Bulgarian Beaches
On the Black Sea

Bulgarian Beaches on the Black Sea have been famous with Eastern European for decades.

When the Soviet Empire existed, people from other communist countries with no possibility of going to Western Europe or the rest of the world used to flock to Bulgaria for their holidays.

Bulgaria is famous for its nice sandy beaches. Its Beaches are divided into southern and northern along the shoreline.

In the south temperatures are a bit higher than at the north. But during summer in Europe they are all adorable.

nessebar bulgaria

Nessebar is a town on a peninsula on the shores of the Black Sea


Nessebar Bulgaria is on a rocky peninsula. The Old town of Nessebar is a tourist attraction by itself. It offers several nice beaches near town plus the Sunny Beach resort only 2 km from Nessebar.

There are ancient buildings in this peninsula dating to the 11th to 14th Century mostly churches like the Christ Pantokrator church built in the 10th century. Some of the churches have stunningly beautiful facades and interiors and are among the best preserved ones in the Balkan Peninsula.

Nessebar beach resort extends over a small peninsula. It lies 37 km northeast of Burgas. Its beach is considered to be one of the finest along the Black Sea coast due to a large sandy strip of land between the town and the village of Ravda, covered with clean golden sand.

Bulgarian Beaches

Varna Bulgaria

Varna is Bulgaria's largest city on the Black Sea


Varna is Bulgaria’s largest city on the Black Sea.  It’s a cosmopolitan city and a nice one to stroll through; Baroque, turn of the century and contemporary architecture pleasantly blended with shady promenades and a handsome seaside garden.

It is the main port for both naval and commercial shipping. It is a close neighbor to the popular coastal resorts of Golden Sands, St Constantine and Helena, and Albena.

Varna is also the host city of numerous prestigious cultural events. The city lies in the Bay of Varna, nestled in a deep valley. It is over 11 km long, while its width, including newly erected residential quarters, is nearly 9 km.

The city’s structure resembles an amphitheater as it follows the curves of the Bay of Varna.  It is surrounded by gardens, vineyards and groves.

Burgas the country's most important Sea port on the Black Sea


Burgas Bulgaria is the country’s fourth largest city, situated in the southeastern part of the country.

It is the most important sea port of Bulgaria on the Black Sea.

The weather here is mild and the city is an important center of industry.

Even though it’s not famous as a beach resort like Nessebar it features a few beaches that we are mentioning here.

Burgas serves as a starting point; its airport is where most of the flights with tourists arrive during summer.

Cacao Beach on the shores of the Black Sea

Cacao Beach on the shores of the Black Sea

A few of the most famous Bulgarian Beaches

  • Cacao Beach, located in Sunny Beach, is an 8 km long by 50 meters wide beautiful beach. The sands are fine and you’ll find several sand dunes.
    The waters are clear and clean and the bottom slopes gently as you walk or swim into the sea. This beach offers many amenities for water sports lovers like water skis and parachutes; surfing, sailing, scooters and paddle boating; and may land sports like volley ball and sports tournaments. The beach has all kind of eateries like cafes, bars and restaurants.
  • Golden Sands called Zlatni Pyasatci Beach is a popular resort located about 17 km from Bulgaria’s largest city on the Black Sea, Varna.

    This resort is called “The Pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea” for it mineral springs. The name says it all regarding the sands of this beach that are fine and golden.

    It is perfect for great family vacations. This beach is considered one of the Best Black Sea Beaches.

Albena Beach Club on the Black Sea, Bulgaria

Albena Beach Club on the Black Sea, Bulgaria

  • Albena Beach is a 500 meters wide with pure white sands. This beach is great for sunbathing. During summers it can be very hot, so please, take care of your skin and do not over expose yourself to the sun.

    You’ll find many sports facilities like water skiing, boat driving, banana riding, parasailing, yachting, surfing, jets, underwater fishing and beach volleyball. This beach is calm and green and perfect for relaxed vacations.
  • Dyuni Beach is located near Sozopol and the city of Burgas. It is a sheltered bay ideal for many water sports. The 5 km long by 100 meters wide beach is covered with golden sands and surrounded by vegetation.

    Its shallow waters are ideal for small children. It is a naturally sheltered bay protected from strong winds making it great for water sports of all kinds.

Bulgarian Beaches

Primorsko is one the longest of Bulgarian Beaches on the Black Sea

Bulgarian Beaches

  • Primorsko Beach is a 10 km sandy beach. It is one of the longest beaches of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. The area is preferred by young Bulgarians that come for holidays staying at homes, student dorms and inexpensive hostels.

    It features golden sands and the waters are shallow, warm and calm. This is the ideal start for a boat ride, yacht cruise or fishing adventure.

  • Golden Fish Beach is located at Zlatna Ribka, near Sozopol. It is actually a camping site mostly frequented by surfers.

    The beach has special fees for campers, renting of tents and parking fees. It features a few restaurants, restrooms and showers. To summarize this beach is for young students and camp lovers.
  • Smokini Beach, near Sozopol is another camping site, located 5 km south of Sozopol Sea resort. This beach allows nudism, so it is perfect for individuals and families that like this type of naturist beaches.

Shkorpilovtsi Beach is the longest and widest beach in Bulgaria

Shkorpilovtsi Beach is the longest and widest beach in Bulgaria

  • Shkorpilovtsi Beach is the longest and widest beach strip in Bulgaria. It is located 42 km south of Varna and north of Byala. It is an example of an ecologically clean beach with wild and virgin beaches.

  • Sinemorets, located on Bulgaria’s southern coast is an amazing resort village. The sands are white and the waters warm and clear. Mouth Beach on the north is the open creek where the Veleka River flows into the sea. Waters are deep as compared to others in the area, so it is not recommended for children.

  • Atliman Beach is located to the north of Kiten Sea resort. Kiten is one of the most attractive sites on the southern Black sea coast, where Strandja Mountain meets the crystal clear waters of the sea. The white sands, calm and warm waters are the perfect scenario for a great holiday on the Black Sea.

Enjoy the Bulgarian Beaches like the Europeans have been doing for centuries.

For more information visit Bulgaria Tourism

Google Map of the Bulgarian Beaches on the Black Sea

Map of the Bulgarian Beaches on the Black Sea

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