Barbados Beaches
Gem of the Caribbean Sea

Please join me in discovering the Best Barbados Beaches. The Island of Barbados is located on the southeastern corner of the Caribbean Islands.

As a matter of fact it is located outside the chain, in the Atlantic Ocean near Trinidad Tobago and the northern coast of South America.

It has been blessed by amazing beaches that are divided clearly into two groups; those on the Atlantic side are rough as special for surfers and those beaches on the Caribbean side, calm and perfect for swimming and sun tanning. Here are the best as per my humble choice.

Map of Barbados Beaches

Map of Barbados Beaches

Certain notes about Barbados Beaches

Public Beaches

All Beaches in Barbados are public and the access to them is free to all. The hotels and resorts on the beach have to provide access to the beach for the public, who can use the beach up to the high water mark. Smartly all hotels offer many service for a fee.

Nude Bathing

Nude Bathing is a big No No in Barbados Beaches. This nation is conservative and do not allow this type of bathing in its land. It is actually illegal.

Beach Vendors

All beach vendors are regulated by the authorities. They are not supposed to bother the tourists. If this is the case you should report it to the police. They are present in many of the beaches

Sandy Lane is an upscale beach of Barbados

Sandy Lane is an upscale beach of Barbados

Barbados Beaches by location

West Coast

Sandy Lane Beach

In one of our visits to Barbados we stayed at the Deluxe Sandy Lane Hotel and enjoyed its beach. This is a spectacular beach located on the area called Holetown hosting many restaurants and bars and even some nightlife after sunset. The hotel mentioned is one of the best resorts in the Caribbean

The beach is great for swimming, but not so easy to reach if you are not a hotel guest. But you may walk through the southern part of the hotel, walk a few minutes and you will be at the beach of the Sandy Lane with its characteristic Pink chairs and umbrellas.

Brandon’s Beach

Located next to the Cruise Terminal and minutes’ walk from Bridgetown, the Capital of Barbados, this is a great beach for cruisers and visitors to the Island with little time and the urge for a good beach day. The waters here are calm as expected from a Caribbean side beach. They offer all amenities and facilities for water sports.

Surfing at Batt's Rock Beach in Barbados

Surfing at Batt's Rock Beach in Barbados

Batts Rock

Located on the west coast of Barbados and near its capital, this public beach is very popular with locals and visitors alike. It offers picnic facilities, playgrounds and passive entertainment for children Batts Rock Beach

Batts Rock beach runs towards the South and hits Paradise beach and Brighton beach, making it great for long walks. The reefs undersea are great for snorkelers.

Paradise Beach

It is located next to Batts Rock and united among them by picnic tables and the most important, many trees offering the needed shade during the hot summer days.

Ju Ju’s Beach

Ju Ju’s Beach is great for swimming by yourself or with turtles. People come here also to snorkel because of the vast marine life.

Ju Ju’s is a popular beach with bars and restaurants especially JU Ju’s Beach Bar known for its great grilled fish and fries. The beach offers all kind of amenities like sun beds, umbrellas and equipment for water sports.

Barbados Beaches

While visitng Barbados enjoy their Tropical Fruit

While visiting Barbados enjoy their Tropical Fruit

Barbados Beaches in the North Coast

The beaches here are most of them wild with high waves. They are idyllic with small coves and cliffs. They are not recommended for swimmers of the normal kind like you and me, but for professional surfers that know how to deal with high waves.

Bathsheba Beach on the wild east coast of Barbados

Bathsheba Beach on the wild east coast of Barbados

East Coast

As mentioned before the East Coast of Barbados is on the open Atlantic Ocean. This is the perfect paradise for surfers.

Bathsheba Barbados

This beach is not for regular swimming, but the loch stretch of white sands is ideal for long walks on the beach as you watch the paradisaical scenarios around you. Bathsheba is a picturesque fishing village.

Bathsheba is the Surfing Capital of Barbados and hosts many competitions. One of them is called the “Bathsheba Soup Bowl”. But I didn’t say you must be a surfer to come here. There a few shallow beaches for “regular people”

Bath Beach

This is a public beach with many facilities. Bajans are family oriented people and use this beach for picnics and family reunions.

Cattlewash Beach

This is huge stretch of beach, difficult to miss on the East Coast. Since the waves are sometimes wild, this beach is good for long walks on the beach.

This beach is often deserted, so pack a cooler and hit the beach that was once the bathing spot for herds of cattle shepherded

This is Miami Beach Barbados

This is Miami Beach of Barbados Beaches

More Barbados Beaches on the South Coast

This area is where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, therefore the beaches are not so calm as in the west coast but much calmer than those on the east and North.

Miami Beach

Please note this is Miami Beach Barbados and not Miami Beach Florida.  This is a popular beach with many vendors that will rent the chairs, umbrellas or any other of your needs. They have a converted bus into a food stand that sell the Bajan delicacies loved by everyone including tourists.

This clear water beach is packed on the weekends, but if you come early you’ll find your spot.

Accra Beach Barbados

This beach is famous for the huge amount of vendors where you can buy anything imaginable. It is popular with locals and may be very crowded on weekends. Accra Beach

Accra Beach is easily the most popular beach on the South Coast of the island for locals and visitors alike. It is also know by the name of Rockley.

Crane Beach

This is a beach great for family reunions and picnics. It belongs to Crane’s Hotel but local vendors will accommodate your needs of chairs and umbrellas. It is a great beach for swimming and sun bathing.

Bottom Bay Beach surrounded by lush vegetation

Bottom Bay Beach surrounded by lush vegetation

Bottom Bay Beach

This is a wide beach of white sands surrounded by palm trees. You will have to park on top of the cliff and walk down the steps to the beach.

Silver Rock Beach

This south coast beach is popular with kite surfers and windsurfers. I have to warn you that although this beach is good for swimming, sometimes the tides are high and the waves not so safe for regula swimmers, not surfers.

Little Bay

When you tour the island, this beach is perfect for a day stop. The sights are awesome, with cliff and some small coves forming perfect pools for swimming. If you are into photography this beach is for you too.

For more information visit Barbados Tourism

Silver Sands Beach honors its name with the best sands

Silver Sands Beach honors its name with the best sands

Silver Sands

Silver Sands has been recognized for its great surfing. It holds a festival every year called “The Waterman Festival. This beach is located on the south coast of the island.

Dover Beach

This beach is located in the south coast in front of Dover Playing Filed, so you may combine beach going with watching a match of cricket or Football. The beach itself is great for swimming, jet skiing and body surfing.

Folkestone Beach

Located on the premises of the Folkestone Marine Park, this beach offers many activities in the marine field like scuba diving, snorkeling and more.

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