Belgium Beaches
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Belgium Beaches are scattered along 68 Km of the North Sea coastline. When we thing of Belgium, what comes to mind is the old cities and monuments, but I want you to know that some of the beaches are very beautiful and attract many visitors during the summer months.

The beach is lined by the world’s longest-running tram line. It starts near the French border at De Panne and continues all 68 Km to the Dutch border at Knokke.

De Panne Beach is the

De Panne Beach is the "Pearl of the Flemish Coast"

De Panne

This beach is called the Pearl of the Flemish Coast. It is the widest beach on this coast with beautiful sand dunes and lush vegetation to explore.

This beach is where King Leopold I set foot for the first time on July 17th, on his future kingdom. A monument stands there to remind us of this event.

Koksijde - Oostduinkerke

This is more than just a beach; the natural reserves and outstanding cultural environment are a sure attraction for visitors to the North Sea Flemish coast.

It has all the facilities for a great day at the beach including many sports, spectacular events and last but not least a delicious cuisine.

Nieuwpoort Beach is one of the best beaches in Belgium

Nieuwpoort Beach is one of the best Belgium Beaches


This town has been to hell and back and now it is fully renovated with beautiful monuments and squares beside restful parks.

It is definitely a family beach resorts with all facilities on a sandy beach and a traffic free promenade

It has all it needs for water sports such as padding, swimming, sailing, fishing and surfing.

Nieuwpoort is the only place where dune-flowers grow on the beach. The hinterland also offers surprisingly beautiful little glimpses of nature.

Belgium Beaches

Middelkerke Beach is a family oriented beach in Belgium

Middelkerke Beach is a family oriented beach in Belgium


This is a family oriented resort along the coastline with all the facilities you may imagine. It features a casino and cultural center attracting many artists during summers.

In Middelkerke you’ll find all the activities you want for a great family vacation such as bicycle rides and walks through the countryside. Also many sports facilities, some of them on a yearly basis like the Fishing Weekend and the Beer Weekend in June the cartoon festival and the Happy Kids weekend in the summer holidays and the Agricultural Weekend and the Champagne Weekend in the fall.

Oostende is the most popular beaches of Belgium

Oostende is the most popular beaches of Belgium


This is a beach 9 Km long with great sands that invite for a suntanning day and a refreshing dip on the North Sea. It offers much more than sun and sea, such as shopping, museums, musical events.

Oostende competes with such famous resorts as Monaco, Brighton in England and Deauville in France.

Bredene Strand Bredene aan Twins club

This is a centrally located beach; Oostende, Damme and Bruges are very close.

Blankenberge Beach is called the

Blankenberge Beach is called the "Belgian Spanish Costa"


They call it a Spanish “Costa’ in Belgium because it never sleeps. But those that want peace and quiet will also find their spot here.

The harbor is a show by itself. You can seat and watch the fishermen coming back with boats full of shrimps.

It’s a people resort, with something for each one. The beach is beautiful, On a sunny day the promenade is so full of people that you may hardly walk and when evening comes it is full of restaurants, bars and cafes.

De Haan

This is beautiful village of Belle Epoque Villas and beautiful cottages with red roofs.

It features the resort of Wenduine with a long tradition of families that have chosen this spot as their favorite for generations.

For more information visit Belgium Tourism Website

Beach Volleyball game on the beach at Zeebrugge

Beach Volleyball game on the beach at Zeebrugge


They call it the “Fish Capital”. This is because their fish market has been an attraction for decades. The fish markets have moved inland and now the beachfront is full with beach goers and sports fans.

Zeedijk Knokke-Heist

This is the closest resort to the Dutch border and the most elegant in the country. They feature many beach residences. Due to that it is called “The Beach of Brussels People”.

It is an elegant and high class beach resort.

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de panne by michael osmenda
nieuwpoort n/a
middelkerke by francis collard
oostende n/a
blankenberge by thornfinn stamforth
zeebrugge n/a

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