Best Beaches in Puerto Rico
One is Nicer than the Other

Welcome to my page on the Best Beaches in Puerto Rico. As I have said before, we lived in Puerto Rico for almost 30 years and have visited almost all its beaches. It is a difficult task to say which is nicer than the other.

In Puerto Rico all beaches are amazingly beautiful. Remember a visit to Puerto Rico by US citizens is a local one; no passport and no visas are needed.

The Beach of Ocean Park in San Juan Puerto Rico

The Beach of Ocean Park in San Juan Puerto Rico

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Ocean Park Beach

This is San Juan's best kept secret. I has been rated many time by beaches authorities as one of the best beaches because its cleanliness and broadness. This beach is centrally located on the north coast of modern San Juan on a stretch that runs from Condado Beach on the west and Isla Verde Beach on the east.

Actually Ocean Park Puerto Rico is a quiet neighborhood with houses and condominiums with many restaurants and cafeterias and just a couple of blocks away, the commercial shopping area of Calle Loiza.

Just five minutes away is Punta las Marias a great corner for surfing and kayaking. This beach is frequented by gay visitors, but also by many other singles who want to enjoy a day on the beach and meet other singles during their beach vacation. There are many small guest houses catering to these customers.

On the eve of June 24, the day of the capital’s patron San Juan Bautista, is celebrated on all Puerto Rican Beaches as la "Noche de San Juan", with parties, bonfires, live music and performances until the wee hours. And on the evenings during summer, enjoy the spectacular sunsets of Ocean Park.

Luquillo Beach is among the Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach is among the Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach

This lovely beach located midway from San Juan to Fajardo on the eastern coast, is probably the best known and loved beach in Puerto Rico.

It is also located across the road from El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s rainforest.

The beach is protected by an offshore reef that helps provide a calm beach for families with small children.

The beach itself is in the form of a crescent with gold sands lined by hundreds of coconut trees and the distant mountains of El Yunque on the background.

It is a well organized beach with plenty of parking, restrooms, changing rooms and many stands called “Kioskos” offering Puerto Rico food delicacies, may of them fried like bacalaitos, alcapurrias, tostones and many more.

The stands also offer souvenirs for tourists and anything else a tourist needs for a nice beach day.

Luquillo is visited on the weekends by locals from as far as San Juan and further and during the week visitors can enjoy the quiet and relaxation they came to find in Puerto Rico.

Boqueron Beach on the western coast of Puerto Rico

Boqueron Beach on the western coast of Puerto Rico

Boquerón Beach

This beach is located on the westernmost corner of the island. It is called Balneario Boquerón in Spanish and is very busy during summer weekends. But, not to worry, the long beach of more than a mile has a place for everybody.

The actual village of Boquerón on the center is a humble fishing village with colorful houses and a pier where fishermen bring their rustic boats to the beach to sell their fish that you may see is still flopping around in the boat.

Near the golden sands you’ll find picnic tables under the shade of coconut palms. This setting is used by many families that bring their own food and drinks. The beach is great for snorkeling, scuba diving surfing and swimming.

When visiting Boquerón please visit nearby Los Morillos, a group of red limestone cliffs dropping 200 feet into the sea. You may reach Los Morillos via the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Reserve.


Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Rincon Beach offers the best surfing in Puerto Rico

Rincon Beach offers the best surfing in Puerto Rico

Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Rincon Beach

The beach of Rincon is located on the west of the Island in an area called Porta del Sol that engulfs many towns and beaches on the west. It is considered the best beach town on the island. But its claim to fame is the perfect surfs that have made it famous to the point that Rincon is called “The Maui” of the Caribbean.

In Rincon Puerto Rico you may experience how real life is on the island, far from the metropolitan area of San Juan. Here you may swim on quiet beaches, explore an old Puerto Rico town of almost 250 years and also feel the difference between a mountain top view on a lush green mountain and in minutes be on a perfect tropical beach.

Rincon offers restaurants and bars to satisfy your thirst and hunger and of course live entertainment during the evenings.

Flamenco Beach on the tiny Island of Culebra Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach on the tiny Island of Culebra Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach

Now we go back again to the east and visit the tiny island of Culebra Puerto Rico, one of the Spanish Virgin Islands of the coast of mainland Puerto Rico. Flamenco Beach is definitely the best beach in Culebra and Discovery Channel declare it to be among the most beautiful beaches in the world.     

Flamenco is great for swimming, snorkeling and plain sun bathing. It is the only site on the island where camping is allowed on the campgrounds at the entrance of Flamenco Beach.

You may visit Culebra on a day trip from neighboring Fajardo via Ferry or you may want to stay in one of the few hotels in the area. Once here you’ll find many kiosks selling umbrellas, suntan cream, towels and all you need for a day on the beach.

For information visit Puerto Rico Tourism Website

Playa de Ponce on the Caribbean coast of Puerto Rico

Playa de Ponce on the Caribbean coast of Puerto Rico

Playa de Ponce

Ponce is the second largest city on the Island and is accessed From San Juan via a great expressway taking about 90 minutes to reach. Playa de Ponce on the outskirts of the city is popular one mainly for locals of Ponce and neighboring towns.

It is located on the Caribbean Sea coast of the island and the waters are as calm as it can be. The beach is quiet and great for day of relaxation. On the other hands the city is not far away if you need the feeling of metropolitan Puerto Rico.

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