Cabarete Dominican Republic
On the North Coast of Hispaniola

Cabarete Dominican Republic is located on the north coast of the island of Hispaniola where the Republica Dominicana occupies two thirds of it sharing the other third with Haiti.

Aerial View of Cabarete Beach in the Dominican Republic

Aerial View of Cabarete Beach in the Dominican Republic

Cabarete Surfing

Cabarete Surfing is the main sport on this side of the Dominican Republic. Cabarete is an open bay with many restaurants bars and clubs located on the beach. It is one of the nicest of the Dominican Republic Beaches

During the day it’s full with surfers from all over the world and in the evenings it’s a party town, with music, drinks and nightlife for the young.

What’s interesting about Cabarete from the surfer’s point of view is that the breaks are steady and never flat, the waves run from small to high all the time.

Advanced surfers will find secret spots and off shore reefs, like Preciosa, an outstanding surf spot, that will compete with the world known surfing spots in the world.

Windsurfing is the # 1 sport in Cabarete Beach

Windsurfing is the # 1 sport in Cabarete Beach

Surfing at Encuentro Beach

Encuentro is just 10 minutes drive from Cabarete. It is ideal for beginners as well as for those seeking a little more adventure.

It is considered the best surfing place in the Republica Dominicana. The local surfers are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and will help you catch the waves and learn how to continue doing it.

During the best time to surf meaning mid December to mid April you’ll find many surf lessons and boat rentals available.

For that you may have to go to Cabarete downtown. Actually everything happens in the six km of beaches of Cabarete. You’ll find here everything from surfing to kite boarding.

In this beach the restaurants and bars are not so close to the beach on purpose, so the area keeps the atmosphere of plain surfing and kite boarding. But look at this, during the evenings the restaurants put the tables on the beach to serve dinner.

The Dominican Republic Food as described on our page is mouth watering. Fresh fish brought by the fishing villagers abound in the area all kind of vegetables, plantains and yuccas to compliment your dinner.

Local beers are some of the best in the world and of course Dominican Rum is among the best of the world.

Cabarete Dominican Republic

Cabarete Dominican Republic is also ideal for kite surfing

Cabarete Dominican Republic is also ideal for kite surfing

How to get to Cabarete Dominican Republic

If you don’t arrive by car, you’ll arrive to Gregorio Luperon International Airport at Puerto Plata(POP).

In case you fly into the Santo Domingo International Airport of Las Americas (SDQ) you will have to drive about 4 hours north from the Caribbean coast to the Atlantic Ocean.

There are good coach bus services from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic to Sosua. From there or from Puerto Plata you’ll find steady transportation to Cabarete.

Cabarete is located 14 km east of Sosua and 40 minutes drive from Playa Dorada to the west and or from Playa Grande to the east.

Getting around Cabarete

Cabarete can be visited by foot. Everything is close by. That is if you are staying in town. But if you stay in one of the Beaches Resorts they may be about 5 to 20 minutes drive and many of the hotels provide shuttle service to town.

Map of Dominican Republic with Cabarete in the North

Map of Dominican Republic with Cabarete in the North

Attractions of Cabarete

The beach of Cabarete Dominican Republic is the longest stretch of uninterrupted beach in the country. The bay of Cabarete is two km long and you may walk about 7 km east to the Yasica River and west to Sosua until Perla Marina.


The bay is protected by a coral reef and the conditions for surfing are ideal on this part of the island. The waves could reach even to six feet height and above. The word has been spreading over the years and Cabarete is world renowned for its surfing conditions.

Kite boarding

Several kite boarding schools are located right on the beach for those who want to perfect their skills or take up this extreme sport.


Skateboarding was also added to the active sports of Cabarete with a new facility opening in 2004 of a vet skate ramp that is the first underground ramp built in the world. The skateboard facility is located at the Extreme Hotel.

For more visit the Dominican Republic Tourism Website

Cabarete beach is one of Best Caribbean Beaches

Cabarete beach is one of Best Caribbean Beaches


There are places to visit nearby, like the caves in El Choco national Park, Laguna Cabarete and Laguna Goleta. You may experience water skiing in the nearby Yasica River. You may do some mountain climbing and river rafting in the Central Mountain Range.


Only half and hour from Cabarete you’ll find the Playa Grande Golf Course one of the best ones in the Caribbean. Locally there is a golf course in Costa Azul.


There are a few dive shops offering open sea scuba diving trips to Sosua Bay. There are sunken cargo ships in the area that have developed to great coral reefs, great for a day of Scuba.

images courtesy of wikimedia commons

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