Aruba Scuba Diving
Amazing Marine Life

Aruba Scuba Diving is known for the amazing coral formations on its coast and many shipwrecks on its coasts that have developed into great reefs full of underwater marine life of extreme beauty.

The most famous of all shipwrecks is the Antilla which is the largest in the Caribbean.

Aruba Diving map of the sites on the western coast

Aruba Diving map of the sites on the western coast

Located on the Aruba’s West Coast

Most of Aruba’s diving sites are located on the western and southern coasts of the island near the hotels on the coast mainly the famous Palm Beach, one of the Best Caribbean Beaches.

In Aruba’s waters a diver will meet many stingrays, moray eels, manta rays, barracudas and yellow tail. The Aruba Beaches on the west coast have a shallow sand plateau that allows divers to get to the sites by boat where the visibility is great on clear waters with depths ranging from 6 to 30 m  with little or no currents.

The Sonesta Reef in Aruba

The Sonesta Reef in Aruba

Diving Beginners or Diving Veterans

Once in Aruba, if you want to try this sport and it is totally new and unknown to you, go to one of the desks at the hotels, or phone one of the recommended divers in this article and they will lead you by the hand from the very first lesson.

But if you are one those that have been bitten by the diving bug and have dived before you will be helped with a PADI Certification and all procedures.

It is much recommended to use one of the experts in the field that are PADI certified and are prepared to deal with beginners and experts at the same time.

The pros will take you to the right diving sites. Most of the diving desks are located on Aruba Resorts on the beach.

Aruba Scuba Diving

Renowned Antilla Wreck in Aruba

Renowned Antilla Wreck in Aruba

The Antilla Wreck

Aruba is famous worldwide for its scuba diving due to few shipwrecks like the above mentioned Antilla, a German freighter close to 120 meters long.

This site is the number one visited in Aruba and the veterans always find something new to see and show at this wreck.

Penetrating the impressive hull of an underwater wreck often means coming across a school of anchovies or a watchful snapper hiding in the corner.

Often it is enough to enjoy the play of light as it too finds its way into the wreck, reflecting off the bubbles emitted by your dive buddy.

For more information visit Aruba Tourism Website

Marine Life on Aruba waters is Awe Inspiring

Marine Life on Aruba waters is Awe Inspiring

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