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Boracay Beaches are considered some of the finest in the Far East. The Island of Boracay is one of the islands of the Visayas Archipelago.

It is a small island off the larger Panay Island, about 315 km south of Manila the capital of Philippines. The beaches of Boracay have received many awards for being some of the Top Beaches of the World.

Aerial View of the Island of Boracay Philippines

Aerial View of the Island of Boracay Philippines

Boracay Philippines is a different island

This is a tropical island with white sand beaches and lush vegetation. The weather in Boracay is warm all year round. In other words these beaches compare with the best beaches of the Caribbean and the South Pacific or neighboring Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. In 2012 Boracay was declared as the best island in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

During the day you may engage in swimming and all kind of water sports, like snorkeling in crystal clear waters; kayaking or scuba diving.

When evening comes, it becomes a party place with music, restaurants and bars for the delight of the visitor.

White Beach is the # 1 of Boracay Beaches

White Beach is the # 1 of Boracay Beaches

Boracay Beaches are more than a dozen all with the same white powdery white sands and turquoise waters that have made them a name around the world. But one beach stands above the rest and this is White Beach.

White Beach is most renowned of all Boracay Beaches. It is about 4 km long by 100 meters wide. People come here mainly to swim and suntan; but there is also lots of shades provided by the palm trees surrounding the area.

Snorkeling is very popular in White Beach as is riding in a banana boat or doing a glass bottom boat ride. Many masseurs walk around the beach offering their services right on your sun bed.

White Beach is divided into several areas with lifeguards, hand held radios and rescue personnel.

  • Boracay Terraces in the north to Willy's Rock
  • From Willy's Rock to Red Coconut Resort
  • From Red Coconut to Boat Station 2
  • From Boat Station 2 to Station 3
  • From Boat Station 3 to Angol Point

Boracay Beaches

Puka Shell Beach in Boracay Philippines

Puka Shell Beach in Boracay Philippines

Puka Shell Beach

This beach is the second largest on the island covering the northern tip of it. This 800 meters beach is made of tiny shells covering the coast. The shells are great for necklaces and souvenirs for the tourists. By the way the name Puka of the beach is for this shell. Puka shell is considered the finest in the world.

Diniwid Beach

This beach starts at the north of White Beach. It is only 200 meters long. The reward of visiting this beach is visiting a platform rock build on a cliff, from where you get the greatest view of the island. The beach is an exclusive resort home area.

Boracay Beaches are ideal for Windsurfing

Boracay Beaches are ideal for Windsurfing

Balinghai Beach

This is the perfect romantic cove. This tiny beach is enclosed by walls of rocks, and offers the best secret for those seeking some kind of solitude. I have to mention that near the shore there are spectacular underwater coral gardens. So you would like to do some snorkeling while there.

Cagban Beach

This is a small cove offering quiet and relaxation away from the external world. The world Cagban means cave or chest. The legend says that many chests are stull hidden in the sands and caves of this beach. It is worth a try.

Bulabog Beach

This is a beach with strong winds, especially during the first months of the year. It is a windsurfer paradise, but also great for kite boarding. This is a secluded beach and sometimes it can be only you on this site.

Ilig-Iligan Beach

It is located on the east coast of the island. It is accessible by road with a motorbike, bicycle or plain hiking. The beach is great for snorkeling and Scuba Diving.

For more information visit Philippines Tourism Website

Manoc Beach in the southern tip of Boracay Philippines

Manoc Beach in the southern tip of Boracay Philippines

This one is on the village of Manoc in the southern end of the island from where you can see the northern tip of the larger Panay Island. It is here in Manoc where you arrive when coming by ferry from the big island.

This area is very windy and not recommended for inexperienced surfers. But you may enjoy watching the experienced Kite-surfers or windsurfers doing their pirouettes.

I hope you got an idea on Boracay Beaches. One of these days when travelling to the Far East, take a few days and “get lost” in the pristine beaches of this remote area of the Philippines.

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