Caribbean Beaches
Among the Top Beaches in the World

The Caribbean Beaches are without a doubt some of the best beaches in the world. The Caribbean has been blessed by nature with great weather, warm all year round and never too hot due to the current breezes that greet the islands constantly.

Each of them is a separate entity with different character, customs and languages. For that purpose the Caribbean Islands are divided in four main groups by language and culture.

Varadero Beach in Cuba is one of the World's Best Beaches

Varadero Beach in Cuba is one of the World's Best Beaches

Spanish Speaking Islands


The Island where I was born was described by Columbus when discovered in 1492 as “The most beautiful Land that human eyes ever saw”, in Spanish “Esta es la tierra mas bella que ojos humanos vieron”. It is the largest of all Antilles and covered by great Beaches all around. I may be biased but the most beautiful of Cuba’s beaches and perhaps of the whole world is Varadero. We spent the days of my childhood in Varadero together with siblings, cousins and the whole family.

Dominican Republic

From one corner of the northwest around the corner of the Republic on the southwest one beach is better than the other. It is impossible to mention which one is nicer. Just to try I will say that Punta Cana Beaches on the eastern corner are the best.

Luquillo Beach is by far the # 1 of Puerto Rican Beaches

Luquillo Beach is by far the # 1 of Puerto Rican Beaches

Puerto Rico

Again I may be biased because I spent some of my best years in Puerto Rico and enjoyed one by one its beaches. The island is a world recognized resort and it is the number one island in tourism in the Caribbean. Its two little islands of Vieques and Culebra have even better Puerto Rico beaches than the main island.

Cancun and Cozumel

These two Mexican Caribbean Islands and the incredible beaches of the Mayan Riviera Mexico complete the world famous Mexican Caribbean. It has become a center of world tourism.

Isla Rotan and its two little sisters Utila and Guanaja belong to Honduras and are called the Bay Islands. The beaches and the snorkeling have no parallel in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Beaches

Anse Margerite on the French Island of Guadeloupe

Anse Margerite on the French Island of Guadeloupe

French Speaking Islands


This is the center of government of the French Caribbean Islands. It has a few little islands nearby with excellent beaches Marie Galante and Iles des Saintes.


I call it the Green Island for its lush vegetation and beautiful beaches

St Martin

This is the French side of an island divided into French and Dutch. St Martin Beaches are just spectacular. It is also known for its exclusive gastronomy.

St Barth or St Barthélemy

This is a small island visited by the rich and famous.

Cupecoy Beach in Dutch St Maarten in the Caribbean

Cupecoy Beach in Dutch St Maarten in the Caribbean

Dutch Speaking Islands

St Maarten

St Martin’s partner on the island. The beaches are of white sand and clear waters. St Maarten is one of my favorite islands in the Caribbean.

Saba and St Eustatius or Statia

These are two little volcanic islands near St Maarten. They are elegant and quiet and both have a great tourism infrastructure.


A picturesque piece of Holland in the Caribbean with spectacular beaches and many places    to visit always welcome by the lovely people of the island.


Is one of the three called ABC Islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. It offers great marine life all around the island, a heaven for scuba divers.


It is an Independent country with ties to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Caribbean Beaches of Aruba are awe inspiring.

Anguilla Beaches are white sands and crystal clear waters

Anguilla Beaches are white sands and crystal clear waters

English Speaking Islands


Anguilla beaches are among the best in the Caribbean. The little island is surrounded by powdery sand and crystal clear waters. In my opinion the best of all of them is Shoal Beach.


A beautiful country with beautiful people and incomparable beaches. But Jamaica offers much more than beaches. It offers delicious food, lush vegetation and waterfalls, busy nightlife in the main cities. It is a number one stop for Top Cruise Lines.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua prides itself with 365 Caribbean beaches, one for every day of the year. The Atlantic side is rough and good for snorkeling, windsurfing and other sports, while the Caribbean side is great for families with children and good swimming.

Cayman Islands Beaches

Here the queen of the beaches is Seven Mile Beach a long strip of white sand and blue waters.

Turks and Caicos with spectacular white sands beaches

Turks and Caicos with spectacular white sands beaches

Turks and Caicos

This British Territory, said by National Geographic, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Planet Earth.


An archipelago of 700 beaches near the coast of Florida is the in place to be if you want nightlife, gambling, secluded beaches, water sports and fishing. Imagine with so many islands you have a beach for every taste.

St Kitts Nevis

Two islands near Antigua with great beaches and beautiful resorts like the Four Seasons in Nevis beaches.

Virgin Islands

This group is divided into the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands, also called the American Paradise.  Here, again, you’ll find the Best Caribbean Beaches and lots of sailing opportunities for fishing and plain relaxation.

Petit St Vincent one of the Grenadine Islands

Petit St Vincent one of the Grenadine Islands

St Vincent and the Grenadines

This is “big” island with many small islands in the form of a necklace spreading all the way to Grenada. Of the Grenadine Islands the best are Bequia and Mayreau.

St Lucia

The country of the two Pitons is a volcanic island with some grey beaches and heavy vegetation. We used to go from Puerto Rico to St Lucia just to relax and enjoy its cuisine. The area of Anse Chastanet, reached better by water taxi has the best snorkeling.


It is called the Spice Island for the amount of spices they grow. When you land on the island you can feel the aroma of nutmeg. Grand Anse beach is the best of its Caribbean Beaches.

Barbados Beaches on the Caribbean side are calm

Barbados Beaches are calm on the Caribbean side


It is called for a reason “The Gem of the Caribbean Sea”. It is separated from the group of islands and lies on the Atlantic Ocean with rough beaches on the Ocean side and calm and quiet  on the Caribbean Beaches side

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad is more commercial while Tobago is the place to be if you are looking for great beaches of white sands and clear waters.

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