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Brazilian Beaches on the largest South American country and one of the largest and most important of the world. It covers several latitudes north and south of the equator. This fact signals to all kind of different beaches and most of them are among g the top beaches of the world.

After a good research and consulting with my many Brazilian friends I have come to the top ten beaches of Brazil. This list may be contested, but anyway all Brazil’s beaches are outstanding and we have to choose ten to make up this list. Please use the Contact Us form if you want to make a suggestion or correction. I promise to take it very seriously.

Fernando de Noronha Island with paradisaical beaches

Fernando de Noronha Island with paradisaical beaches

Fernando de Noronha

This one has no dispute of being the most beautiful of all Brazilian Beaches. It is located on a tropical islands more than 500 Km off the coast of the State of Pernambuco. It has been named as one of the Best Beaches in the World. The island has about 2,000 inhabitants and tourism is constantly developing creatin a balance between the man made need and the beauty provided by nature and the most important ecological sanctuaries of the world.

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha lies off the coast Natal on Brazil’s northern coast. The islands were formed during the years from sediments of Brazil’s largest rivers. The image you see today is not to distant from that image that the European colonizers discovered more than 500 years ago. It was discovered and claimed for the Portuguese in 1503 by Americo Vespucci.

On the larger island and the smaller ones you’ll find white sands and clear waters with a variety of many wildlife species. To protect the environment, tourism is controlled to 420 tourists at a time. There is only one hotel and a few pousadas which fill to capacity in summer.

While Fernando de Noronha is now a model environmental protection area, it is also one of Brazil's almost hidden treasures. The clarity and warmth of the water, on the equatorial stream, and the abundant underwater life makes these islands a dream come true for divers and snorkelers. There are over two hundred species of fish, plus dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks to view and photograph.

Brazilian Beaches

Ipanema Beach the most famous one in Brazil

Ipanema the most famous of Brazilian Beaches

Ipanema beach

You say Ipanema and you say Rio de Janeiro. This is where things happen on this famous city. It borders the Beach of Leblon on the east and on the west the small beach of Arpoador and then the world famous Copacabana. I am fortunate to have visited all these beaches, stayed there and enjoyed them to a maximum.

Ipanema Beach Brazil is always crowded. It is the place to see and be seen. You may relax and work on your suntan or join any of the beach sports without even knowing the players. They are there playing volleyball or beach soccer, or the more difficult foot volley ball. On Sundays the beach lane is open for pedestrians only. This is moment of watch the Capoeira, a Brazilian art form which combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement.

Brazilian Beaches

Jericoacoara Beach nicknamed Jeri with red sands

Jericoacoara Beach nicknamed Jeri with red sands


It is located on the northernmost tip of the State of Ceara, 300 Km west of Fortaleza exactly on the equator. It is mainly a fishing village and its claim to fame is its long beach, being one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. It is also one of the longest. It has plenty of water in its freshwater lagoons surrounded by sand dunes.

Jeri as it is nicknamed seats in a geographical position that allows seeing the Atlantic Ocean on two sides making one of the windiest spots on earth. But as a token you get to see the sunrise and the sunset from the spot called “Sunset Dune” just west of the village. One of the most impressive sights Jeri has to offer is her night sky, completely unpolluted by city lights; it shines brightly perfect for astronomy enthusiasts or simple star gazers. You may never have seen a sky so filled with stars, perfectly framed by the gently swaying palms.

This beach is relaxed and once there you have to drive on sand dunes due to the absence of paved streets. But do not discourage, here you may find almost anything you need, from massages, to delicious dinners and from laid back bars to lively dance clubs.

Brazilian Beaches

Porto de Galinhas has been nominated as Brazil's Best Beach

Porto de Galinhas has been nominated as Brazil's Best Beach

Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is one of the most famous Brazil Beaches. One more beach nominated as one of Brazil’s best. For seven consecutive times it has been voted the best beach in Brazil by the magazine Travel and Tourism. Porto changed from a fishermen village to the playground of Brazil's richest and most famous to become, in recent years, a popular vacation spot for domestic travelers.

This beach of 4 Km stretch of pure white sand, crystal clear warm waters and palm trees is located in the northeast of Brazil near Recife. The beach has become very fashionable for the affluent Brazilians from the south. Now they are trying to cope with fame and development. The local government is investing in development of the needed infrastructure.

The beach offers great swimming safe for everybody including children.

Brazilian Beaches

Praia do Rosa Beach is a favorite in Brazil

Praia do Rosa Beach is a favorite Brazilian Beaches

Praia do Rosa

This crescent shaped bay with sand dunes is becoming a favorite for beachgoers from around the world. The atmosphere is elegant and laid back at the same time. It still features dirt roads to keep its wild charm. There you may find cafes, restaurants and shops.

