Caribbean Scuba Diving
Spectacular Coral Reefs

Caribbean Scuba Diving in the best of all sites in the world. The islands are surrounded by awe inspiring coral reefs that are the delight of divers coming from all over the world.

It is difficult to mention which island is the best. It may be The Bahamas with its 700 islands; Roatan, Honduras which is Caribbean best kept secret; or maybe Barbados or St Lucia.

La Parguera Wall in southern Puerto Rico

La Parguera Wall in southern Puerto Rico

The islands are ideal for all kind of Caribbean Sports and especially Caribbean Snorkeling and scuba diving.

They have exotic beaches and in every one of the islands you’ll find the best accommodations ranging from modest guest houses or bed and breakfast to the most Luxury Resorts, many of them are All Inclusive Resorts.

In every island, without exception, you will find shops dedicated to Caribbean Scuba Diving activities offering lessons to beginners and help to the more experienced.

As well as all kind of rental equipment for this sport. In other words, bring your bathing suit and that’s it.

Many come to the Caribbean to get certified by PADI and others to upgrade their qualifications or to become an instructor

Nothing compares to the blue waters of the Caribbean

Nothing compares to the blue waters of the Caribbean

Scuba Diving Caribbean is as diverse as the islands are

The Caribbean Beaches all have turquoise waters that surround them and the great undersea visibility allowing you to spend hours of pure delight while you “float” like if you were flying undersea while enjoying the corals and colorful marine life.

Beware, Diving in the Caribbean can become addictive once you experience it. It is like discovering a whole new world or visiting another planet.

The first time you get your equipment and go down on your own for more time than you can regularly hold your breath is an unforgettable moment.

Let’s explore the most famous Islands for Scuba Diving Caribbean and recommended scuba diving companies.

Caribbean Scuba Diving

Awesome Marine Life on the shores of the Bahamas

Awesome Marine Life on the shores of the Bahamas


Bahamas divers can experience deep sea diving on the many beautiful walls. Sharks are a big draw for divers. See Caribbean Reef tip sharks, nurse sharks, even tiger sharks on the sandy banks.

Colorful reefs teeming with marine life sit in depths of 15-80 feet so divers of all levels enjoy the scuba diving on your Scuba Diving Bahamas vacations.


Barbados is one of the few islands in the Caribbean that can provide 365 days of scuba diving each year. Most of our dive trips go to the west and south coasts of the island, and Barbados Blue at the Hilton Hotel is on the peninsula that separates the two coasts.

We are in the middle of the best dive sites including our backyard house reef the historic Carlisle Bay Marine Park with its six ship wrecks and tens of thousands of colorful reef fish and turtles.

Bay Islands Honduras are part of the Belize Barrier Reef

Bay Islands Honduras are part of the Belize Barrier Reef

Roatan, Bay islands Honduras

Isla Roatan, part of the Belize Barrier Reef, is famous among scuba divers for its big variety of coral, which you can see from only a short boat ride away.

Some of the best-known and most spectacular dive sites are just minutes away.Roatan features scuba diving at its best. Thousand foot walls festooned with deep-water gorgons, coral gardens and barrel sponges, pillar coral, 60 foot deep.

Wall scuba diving at its best in Roatan mini walls clustered with bluebell tunicates, pinnacles overgrown with azure vase sponges, and shy indigo hamlets peering from niches are all aspects of scuba diving in Roatan in the Bay Islands in Honduras.

A short boat ride away, you will find spur canyon configurations, coral gardens, ledges, overhangs, caverns, and vertical fissures.

Miles of reef leave scuba diving in Roatan not so crowded and many areas have yet to be explored by visitors. On any given dive around Roatan, one might see a hawks-bill turtle or spotted eagle ray gracefully gliding by.

Anse Chastanet Resort is the center of all Diving activity in St Lucia

Anse Chastanet Resort the center of Diving activity in St Lucia

St Lucia

St Lucia is in one of the most scenic settings in the Caribbean, with the best snorkeling and scuba diving the Caribbean has to offer.

The picture postcard perfect views of the famous landmark mountains, the twin Pitons, are one of the many compelling reasons why to stay, and dive here.

Situated in the heart of St Lucia's world renowned Soufriere Marine Management Area, Marine Reserve and founded in 1981, Scuba St Lucia has established itself as one of the world's top diving destinations.

Just a mile and a half from the picturesque town of Soufriere on St Lucia’s south western Caribbean shoreline, Scuba St Lucia is part of the Anse Chastanet Resort which is nestled among a 600 acre tropical estate with two soft sand beaches bordering on pristine coral reefs.

Anse Chastanet Reef makes for an amazing dive day or night. Just 10 yards beyond the water's edge, the reefs remarkable ecosystem offers an amazing profusion of unusual tropical marine life in 20’ to 140’ of calm clear water.

In the shallow areas be sure to keep your eyes open for peacock flounders, octopus, needle fish and turtles. Or drop down a little deeper over dense coral growth to see puffers, moray eels, parrot fish, lobsters and even sea horses.

Caribbean Scuba Diving Map

Caribbean Scuba Diving Map

Image Credits:
marine life by dr anthony picciolo

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The resorts images are courtesy of the resorts mentioned.

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