Caribbean Family Vacations
An Unforgettable Experience

Caribbean Family Vacations are the best idea if you are thinking of what to do with your children on your next holiday.

Why? Because the kids will be so busy with so many activities that you’ll finally find some time and space for yourself.

Another great idea, if you can afford it, is bringing one of their teen friends with you. This way they don’t have to spend their entire vacation with “Mom and Dad.”

Sun Bay Beach in the Island of Vieques Puerto Rico

Sun Bay Beach in the Island of Vieques Puerto Rico

Planning and Preparation

But let’s start with the planning and preparation and make it as much fun as possible. Remember that small children and teenagers alike need “their” things to be happy.

It could be a teddy bear for the very small or an MP3 player or I-pod for teenagers. With this in hand you will assure yourself peace of mind during your stay.

Atlantis at Paradise Island Bahamas Ideal for a Family Vacation

Atlantis at Paradise Island Bahamas ideal for a Family Vacation

Best Islands for Caribbean Family Vacations

There are many islands well prepared for this type of travel. The best examples are:

Jamaica turn anybody’s dream into something real. Once you step into this colorful country, you will realize the number of activities, the great beaches the warmth of its people and weather.

On The Bahamas you'll discover a friendly nation of 700 islands that offer everything from quiet beaches and water parks to an array of activities and island nightlife for all tastes.

It is a great destination for Last Minute Travel. You will be amazed at how close the Islands are to the US continent, only 50 miles from the Florida coast.

No Passport and no Visa for US Citizens. Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States and all Puerto Ricans are American Citizens.

You can travel there without Passport or visa if you are a US citizen. Spanish is the local and official language, but English is widely spoken and the second official language.

Caribbean Family Vacations

Dominican Republic Beaches are awesome

Dominican Republic Beaches are awesome

The Dominican Republic or as we say in Spanish “Republica Dominicana” or the aborigine name of “Quisquella “ occupies two thirds of Hispaniola Island neighboring the Republic of Haiti on the other third.

The “Dominicanos” are a warm and lovely people, proud of their county and heritage. The official language is Spanish, although English is widely spoken in the Tourism sector.

Sandals All Inclusive Resort Ocho Rios Jamaica

Sandals All Inclusive Resort Ocho Rios Jamaica

All Inclusive Vacations

The ideal and most recognized resorts are the All Inclusive Resorts. You’ll find them all over the Caribbean Islands for all tastes and budgets.

On these All Inclusive Vacations almost all is included: airfares, accommodation, all foods and beverages, and in many cases even beer and hard liquor.

So once you pay for your vacation you can relax and know you just need pocket money for souvenirs and an occasional expense.

Baby enjoying the warm waters of the Caribbean

Baby enjoying the warm waters of the Caribbean

Nurseries for babies

For babies, from newborns to 2 year olds, many resorts offer air conditioned nurseries with nannies specialized and trained in child development.

Kid Camps for Toddlers

For toddlers, the Kid Camps available in most of the beach resorts feature all kind of pool and beach activities under the supervision of counselors. Many also feature magic shows, face painting and much more.

Beach sports and activities for children

Children enjoy water skiing, beach volleyball, water polo, wake-boarding, snorkeling, beach soccer and many other sports that will keep them busy all day long.

Teenagers having fun in the Caribbean

Teenagers having fun in the Caribbean

Special areas for teenagers

On your Caribbean Family Vacations it is very important to keep the teenagers happy. Teens will enjoy all activities mentioned above and in most of the Resorts they will find special rooms where entrance is just for teens so they can hang out, meet new friends or just listen to music.

A paradise for adults

During the day the adults can relax around the pool or at the beach or enjoy Sports activities with the kids. Then in the evening when the young ones go to sleep, enjoy the island nightlife with non stop entertainment.

Your Caribbean family vacations will create memories that you’ll treasure forever.

Images courtesy of wikimedia commons

Caribbean Islands Map

Caribbean Islands Map

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