Best Beaches in Turkey
With Crystal-Clear Turquoise Waters

The Best Beaches in Turkey attract millions of tourists from all over Europe and Asia to its shores. Turkey shares the same pristine waters of the Aegean Sea with Greece as they compete for the thousands upon thousands of tourists that flock to their beaches.

The Turquoise coast is also known as the Turkish Riviera. It has over a thousand kilometers of the best beaches in Turkey, and possibly in Europe. They are made of turquoise waters, undiscovered nature, caves and historical ruins.

Kabak Koyu Beach in Turkey

Kabak Koyu Beach in Turkey

If you are looking for nature and seeking a secluded environment, this is your beach area. Its waters are turquoise blue and is visited by a bohemian that appreciates the serenity and simplicity of this site.

The best way to get there is flying from Istanbul to Dalaman and go from Fethiye to Kabak. There not many amenities on this beach, so please, bring your towels and even your own tent. You may also rent a bungalow nearby.

Datça Turkey

Datça Turkey

This town is so beautiful that Ancient Greeks thought it was personally created by Zeus. It is the meeting point of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, between Bodrum on the north and Marmaris on the south.

There is a hidden beach on this district called Ovabükü where the green peaks, the dark blue sea, and the long stretch of golden sand all come together in harmony.


 Best Beaches in Turkey

Cleopatra island

It is said that Cleopatra herself chose this paradise as her secluded site to meet with Marc Anthony her lover. The legend says that since Cleopatra didn’t like the local sands, some were brought for her from Egypt Beaches.

True or not the fine sands of this beach area a treasure protected by the Turkish Government.

Olympos Beach

Located in Cirali, it is known for its accommodations on treehouses and an important destination for backpackers. Surrounded by mountains, the village behind offers lots of pensions and restaurants with a hippy ambiance.

It is at walking distance from the Ancient Ruins of Olympos.

Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum is the top summer destination for Turkish “upper class “tourists. The elegant town of Bodrum is completely white. But there are two more colors that make this city exceptionally beautiful, pink and turquoise.

Turquoise comes from the color of its waters, while soft pink, from the color of its many bougainvillea. It features many boutique hotels, fancy restaurants and shops.

Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon Beach

This is the Blue Lagoon Beach and its plainly amazing. Being so beautiful, everybody wants to come here and becomes very crowded during the high season.

If you like paragliding, there is no better place than this, since this is the Turkish Mecca for this sport.

To get there fly from Istanbul to Dalaman and by car or bus to Fehtiye.

Kaputaş Beach

Kaputaş Beach

Located on an extremely narrow road towered by steep cliffs, this small beach is considered by many as one of the best beaches in Turkey, if not the best.

It is a protected beach, so there are not many tourists and facilities. In order to access this beach, you will have to walk down over 150 steep steps. While this sounds like no fun, it also means that the views that you will get from the top are something out of this world like mountains, islands and beautiful crystal-clear water.

This beach is mainly undeveloped, besides a few umbrellas and chairs during the summer time. Bring your own food and drinks.

Antalya on the Turkish Riviera

Antalya on the Turkish Riviera

Antalya is a really large Turkish city on the Mediterranean and the gateway to the Turkish Riviera.

While here, visit the well-preserved old city of Kaleiçi, and the beach of Konyaalti, in the heart of the city but framed by mountains that on clear days seem almost near enough to touch.

Another popular beach in Antalya is Lara Beach with about 12 km of shoreline.


Even though it is not a beach to compare with the previous ones, if you are in Istanbul, Kilyos is the best options to deep in the clear waters of the Black Sea.

To get thee from Istanbul is taking any bus to Sariyer. Once in Sariyer, you can take the dolmuş, or minibus for Kilyos.

Kelebekler Vadisi

This is the Butterflies Valley with more than 80 species of butterflies that call it its natural heaven.

The sea here is so clean and crystal-clear that can see the bottom even if it’s deep.

Patara Beach

This is another Turkish natural beauty with 18 km of beaches. Its sandy shores and shallow sea is home to the Caretta Caretta sea turtles who come here to lay their eggs.

Explore the remains of the ancient empire of Lycia, eat at the restaurants where local ingredients are king, stay at one of the pensions run by local families.

For more information visit Turkey Tourism Official Website

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Map of Best Beaches in Turkey

Map of Best Beaches in Turkey

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