Bimini Bahamas
Near the Coast of Florida

Bimini Bahamas lies less than 50 miles east of Miami; It is the closest Bahamas Island to the United States. It is two islands separated by a shallow channel, North Bimini and South Bimini.

Most of the population lives in North Bimini in a short and narrow strip of land. The activities are in North Bimini in Alice Town, although most of the people live in Bailey Town.

Surrounded by the Best Caribbean Beaches

Surrounded by the Best Caribbean Beaches

North Bimini is about 7 miles long by 700 yards wide. South Bimini features an airstrip and two hotels. The south island is rustic and quiet, but the access to the action on the north island is very easy.

Bimini is one of the Out Islands that characterize themselves by an attitude of “laisse faire laisse passe” meaning, take it easy, lie down, dream and forget about your problems. It is a shock to many since it is so close, only 46 miles east of bustling Fort Lauderdale.

Since it was a meeting place for Traffickers that run these seas in the past, you may see many shipwrecks of Spanish galleons that are today the home for beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish. Some venture to say it is the lost city of Atlantis.

Bimini features the greatest Bahamas Beaches

Bimini features the greatest Bahamas Beaches

Bahamas Fishing

During Bahamas Fishing tournaments Alice Town is very busy. It consists of a single street with a few local restaurants and bars. I like it for strolling and savoring the smells of fish surrounded by some pelicans.

Do not count on nightlife in this town. Although there are a couple of bar offering live music several nights a week. If you are fond of Caribbean Fishing, this is the place to visit, not only during Fishing Tournaments, but any time of the year.

During tournaments you’ll find everyone talking something about fishing and the different fish you can catch on these islands.

For more information visit Bahamas Tourism Website

Bimini Bahamas

Fishing in Bimini is awesome

Fishing in Bimini is awesome

Fishing here has no comparison elsewhere for the number and size of tuna, sailfish, Wahoo and others you’ll catch here. Many world records have been set on the islands. To “graduate” as a fisherman you must fish in Bimini Bahamas at least once in your lifetime.

The great author Ernest Hemingway first arrives to the exotic beaches of Bimini Bahamas in the 1930’s and made it his home. Since then it has become a world renowned tropical Caribbean Destination for the best beach vacations.

The tiny Biminis, situated 46 miles off the Florida Beaches, are home to the finest fishing in the Bahamas that attract many a sportsmen to the championship fishing tournaments held year round.

Bimini is where the waters of Florida's Gulf Stream meet The Bahama Banks.

Scuba Diving Bahamas

Scuba Diving Bahamas

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