This is a 1.5 km long stretch of fine pink sands, enjoying cool breezes coming from the Atlantic. This beach located near the town of Freetown Village is an ideal spot for surfers that flock to the island for this sport.

  • Long Bay Beach is north of Half Moon Bay and is visited mostly by the guests of the Antigua Resorts of Long Bay Hotel and the Pineapple Beach Club. The marine life here is awesome and many snorkelers and scuba diving come here for these particular sports.

  • Pineapple Beach is nestled on a palm grove and is great for snorkeling like the previous two.

  • Jumby Bay is a beach located on a private island called Long Island and features white powdery sands and crystal clear waters of the open Atlantic Ocean. It is recommended for honeymooners because of its location. 

Antigua Beaches

Turner Beach in Antigua with crystal clear waters

Turner Beach in Antigua with crystal clear waters

South shore of Antigua

  • Turner Beach is a beach for relaxation, swimming and sun tanning. While resting on your sun bed you may see from far the volcanic Island of Montserrat. It is located near the town of Johnson's Point on the southwest coast.

  • Carlisle Beach is located by the Village of Old Road. It is a well organized beach with all amenities a visitor may expect; fine sands, crystal clear waters and an abundant marine life and fish undersea for the delight of snorkelers. It is host of two great resorts, the Carlisle Bay Hotel and the Curtain Bluff

  • Pigeon Point is located a few minutes from Admiral’s Inn and is a beautiful beach great for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Dickenson Bay one of Antigua Beaches in the Caribbean

Dickenson Bay one of Antigua Beaches in the Caribbean

Western shore

  • Dickenson Bay Beach is located on the calm waters of the Caribbean. It is made of several beaches and serves many beach resorts like Sandals, Halcyon Cove and Siboney. Is one of the best beaches serving St John’s the Capital of Antigua and the International Airport.

  • Runaway Bay Beach is located near Dickenson and serves the resorts of Dove Cove and Runaway Beach Club – Is also located on the northwest coast next to Dickinson Bay.

  • Deep Bay Deep Bay is the beach of the Royal Antiguan Resort. It is great for swimming, but be advised that the waters could be quiet rough on winter.

  • Galley Bay Beach is actually on the northwest coast near the Five Islands Village. This beach is made of white sands and blue waters. This beach is sometimes used by turtles as a nesting place. You may lucky and enjoy this experience. During winters it is a great place for surfers.

  • Fryers Beach is a white sands beach with an awesome view of neighboring Montserrat Island and its volcano peak. There are many coral reefs undersea great for snorkeling.

  • Fort Bay beach is near St John’s and popular with locals playing volley ball, beach cricket and many other sports. This beach is also used by cruise ship visitors, since the dock is a few minutes away.

For more information Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Office

Jolly Harbour Antigua is a perfect beach for Family Vacations

Jolly Harbour Antigua is a perfect beach for Family Vacations

Antigua Beaches on the West Coast

  • Jolly Harbour is a calm waters beach on the Leeward or west side. The waters are shallow and make the perfect scenario for families with small children. Jolly Beach Resort, Cocos and Cocobay resorts share this beach.

  • Johnson Point is a beach with no facilities, great for those of you looking for solitude and the beach almost for yourself. It is located near Jolly Harbour.

  • Darkwood Beach is located about 5 minutes drive from Jolly Harbour. It is very popular with locals and tourists alike for its great waters with lots of marine life to explore.

  • Fryes Bay together with Darkwood Beach and Rendezvous Bay are beaches located near Johnson’s Point. These are quite beaches near English Harbour Town where you may relax after a day visiting Nelson’s Dockyard.

  • Jolly Beach is a 1.5 km long stretch of fine sands and warm waters of the Caribbean side of Antigua. This beach features many restaurants and facilities for Watersports

  • Runaway beach is a long white sands expanse with a few resorts, restaurants and bars.

Out of the 365 Antigua Beaches I gave you the best, based on my taste and also the opinion of Travel Magazines and websites.

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