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Bonaire Beaches are world renowned for its beautiful corals populating its western coast. Bonaire is a Special Municipality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; it is definitely Dutch as its neighboring Curacao and on the other extreme of the Caribbean: St Maarten, Saba Island and Statia.

Bonaire is 112 square miles in area with a width of 3 to 7 miles and a length of 25 miles. It has many beautiful beaches.

It is the “B” in the “ABC” Islands together with Aruba and Curacao.

Scuba Diving is at its best on the coasts of Bonaire

Scuba Diving is at its best on the coasts of Bonaire

Bonaire important facts

  • Official Name: Bonaire
  • Capital: Kralendijk
  • Location: Caribbean, north of Venezuela
  • Area: 112 square mile
  • Population: 18,000
  • Language: Dutch, Papiamentu , English and Spanish
  • Money: US Dollar (USD)
  • Religion: Baptist, Catholic, Protestant and others

On your Bonaire Diving find many of these sting rays

On your Bonaire Diving find many of these sting rays

The beaches that are great for Bonaire Diving 

  • Playa Frans

This beach on the northern coast is near Slagbaai. It is worth visiting after some hard work to get there.

  • Thousand Steps Beach

The name comes from its situation quite far down from the road. The effort is worthwhile because scuba diving is great and because it is almost never visited by tourists and locals.

  • Boka Bartol

This beach is on the northeastern coast. This is a nice beach for Bonaire diving, although it is not recommended to go deeper then 60 feet. There are beautiful coral walls and many fish species can be found here.

  • Playa Funchi

It is located on the west of the island. Lizards and iguanas roam around freely on the beach. It is great site for Caribbean Snorkeling.

  • Boka Slagbaai

This beach has rocks and some sand. It is worth visiting for a relax beach day.

Bonaire Beaches

Playa Chikitu on the northern coast of Bonaire

Playa Chikitu on the northern coast of Bonaire

  • Playa Chikitu

It is located on the north coast of the island. It has very strong underwater currents and huge waves, therefore swimming is prohibited

  • Boka Kokolishi

It is also on the north coast and has pools made of volcanic origin. Being on the north side it is not good for swimming.

  • Bachelor Beach

This beach is good for swimming, this is a thin strip of sand where you can lay your towel and spend a great beach day.

  • Pink Beach

Snorkeling is great on this beach. It is ideal for family get-together. It is also ideal for the practice of Scuba Diving Caribbean.

  • Lac Bay

This is “The Place” for good swimming that is loaded with tourists and locals alike.

Marine Life like this one surround the Island of Bonaire

Marine Life like this one surround the Island of Bonaire

Bonaire Diving

As mentioned Bonaire is synonym to Scuba Diving. In recent years it has become a very important sport in the island.

That is why Bonaire has taken all kind of measures to preserve the vast underwater world surrounding its shores.

To accomplish this it has established and important Marine Park.

Bonaire’s reefs and marine life are unique, because the protection that the government has implemented for more than 20 years.

It is considered on of the best diving environments in the world.

CURO, the Council of Underwater Resort Operators regulates the standards and practices that have helped preserve the reefs and the ecosystem that maintains them.

Every diver has to go through a briefing and check of equipment before venturing into a great diving experience. A Marine Park Tag is then purchased that is valid for a year.

Map showing the location Island of Bonaire in the Caribbean

Map showing the location of Bonaire in the Caribbean

Getting to Bonaire

Many companies offer regular schedule flights to Bonaire

From United States

  • American Airlines
  • United
  • Delta

From Europe

  • KLM flies regularly from Amsterdam

From the Caribbean

  • American Airlines
  • Dutch Antillean
  • Divi Divi Air
  • Insel Air
  • Tiara Air

From South America

  • KLM flies from Quito, Ecuador
  • Transaven Airlines flies from Venezuela
  • Rainbow Air

Another option is flying from North America, South America or Europe to Curacao or Aruba and taking a short connecting flight from there to Bonaire.

For more information visit Bonaire Tourism Website

Bonaire Flag

Bonaire Flag

Bonaire Weather

Because the geographical location the weather is all year warm accompanied by the breezes common to all Caribbean Islands.

The water temperature averages around the 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The visibility underwater is as far as 100 feet because the waters are clean and unspoiled.

Bonaire Beaches are considered among the best in the world. This island is laid back, friendly and above all spectacular.

Image Credits for bonaire beaches:

bonaire sw coast beach by vc vulto
parrot fish by adona 9
sting ray by dan hershman
All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The resorts images are courtesy of the resorts mentioned.

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