Aruba Beaches
Among the Best in the Caribbean

Aruba Beaches are mostly located on the west coast of this beautiful island. Aruba is one of the ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, located near the northern coast of South America. Aruba is an independent country with tight ties to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Arubans are polyglots. The official languages are Dutch and Papiamento, and beside them most of the speak English and Spanish. They are some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, and their island is a jewel on the seas. Here are a few of the best beaches.

Eagle Beach is one of the Best Beaches of Aruba

Eagle Beach is one of the Best Beaches of Aruba

  • Eagle Beach

In my opinion this is one of the best Aruba Beaches featuring many resorts around it. The waters are calm and clear. This beach has many stands offering equipment for all kind of water sports. It is located on the island’s west coast near the town of Nord.

  • Arashi Beach

This beach is located near the California Lighthouse on the northwest of the island. It Is one of Aruba’s best swimming beaches. Also the snorkelers enjoy the Elkhorn coral watching the fish.  The sands of Arashi are white with some little pebbles. You may find here a few huts for a necessary shade.

Small and cozy Boca Catalina Beach in Aruba

Small and cozy Boca Catalina Beach in Aruba

  • Boca Catalina

This small beach, located south of Akashi, is ideal for a quiet moment on its sandy shores. There are not many facilities, but it is worth the visit.

  • Boca Grandi

Here you’ll find a vast expanse of sandy beach with dunes and sea grasses. It is really a wild beach not recommended for families. It is frequented by surfers and kite boarders. In other words it is good for heavy swimmers.

  • Boca Prins

This beach is located on the north coast on the Arikok National Park. It is covered by lush vegetation and big sand dunes. To reach it you’ll need a 4X4 vehicle. There a few restaurants and cafes near the beach.

  • Malmok Beach

This is a very shallow beach with white sands located a little further south than the previous ones. The calm to fame of this beach is a German freighter on the nearby sea bed that attracts many scuba divers to this beach.

Aruba Beaches

Surfing at its best in Hadicurari Beach Aruba

Surfing at its best in Hadicurari Beach Aruba

  • Hadicurari beach

This is the best spot on the island for windsurfing. It is located a few minutes south of the previous beach. Every July it is the scenery for the Hi-Winds World Challenge, an important windsurfing competition.

But you don’t have to wait till July. On any given day you will see the sea full of colorful boards and sails. Facilities include picnic tables and shade huts.

  • Rodgers Beach

This is a beach with strong surf located near Baby Beach and near the town of San Nicolas on the southern tip of Aruba. The waters are shallow and protected by coral reefs and snorkeling is very popular on these shores.

Palm Beach is the # 1 of Aruba Beaches

Palm Beach is the # 1 of Aruba Beaches

  • Palm Beach Aruba

This beach is by acclamation the Best Beach in Aruba.  This beach is where the action is. But on a regular day you’ll find that the calm waters and the white sands are a delight for couples or families.

  • Surfside Beach

It is located south of Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. It is very popular with those residents of the capital. It features calm water for swimming. But there are better beaches on the island.

  • Baby Beach

This one is located near the easternmost tip of the island. This is considered one of the best beaches in Aruba for families with small children. Thanks to the protection of big rocks the beach is almost like a pool with shallow and calm waters. This beach is very popular with Arubans on the weekends.

For more information visit Aruba Tourism

Manchebo Beach from your room to the beach in a second

Manchebo Beach from your room to the beach in a second

  • Manchebo Beach

It has plenty of space and crowds are never a problem. This is because this is a wide beach from the shore to the hotels. This beach is the only one on the island allowing topless sun tanning and swimming.

Aruba Beaches are a paradise for vacationers. Tourists from the United States, Canada, Europe and South America flock here by the thousands. And the most important thing is they come back again and again. What better proof of excellence.

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