Beaches of Spain
In the South from Portugal to France

Beaches of Spain in the South

The Atlantic coast of Spain in the south goes from the border with Portugal and the Strait of Gibraltar, that separate Europe from Africa. From there to the border with France, all the costas or beaches are in the Mediterranean.

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beaches of Spain

The lovely city of Malaga hosts some of the Best Beaches of Spain

Costa del Sol Beaches

• Western Costa del Sol. This is known as one of Spain’s main tourist destination. Costa del Sol of about 100 Km begins at the border with Cadiz Province and ends on the Malaga Beaches.

This coast as famous as it is is very developed and attracts a huge number of northern Europeans fleeing the severe weather of their countries and finding here a heaven of mild climate.

Here you’ll find the cities of Marbella, Fuengirola and Torremolinos. All this names remind us of beautiful beaches and places we have heard about for many years.

• Eastern Costa del Sol. This coast runs from Malaga east for more than 50 Km and features cliffs as high as 200 meters.

The most important city in the area is Nerja and Nerja beaches are a great tourist attraction. Below the town of Nerja you may find many hidden coves featuring great beaches.

costa brava

World famous Costa Brava near the French border

Beaches of Spain in the South

Costa de la luz

This area translated as Coast of Light is located in the province of Huelva and the province of Cadiz, from the border with Portugal in the Atlantic to the border with Malaga Province in the Mediterranean.

In this area you may find unspoiled sandy beaches with lots of shade o pine trees. In summer the resorts in this area are packed with tourists from all over Europe.

Costa Tropical

The name says it all. This is a real paradise of tropical beaches in Europe. The weather is excellent for a beach vacation. From one side the fresh winds coming from Northern Europe and the Sierra Nevada range of mountains on the other create the ideal climate with almost year round sunny days and temperature in the low 20’s C. The shoreline is clean and the beaches draw thousands of visitors from Spain and abroad. The beaches are long and wide with thick sands and crystal clear waters.

The Beaches of Costa Almeria Spain

The Beaches of Costa Almeria Spain

Costa Almeria

As we keep going eastbound we meet the cozy area of Almeria Beaches with beautiful landscapes. It is a dry land with low rainfall. The temperature is mild year round and never falls below 14º C. In this area you may enjoy many folklore “fiestas”, popular handicrafts like ceramics, rugs and marble. And of course for people like me that like good food we find here magnificent gastronomic delights.

Costa Calida

This coast is also called the coast of Murcia, the big city that lies inland. This is a beach to relax with beautiful landscapes and clear waters. The mines, gardens and mountains all put together makes Costa Calida a place worth a visit.

Beaches of Spain

Costa Blanca

Arenal Beach in the Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Beaches

Some say that this is the number one coast of Spain. It can be argued, especially if you are neutral like myself.

In the beach area of clear blue waters and miles of white sandy beaches is where you’ll find the city of Alicante and the resort of Benidorm, famous for its song festivals for many years. Nightlife in the area is mind boggling and some say you need a day of 26 hours to take advantage of some much to do.

Costa Valencia

The coast of the Province of Valencia goes from Oliva, past the city of Valencia to Sagunto. It is populat with Spaniards. It features great beaches, many fishing villages and many historical attractions. The Natural Reserve of L’Albufera south of Valencia consists a large lake and wetlands making it the second in size in Spain.

Costa Azahar

Translated to English it means Orange Blossom Coast goes from Costa Valencia north to the border of Catalonia. This can be called real Spain, without the huge tourism development of the last century. It is underdeveloped compared with Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol.

For more information visit Spain Tourism Website

Beaches of Spain

Map to help you locate the Beaches of Spain

Beaches of Spain in Catalonia

Costa Dorada

Here we are already in Catalonia. In Catalan they call it Costa Daurada that means Golden Coast. It stretches from Tarragona in the south to the Costa Garraf south of the great city of Barcelona. There is no doubt that this area is a great destination when looking for great Spanish Beaches. It covers a stretch of more than 200 Km with clean white sands and crystal blue and shallow waters.

Costa Garraf

This coast south of Barcelona offers sandy coasts dotted with small coves. Sitges Beach, with white sands and clear waters is located here and many tourists visiting Barcelona take a one day tour to visit this famous beach.

Costa Maresme

It is located a few Km of Barcelona Beaches. It offers attractive long sandy beaches. But the number one attraction here is the great weather, the Mediterranean Sea and its location close to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Barcelona.

Costa Brava

It is translated as the Wild Coast and it really honors its name. This coast is for those seeking something out of the ordinary. It features exiting water sports, many fun parties and at the same time peaceful villages offering great sunbathing opportunities. In the last years is also becoming a heaven for golf enthusiasts. Costa Brava is in the Province of Girona and stretches from Costa Maresme north to the border with France and the Pirenees.

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