California Surfing
Among the Best in World

California Surfing is among the best in the world. This huge state has a long coast on the Pacific Ocean and some of the best waves you may find, from the warm waters of San Diego in the south to the cooler water in Northern California. By the way a new holiday has been celebrated on September 20, the California Surfing Day.

Windansea Beach in La Jolla

Windansea Beach in La Jolla

Since 1937 this La Jolla reef break is famous for its spectacular waves. The first one to surf here was surfing pioneer Woody Brown. Since then it has become one of the well-known surfing spots in San Diego County. The waves here could reach 10 feet and conditions are somewhat unpredictable.

It is recommended for experienced surfers due to its reputation of being difficult.

Swami’s in Encinitas

Swami’s in Encinitas

It is part of Swami’s State Marine Conservation Area and it was rated by National Geographic as one of the world’s top 20 surfing spots.

You don’t have to be a pro to surf at Swami’s, but this site is more geared towards surfers with intermediate skills and up.


Trestles San Onofre State Beach

Located in San Clemente, this site proves that size is not everything when it comes to surfing.

It has been home to some of the best surfers in the mainland. That said, beginners should look for more quiet areas along the beach.

The Wedge in Newport Beach

This place is better observed from the safety of shore. The waves form during south swells when they refract off the rocky jetty, then come back with strength on a second incoming.

You can see 30-feet waves on this surfing site.

Huntington Beach Pier 

The claim to fame of this site goes back a century since the demonstrations of legends such as George Freeth and Duke Kahanamoku. It is Southern California’s most renowned surfing site.

Depending on the day, even beginners can surf where such champions as Andy Irons and Kelly Slater triumphed.

California Surfing

Surfrider Beach in Malibu

Surfrider Beach in Malibu

It was named as the first World Surfing Reserve by the Save the Waves Coalition. The waves here are virtually perfect. People like Miki Dora, nicknamed Da Cat, surfed here, and Surfrider played a pivotal role as surfing moved into the cultural mainstream.

Rincon Point in Carpinteria

It is called the “Queen of the Coast” and described by surf historian Matt Warshaw as “America’s gold-standard point break”

Rincon is located on the border of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. The waves are very good during winter swells.

Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz

The cliffs here form like a natural amphitheater for viewing the action formed by the waves down below.

The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum commemorates local surf history. This sport debuted on the US mainland in Santa Cruz in 1885, when three Hawaiian princes rode the local waves on redwood boards.

Mavericks in Half Moon Bay

What was a long-time kept secret, is now one of the most famous surging spots on the mainland. It has been recognized in documentaries, books and the featured film Chasing Mavericks. Waves here may rise up to 80 feet. Jeff Clark pioneered Mavericks, which was named for his dog, and you’ll find hoodies and other cool gear at his Mavericks Surf Company.

For more information visit California Official website

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