Argentina Beaches
On the South Atlantic Ocean

Argentina Beaches are located on the eastern seacoast of the South Atlantic Ocean. They vary from cosmopolitan resorts with 24 hours a day of entertainment, to secluded beaches that may be underdeveloped but ideal for relaxed visit to the beach.

Your experience will also depend on the season of the year you visit the. During summers, especially January they will be very crowded. On the other hand if you visit in winter, you may find yourself alone in the beach. Come with me as we describe some of the best.

Mar del Plata the

Mar del Plata the "Miami Beach" of Argentina

Mar del Plata

This is without a doubt the # 1 of Argentina Beaches. It is nicknamed the Miami Beach of Argentina, because it’s non-stop action, at the beach, at the bars and restaurants and during the night. Nicknamed “Mardel” it is home to an Annual Film Festival

It is located east of Buenos Aires the Capital of Argentina. It is surrounding by rolling hills with a 17km coastline. Mar del Plata was discovered in the late 1800’s and since then it has been urbanized with many hotels and condominiums, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

During summers it is so busy that you may not find a little place for you at the beach. In this huge resort you may find a few beaches that are worth mentioning, like Playa Grande, a trendy area with many shops and restaurants. But if you are looking for some solitude, head to Punta Mogotes Beach.

Elegant Beach Resort of Pinamar Argentina

Elegant Beach Resort of Pinamar Argentina


This is a high end destination of the Argentina Beaches. You have to travel about five hours by bus to reach it. As opposed to Mar del Plata it is more relaxed and elegant. For those who can afford it, it’s ideal.

The beach is made of wide dunes of sands full of “balnearios” with restaurants, bars, nightclubs and big shopping center. Here the visitor will be delighted to see beautiful homes along the beach reminiscent of Malibu in California of Cannes in the French Riviera.

This beach is a perfect combination of being well organized and clean as opposed to Mar del Plata, huge and noisy.

Argentina Beaches

Cariló Beach an upscale resort in Argentina

Cariló Beach an upscale resort in Argentina


If you want to mingle with Argentina’s elite, come to Cariló. This is a truly amazing destination with many houses hidden away by the extended vegetation. The beach is well maintained. Since nothing come for free in life, coming to Cariló is an expensive idea.


This sandy beach, stretching for 74 km is a great option for those on a budget. It is well populated in the middle with all the amenities you want to find in a beach./ There many hotels for budget travelers. You won’t get enough of the sand dunes of Necochea, they are ideal for exploring and hiking.

Villa Gesell in Argentina is a laid back beach

Villa Gesell in Argentina is a laid back beach

Villa Gesell

This beach is good for young travelers looking for inexpensive accommodations and at the same time a good nightlife. The place has a laid back attitude. The good thing here is that there are nearby beaches like Mar de las Pampas and Mar Azul that underdeveloped and offer a quiet and relaxed experience.


This beach is a popular cycling destination. It is a nice town that keeps its ambiance of calm and relaxed.

A large whale like this can be spotted on Argentina Beaches

A large whale like this can be spotted on Argentina Beaches

Monte Hermoso

It is located about 100 km east of the city of Bahia Blanca in the southern part of the Province of Buenos Aires. This 32 km beach resort, because of its position geographically has the unique characteristic of having sunrises and sunsets over the sea.  Because the constant breezes the climate is milder and more bearable I n the summer months.

Pehuén Có

Located near the port of Bahia Blanca, this is really natural beach. Here you will have just a sandy beach. It is popular with adventurers that want just beach and nothing else.


The wide Argentina beaches and the constant winds have made this beach an ideal spot for surfing. The waters are shallow for great swimming.

Puerto Madryn Argentina

Puerto Madryn Argentina

Puerto Madryn

It is a deep water port and one of Argentina’s fastest growing cities. It is a popular resort that includes great swimming, wildlife and many sports.

This is the gateway to Peninsula Valdés, a wildlife sanctuary for birds and marine life, including rheas, flamingos, egrets, oyster catchers, whales, sea lions and elephants, , penguins, and many other species of wildlife.

Las Grutas Beaches

Balneario Las Grutas is located on the Atlantic coast of the Province of Rio Negro. It is known to be where the warmest waters of the Atlantic Ocean are located.. The sands are white and the deep blue waters. This is the perfect paradise for that like long days at the sun and dipping into the warm waters.

For more information visit Argentina Tourism

Rada Tilly Beach near Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina

Rada Tilly Beach near Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina

Rada Tilly

Located about 13 km to the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, the beach resort of Rada Tilly offers beautiful sands for long strolls and the practice of all beach sports. This beach is used by the population of Comodoro Rivadavia during weekends.

Playa Union

It is located on Engaño Bay at the mouth of the Chubut River. It is a quiet seaside resort with ample beach area known by its cleanliness it large waves and the array of sports activities.

The extremely high temperatures of the Patagonia in summer are milder in Playa Union due to constant breezes coming direct from Atlantic.

Puerto Piramides

This is the beach of the town bearing the same name. During summers this is a perfect point for starting your sailing trips in order to view the sea lions, dolphins and birds. Some whales come to visit. This is one of the few places in Argentina for this type of encounters with the marine life.

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