Brac Island
On the Adriatic Sea of Croatia

You are invited to a virtual tour of Brac Island Croatia, the largest island in the Central Dalmatian area on the Adriatic Sea and also the highest with close to 800 meters. The name is pronounced “Bratch” in Croatian.

Brac Island is a beautiful Island of Croatia

Brac is a beautiful Island of Croatia

How to get to Brac

Brac is connected to mainland Croatia by many ferry lines from Split and Makarska that bring visitors to two spots on the island, Supetar and Sumartin. From Split to Supetar takes less than an hour by ferry; while from Makarska to Sumartin it’s less than that.

The only airport on the island located 14 km from Bol and 32 km from Supetar is open only during the summer season. There is a main road on the island that leads anywhere you want to go.

zlatni rat beach

Zlatni Rat Beach is one of the most beautiful Croatian Beaches

The Beaches of Brac are awesome

Brac is famous for its beaches like Zlatni Rat near Bol, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic, and we are going to write about many of them. But I have to mention that Brac is full of history and other activities besides the great beaches.

Brac island historical heritage and a vital folk culture provide a perfect setting for a vacation filled with unforgettable experiences. There are folk festivals and many cultural events during the summer.

All residents of Brac gather for a procession of Saint Vid on the Vidova Gora Mountain. One more event worth mentioning is “Bez Regula”, meaning without rules that is held in Sutivan during the month of July.

There are sports events, lectures, courses, promotions, films all accompanied with music, concerts and a vibrant nightlife.

Brac Island Croatia

The Beaches of Brac Croatia are awesome

The Beaches of Brac Croatia are awesome

The towns of Brac Island

• Supetar, including places like Splitska, Skrip and Mirca, is the cultural, economic and touristic center of the island.

• Sutivan located on the west is a small village and harbor with farming, wine production, olive growing fishing and tourism.

• Bol Croatia is located on the south. Also a village and harbor at the foot of Vidova Gora and Dratevo Brdo.

• Postira Villages established since the 14th Century.

• Postira village on island Brac in Croatia’s Dalmatia region have been established in 14th century and nowdays has a population of 1.500 inhabitants.

• Pucisca is a typical Mediterranean town with white roofs.

• Selca is located on the eastern shore of the island with amazing landscapes.

• Murvica near Bol, has two beautiful beaches.

• Mirca is a quiet and relaxed beach resort with restaurants, supermarket and bars.

Milna Beach on the Island of Brac Croatia

Milna Beach on the Island of Brac Croatia

• Milna at the end of a large bay seems untouched by time.

• Sumartin is a habor village on the southeastern side of the island

• Splitska is a small village near Supetar with nice beaches.

• Skrip the oldest of all villages on the island.

• Povlja is a small village on the northeastern coast.

• Bobovisca is a small quiet town located on the western side of island Brac.

boal croatia

The Village, Beaches and Harbor of Bol Croatia

The Beaches of Brac Island

• Zlatni Rat Beach – The Golden Horn

This is the most spectacular beach in Brac Island. The golden sands of about 530 meters long are known as the Golden Horn. The beach is just off the town of Bol.

The beach has a distinct form like a tongue that stretches out to the sea. It is also famous because it changes its form and position depending on the wind.

Zlatni Rat attracts visitors from all over the world that come because of the weather, the sun and the water sports; here you’ll find pedal boats, jet ski, banana boats, beach volley ball and parachute rides.

The beach also offers good scuba diving and surfing. It has many amenities like restaurants and cafes.

Paklina Beach is a naturist beach in Bol Brac Croatia

Paklina Beach is a naturist beach in Bol Brac Croatia

• Paklina Beach is located in the south of the island not far from Bol, is this naturist beach with several sandy beaches and rocky coves where you may find some privacy.

• Mutnik and Punat Beaches on the east are also reserved for naturists. They are located between Supetar and Sumartin.

• Zaglav Beach is located near the town of Milna on the southern coast of the Island. You have to walk about ten minutes or arrive by boat.

For more information visit Croatia Tourism Website

Map of Brac Island on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

Map of Brac Island on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

As we all know Croatia Beaches are among the best in the Mediterranean and many compare with the best beaches in the world. Brac Island off the coast of Spit is no exception. Here you will also find your share of Croatian Beaches.

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