Caribbean Fishing
On Crystal Clear Waters

Enjoy Caribbean Fishing which is one of the adventures you’ll never forget. The area offers some of the best fishing grounds in the world. Saltwater fly fishing for bone fish is popular as is deep sea fishing for bluefish, swordfish, shark, marlin, and others.

International Game Fishing Association’s world records have been achieved and registered in the Caribbean Waters. Many islands have their own competitions. Aruba has got many reviews as some of the best.

A Catch like this awaits for you in the beaches of Antigua

A Catch like this awaits for you in Antigua

  • Antigua

Antigua is one of the top spots for Caribbean deep sea fishing, and you can find both freelance boats and a number of sailing trips designed specifically for wanna-be sport fishermen here.

There's not a lot of variety from island to island as far as fishing goes, therefore anyone wishing to take a Caribbean Fishing vacation will not be limited with destination options.

Prices vary about the same as anything in the islands, so Puerto Rico and Aruba offer some of the cheapest Caribbean deep sea fishing in the region.

Aruba Fishing is the # 1 sport on the island

Aruba Fishing is the # 1 sport on the island

  • Aruba

Aruba Fishing is for those enthusiasts looking for the best saltwater fishing opportunities. There is much variety of fish to catch in the calm waters of Aruba.

The warm waters of the Caribbean offer an array of sailfish like marlin, wahoo, sharks, barracudas, king-fish, bonito, red snapper, grouper, amberjack among others. They all abound near the shores of Aruba.

Caribbean Fishing

A day on the life of a Barbados Fisherman

A day on the life of a Barbados Fisherman

  • Barbados

Year round fishing is to be had on the island of Barbados, but the most ideal conditions exist from January to April. Deep sea fisherman will find plenty of bill fish, while the calmer coastal waters will yield wahoo, barracuda, and other small fish.


The waters around the islands of Bahamas are a favorite of saltwater fly fishermen in search of bone fish.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic  attracts fishermen after sailfish and bonito as well as marlin and wahoo. The best fishing is between January and June

Puerto Rico

Some 30 world records have been set here earning Puerto Rico a reputation as the fishing capital of the Caribbean. Bravo for the Island of Enchantment.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands attract deep sea fisherman in search of tuna, wahoo, and marlin. Little Cayman is well known for its good bone fishing.

The Virgin Islands are champions in fishing

The Virgin Islands are champions in fishing

  • Virgin Islands

Both the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands have a reputation as good deep fishing grounds.

Fisherman from around the world come here to compete in the local tournaments for the largest bluefish, wahoo, swordfish, and shark. Bone fishing is also popular.

The US Virgin Islands have seen world records registered including eight for blue marlin.

The best fishing off St Croix is from September to June when fishermen seek out king-fish, wahoo, swordfish, marlin, and yellow fin tuna.

Dream of your Caribbean Fishing is this sailboat

Dream of your Caribbean Fishing is this sailboat

Use a Professional

In order to enjoy a safe and fruitful day of Caribbean Fishing, it should be done accompanied by professionals in the field, that for a fee will take you to places where you’ll catch your fish and take pictures to show back home.

Licensed shops on most of the islands offer half and full day tours for all budgets. Remember that each island has its own regulations and you should abide by them. I insist on recruiting licensed professionals to help you on your vacation.

Nothing compares to fishing in the Caribbean Waters

Nothing compares to fishing in the Caribbean Waters

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