Barbados Diving
On Warm Caribbean Waters

Barbados Diving is a great sport on the island. Barbados is located outside the chain of islands of the Caribbean a little east of St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines, and north of Trinidad and Tobago.

Expect such beauty on your Barbados Diving

Expect such beauty on your Barbados Diving

Fringes of Reefs and abundance of Marine Life

The fringes and reefs found off the coast of Barbados feature large sponges, corals and marine life, all located about 1 km from the coast.

In these reefs you may find colorful fish and larger animals like the Hawksbill Turtle.

Carlisle Bay, with 200 reported wrecks, and the Sacroiliac, located at Folkestone Marine Park, are two of the most popular sites. The visibility in Barbados is about 10 to 20 meters and the waters are warm consistently on 27 degrees Celsius.

There are several dive operators who will provide equipment, advice and guided tours to ensure that your diving experience is extremely enjoyable. This is the best way to go Diving in Barbados, with the help of the professionals. They know better.

Divers enjoy the # 1 Diving Spot in BarbadosThe Stavronikita Wreck

Divers enjoy the # 1 Diving Spot in Barbados the Stavronikita Wreck

Important sites for Barbados Diving:

  • S.S.Stavronikita

Nicknamed “The Stav” this is definitely the diving spot you shouldn’t miss on your trip for Barbados Diving.

This Greek freighter was sunk here in 1979, when a fire caught and ravaged her engine room. Its length is about 130 meters and it sits upright with here prop down 50 meters and here forward just 6 meters from the water level.

The Barbados government towed the damaged ship to its shores and sunk it to convert it into an artificial reef. The diving on this spot is lead by dive masters and the experience is unique among its corridors, cabins, freight holds waiting to be visited by you, the diver.

Today it has been rated as one of the Top Ten Diving Spots in the world. Good for Barbados.

Barbados Diving

Diving Map of the Island of Barbados

Diving Map of the Island of Barbados

  • Pamir

With a length of 50 meters and 20 meters down, this west coast site is the northernmost. The shipwreck sits in a sheltered point where it was sunk back in 1980.

It provides abundant fish and other animal life besides some vegetation. It is a good site for beginners.     

  • Greatledge

This one is the widest reefs located offshore; it is visited by schools of barracuda, blue chromes, turtle, jacks and French angels around some barrel sponge and corals.

Play with colorful fish while diving in Barbados

Play with colorful fish while diving in Barbados

  • Maycocks Bay

Located on the west coast of Barbados, this east to west reef system offers an outstanding amount of fish life including large rays, schools of Bermuda chub, Creole wrasse, barracuda, parrot fish, trigger fish, all on immense corals and barrel sponge formations. 

This reef has striking visibility to watch the schools of tropical fish around fabulous corals and sponges. You may spot some barracudas and the endangered Hawksbill turtle.

A couple enjoying Diving in Barbados

A couple enjoying Diving in Barbados

  • Fisherman's

This is a large sandy area with a few coral heads, featuring sting rays, peacock flounders, moral eels besides parrotfish, French angels and rock veauties.

  • Dottins

This one has beautiful corals, barracuda, tropical fish and barracuda. Some large sand patches boast moral eels, trunkfish and much more.

  • Carlisle Bay

Combined with the Stav, this one has a love affair with divers and wreck lovers. It features 4 wrecks from WWII with abundant marine life for a whole afternoon.

Amazing Barracuda School passes near you while Barbados Diving

Amazing Barracuda School passes near you while Barbados Diving

  • Spawnee

This is a shallow reef offering an opportunity to inexperience divers to see the fish and abundant fauna tha sometimes are experienced in deeper sites.

  • Tropicana

This is a long reef of about 20 to 40 meters wide with ledges along the sides making it a perfect habitat for Nurse sharks, rare in Barbados. There is an excellent visibility in the site which is full or corals and sponges.

For more information visit Barbados Tourism Website

Play with the sea turtles in Barbados

Play with the sea turtles in Barbados

  • Whitegates

Located south of Tropicana, this is a similar one. It is popular for large Hawksbill turtle, blackjacks and barracuda.

  • Barracuda Junction

The named this site for the big amount of barracuda found on it. Besides this it features all kind of tropical fish.

Barbados Diving is one more reason to visit the island I always loved since my first visit in the 1970s. Barbados offers a lot and diving is just one of the options.

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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