Cayman Brac Diving
A Great Diving Experience

Cayman Brac Diving is very popular among tourists coming from North America and Europe.

Cayman Brac is the second in size of the three Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman Island is the largest and most important. Besides there is Little Cayman.

The Cayman Islands is one of the British Territories located south of Cuba and west of Jamaica on the so called Western Caribbean.

The Beaches of Cayman Brac are spectacular

The Beaches of Cayman Brac are spectacular

The second largest of the three Cayman Islands

Cayman Brac with a population of 1,800 is a laid back island where the real activity is below the water’s surface.

Here lies the only Russian war ship in the western hemisphere, the MV Captain Keith Tibbett that was intentionally sunk in 1996 to create an artificial reef.

Today is a diving reef together with as many as 50 more. One of them is Charlie’s reef on the northern part of the island.

Cayman Brac Diving

Shipwreck of the MV Captain Keith Tibbett

Shipwreck of the MV Captain Keith Tibbett

Many activities besides diving

In addition to world famous Cayman Brac diving, other island activities include Cayman Islands diving, kayaking, Cayman Islands fishing, tennis, beach volleyball, hiking, caving, rock climbing, bird watching and biking.

Add to this on site day spa services, a fitness center, and a gift shop and you’ve got yourself one heck of a holiday.

When dreaming of their trip to the Cayman Islands, most people think of the sprawling white Grand Cayman Beaches, like Seven Mile Beach ignoring that less than 100 miles away there are the two islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman only seven miles apart.

Cayman Airways offers several daily flights from Grand Cayman and lately a weekly direct flight from Miami.

Marvelous corals expect you in Cayman Brac

Marvelous corals expect you in Cayman Brac

Blessed with abundant Marine Life

In general, Grand Cayman Island and Little Cayman, the other two, are blessed with magnificent coral reefs surrounding the islands.

This British Territory located just south of Cuba is a real paradise for all Water Sports in marvelous waters.

Your first stop should be Grand Cayman and from there by ferry or small planes to the other two. This is a visit you will cherish for many years.

For more information Cayman Islands Tourism Website

Map of Cayman Brac one of the three Cayman Islands

Map of Cayman Brac one of the three Cayman Islands

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