Aruba Snorkeling

Aruba Snorkeling is a natural sport for this island. It is surrounded by magnificent corals and a spectacular marine life.

You just have to submerge into the waters and be surprised by awe inspiring views of the colored corals, the yellow fish and the many more wonders of the undersea world.

Aruba Beaches are rich in coral reefs and marine life

Aruba Beaches are rich in coral reefs and marine life

Aruba is one of the ABC Islands together with Bonaire island and Curacao. They are located in the Southern Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela, South America.

With so many wonders to discover, Aruba has become an important destination for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

I hope you understand the difference, because not all places are suitable for both sports.

Snorkeling on Aruba Waters

Snorkeling on Aruba Waters

Here we are going to concentrate in snorkeling. Snorkeling is floating over the water breathing through the snorkel, while looking into the sea; the good news about Aruba is that visibility in its clear waters is between 60 and 100 feet. What a heaven!!

Aruba Beaches' waters are sometimes choppy and I do not recommend snorkeling in places that may be dangerous. One more important recommendation is to wear special snorkeling outfits like long sleeves and always use the best suntan protection available.

The sun on these latitudes may be a hidden enemy if you don’t take precautions. This said, now enjoy your Aruba Vacations.

Aruba Snorkeling

Caribbean Snorkeling at its best in Aruba

Caribbean Snorkeling at its best in Aruba

Great spots for Aruba Snorkeling

  • Malmok Beach

The waters are shallow and clear making it a very popular snorkeling site. You may find catamarans and boats that offer you a full day of snorkeling. You may find reefs and sunken wrecks nearby

  • Boca Catalina

This is a small secluded bay. If you are looking for privacy, this is the place

  • Arashi Beach

One of Aruba's exotic beaches, Arashi is good for swimming, sun tanning and snorkeling. The waters are unbelievably clear and blue with a mostly sandy bottom.

  • Boca Grandi

It is located on the southeast of the island. Not so many people get there so it is good for some privacy. There are no services on the beach, so it is not recommended for families with kids. If you want to snorkel or swim on this beach, bring lots of suntan lotion.

Aruba is also great for Scuba Diving Caribbean

Aruba is also great for Scuba Diving

  • Baby Beach

This is a half moon shaped sandy beach. The waters are really shallow, to the point that you can swim into the sea and still touch the bottom. At the point where the bay opens into the sea, snorkelers will be delighted by the colorful corals and assortment of fish.

  • Palm Beach

ArubaThis is a white powdered beach and excellent for swimming because of its calm waters. Nearby hotels offer all kind of water sports, snorkeling among them.

  • Eagle Beach Aruba

This is a popular of great Caribbean Beaches. It is next to the main road. The waters are clear and sparkling. Here you’ll find shaded picnic areas, ample parking and an array of water sports.

Baby Beach is one of our favorite spots for Aruba Snorkeling

Baby Beach is one of our favorite spots for Aruba Snorkeling

For more information visit Aruba Tourism

Aruba Snorkeling is for anyone who loves marine life, You can make of this great Caribbean Family Vacations, or maybe spent your well deserved Honeymoon.

Image Credits:
marine life 1 by dr. piccioli
marine life 2 n/a
Baby Beach by karzo ve
scuba divers by us navy
All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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