It is located about 90 Km or 56 miles south of Florianopolis, the island off the southern coast of Brazil. Always chosen as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Praia do Rosa is famous for surfing and for whale watching. In summer, its busy nightlife attracts the young crowd from all over Brazil and neighboring countries. Charming Pousadas and excellent restaurants make it a great place for beach relaxation.

If you like water sports, be prepared for cold fronts on the Santa Catarina coast and pack wetsuits. But Praia do Rosa is attractive year round and winters, albeit cold at times, are sunny and bright a fascinating time to visit.

Brazilian Beaches

Alter do Chao Beach well inside the Amazon

Alter do Chao one of Brazilian Beaches inside the Amazon

Alter do Chao

It has been called the Caribbean of the Amazon for its green clear waters and fine white sand beaches. Alter do Chão is a village 33km west from the Amazon port City of Santarem deep in the Amazonia. It is actually 1400 Km from the Atlantic Coast. Famous for various years with locals it is becoming a popular destination for international travelers.

The small village is located on the Tapajos River near to Lago Verde or Green Lake. Opposite the village and between these two bodies of water there is a sand bank, which grows as the Amazon recedes in summer and fills with bars and visitors. From the village it's a short canoe ride across a narrow channel to the beach. Note that from April to July, when the water is high, the beach shrinks considerably.

The good thing about these river beaches is that they offer much more than just beaches incredible and totally comparable with any other beaches when it comes to the beauty, in fact it’s a destination of eco-tourism, which allows you to combine eco-adventures with relaxing holiday on one of these fabulous beaches.

Praia de Fazenda in the state of São Paulo Brazil

Praia de Fazenda in the state of São Paulo Brazil

Praia da Fazenda

This beautiful beach is located halfway between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Surrounded by mountains that are covered in forests, you will not find a place like Praia da Fazenda anywhere else in the world. This beach is located near Picinguaba, which is a traditional Brazilian fishing village. There is a beautiful, natural spring at the far end of the beach, which just adds to the majestic beauty of this area of the world.

It is truly a world apart and one of Brazil’s great natural jewels, heavily forested coastal mountains drop vertiginously into beaches and azure sea. Praia da Fazenda is across the wide bay from the small, traditional fishing village of Picinguaba.  This is a two miles of deserted beach and sometimes you may feel you are the only person around.

Brazilian Beaches

Arpoador Beach north of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro

Arpoador Beach north of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro

Arpoador Beach

This is a small sector of beach north of Ipanema and south of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro.  It is one of most popular beaches of Rio. Some of the best surfing in Rio is on this beach. There are lifeguards on duty and there is an area dedicated to weight lifting and exercise and you will find athletes and muscle men all day long on its shores.

The rocks at Arpoador Beach have small trails that are great for walking about especially in the morning and early evening when the light makes for wonderful views up and down the coast. All sorts of people visit the rocks including couples enjoying romantic getaways, watching the surfers, families with small children climbing about, and others watching the fishermen.

You may take a walk up Ipanema Beach to Arpoador Point in the late afternoon to take postcard perfect photos from the rocks at sunset. At the base of the rocks are very large lights that illuminate the beach at night.

You should use caution when visiting these crowded beaches of Rio de Janeiro

Caraiva Beach, Bahia

Caraiva Beach is located about 50 Km south of Porto Seguro, along the Atlantic coast south of Salvador Bahia. You may get there by bus or taxi from Porto Seguro. Once there the town of Caraiva is separated from the road by a lagoon that has to be crossed by canoe since in the town there are no cars or any vehicles.

It is such a rustic place that there is no electricity, although most restaurants and bars have their own generators. But, a big but, the beaches are fabulous and it is worth the effort getting there. The people are totally laid back even by Brazilian standards. You get around by foot. I hope you take comfortable shoes because the beach can get very hot during the day.

Brazilian Beaches

For more information visit Brazil Tourism Website

Lopes Mendes Beach in the State of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Lopes Mendes Beach in the State of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Lopes Mendes Beach

This beach of your dreams is located on Ilha Grande or Big Island. It is on the State of Rio but a three hour drive from Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis. From there a short hop by ferry to Ilha Grande. After a 4o minutes ride by ferry you arrive to the only town on the island Abraão. Once there you must take a small taxi-boat to Manges Beach, the last boat stop before Lopes Mendes Beach.

This spectacular and difficult to get beach is 3 Km stretch of the whitest and finest sand you have ever seen on a calm and warm crystal clear piece of ocean. It is lined with palms and almond trees and there is no building or restaurant in sight.

We recommend you take plenty snacks and drinks besides lots of suntan to protect you from the strong sun rays. There may be a few peddlers offering food and drinks on the beach.

I presented you with a choice of Brazil’s Best and Top Beaches. Some are a few steps away from center of town and big hotels like the case of Ipanema. One is inside the Amazon basin 1,400 Km away from the Atlantic and some are difficult to get to them but always worth the effort.

Brazilian Beaches are out of this world. Enjoy them and enjoy this great country, its people, its food and everything it has to offer.

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