Caribbean Sailing Vacations
Best Place in the World for Sailing

When it comes to Caribbean Sailing Vacations, there is no better area than the islands on the Eastern Caribbean.

This necklace of gorgeous islands from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands all the way to Trinidad and Tobago on the northern coast of Venezuela.

The calm waters of the Caribbean Sea are the perfect scenario for a most enjoyable sailing.

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands is awesome

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands is awesome

Ideal for Snorkeling

You can sail the area covering short distances and visiting ports unable to be reached on regular Cruise Lines.

The waters are calm on the Caribbean side, the winds are favorable for your trip and you can stop frequently in the variety of Coral Reefs for Diving and Snorkeling.

The idyllic Caribbean beaches that you will find in your sailing vacation are mind boggling, therefore great for Honeymoons when the young, or not so young, couple will find the solitude desired for such occasion.

Caribbean Sailing Vacations

A large Yacht will accommodate the whole family

A large Yacht will accommodate the whole family

Charting a larger boat

On the other hand, a whole family can chart a larger yacht and enjoy the sea, the beaches and all kind of Caribbean Sports together, forming a family bonding not possible to achieve at home, when everyone is running in a different direction.

In one of the yachts that can be chartered in the area you will find all amenities like full crew of sailors and cooks.

You’ll be able to fish your own fish and have it cooked on board or on one of the deserted exotic beaches.

Enjoy your Caribbean Sailing Vacations

Enjoy your Caribbean Sailing Vacations

Recommended for great sailing

Here are a few of the islands recommended for sailing to assure you a pleasant sailing vacation.

Virgin Islands

British or American are ideal for sailing, the waters are calm and the distance between the islands is minimal. Going from one island to another is easy and short.


Together with sister island Barbuda offer exotic beaches and great coves for anchoring.

St Kitts and Nevis

Sail around both islands where the beaches and vegetation will take your breath away.

Sint Maarten

From here you can sail around the island and visit the other half of St Martin or go to the neighboring islands of St Barth Statia and Saba.

Catamaran on the warm waters of the Virgin Islands

Catamaran on the warm waters of the Virgin Islands


From here sail to Marie Galante, Iles des Saintes and to Dominica, famous island for ecotourism.

St Vincent and the Grenadines

From the big island of St Vincent sail to the little ones of Bequia, Mustique, Mayreau, Petit St Vincent the Tobago Cays and others.

St Lucia

Sail around the island visit the capital Castries and sail near the Pitons, symbol of this great country.

Grenada and part of the Grenadines

Offer small passages between the islands ideal for slow and relaxed sailing.

Map of the Eastern Caribbean Islands

Map of the Eastern Caribbean Islands

No matter where the Caribbean Sailing Vacations will take you. One thing is sure you’ll always feel in Paradise.

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small yacht by yacht 411
luxury yacht by elmschrat

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