Central America Beaches
On the Pacific and the Caribbean

Central America Beaches are located on the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east. They provide lots of fun for visitors and locals alike, besides being surrounded by jungles and many natural wonders and picturesque towns.

Map of Central America

Map of Central America

Central America is the region located in the isthmus that links North America on the north and South America on the south. Its countries from north to south are:

  • Belize
  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama

I am going to summarize the best Central America Beaches in each country and then with more details country by country.

Blue Hole Belize on the Barrier Reef

Blue Hole Belize on the Barrier Reef

Belize is an independent country that was called British Honduras many years ago. Their language is English and their heritage is Mayan, British, Spanish and local dialects. It is located at the southern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, bordering with Guatemala on the west and Mexico on the north. -

  • Ambergris Caye

This is a tropical paradise with lots of palm trees, turquoise waters and also features the second largest coral reef in the world. It is just a 15 minute flight from Belize’s International Airport. It is Belize’s largest island part of Belize Barrier Reef.

  • Belize Barrier Reef

This is Belize’s top tourist attraction, second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. People come from around the world each year to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive in this breathtaking, natural wonderland.

Central America Beaches

Guatemala Beaches are awesome

Guatemala Beaches are awesome

Guatemala Beaches

There are Guatemala beaches on two coasts: the Pacific, and the Caribbean. The beaches of Guatemala are a great choice

  • Monterrico

Located on Guatemala's Pacific Coast, is the most popular Guatemala beach.

  • Puerto San Jose

Not far from Monterrico, it features a beach worth checking out, and the sail fishing off the coast ranks among the world's best.

  • Livingston

A beach reached only by boat from Puerto barrios with a few nearby beaches like Playa Blanca, a locals favorite.

  • Puerto Barrios

From here you may visit other Caribbean beaches like Punta de Manabique, Punta de Palma and Playa Blanca.

Playa Tilapa in Guatemala

Playa Tilapa in Guatemala

  • Playa Tilapa

Playa Tilapa is located right near the Mexican border, and is one of the most remote Guatemala beaches.

  • Champerico

This is a popular vacation spot for Guatemalans, though as with all Guatemala beaches, it's rarely crowded.

  • Iztapa

This is one of Guatemala's most scenic dark sand beaches.

Central America Beaches

El Salvador is the best surfing site in Central America

El Salvador is the best surfing site in Central America

El Salvador Beaches

El Salvador Beaches are located on the Pacific Ocean of Central America. The weather is ideal almost year round and the beaches represent a great getaway for those visiting the country on business on other affairs.

Surfing in El Salvador

It is internationally known that El Salvador is an ideal site for surfers that flock from many countries for its great waves. The prices in this country are less expensive than in many surfing destinations.

  • Barra de Santiago
  • El Cuco Beaches
  • El Espino
  • Playas Negras
  • Las Tunas
  • Tamarindo
  • Playa Las Flores
  • El Tunco

  • Playa El Zonte
  • Playa El Majahual
  • Playa San Diego
  • El Sunzal
  • Costa del Sol
  • San Marcelino
  • Los Blancos

Central America Beaches

West End Beach in Roatan one of the Bay Islands of Honduras

West End Beach in Roatan one of the Bay Islands of Honduras

Honduras Beaches

The main spots as we speak of Honduras Beaches are the three Bay Islands off Honduras northern coast, Isla Roatan, Utila and Guanaja.

Visit our page on Isla Roatan.

  • Tela Bay on the North Coast is the best of the public beaches. It is located in front of the Telamar and Ensenada beach resorts, but the more desolate ones near Sambo Creek and Punta Sal are hard not to like.

  • The Mosquito Coast also called La Mosquitia with hundreds of miles of white sandy beach and not a soul in sight.
  • Playa Negra located in Isla del Tigre on the southern coast of Honduras is a black sand beach
  • Cayos Cochinos is a tiny beach on the northern coast, surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear waters.
  • West End on Guanaja one of the Bay Islands, located on the very end of this the second largest of the group.
  • Water Cay, in the smallest of the Bay Islands, it is considered the best beach on the whole group of islands.

Central America Beaches

San Juan del Sur and its beaches in Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur and its beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Beaches

There are hundreds of Nicaragua Beaches on both coasts of this, the largest Central American country, in the Caribbean with its gorgeous reefs for divers and snorkelers and the Pacific Ocean, with its huge waves for the experienced surfers.

  • San Juan del Sur

This is one of the most popular beaches in Nicaragua for locals and visitors alike. It is located in the Rivas department on the Pacific southwest of the country.

  • Playa La Flor

Located south of San Juan del Sur this is a natural reserve known for the arrival of thousands of Olive Ridley Turtles to lay their eggs.

Playa Majagual in Nicaragua

Playa Majagual in Nicaragua

  • Majagual Beach

Located further south on the Pacific Ocean this beach is an option for those seeking tranquility and privacy.

  • Little Corn Island

It was a British territory for two centuries until it was ceded to Nicaragua in 1894. It is located 60 Km of the Caribbean coast.

  • Playa El Coco

This is an upscale beach, so pretty that it appears in most tourist brochures on Nicaragua.

  • Pearl Cays
  • El Ostional
  • Playa Aserradores
  • Playa Manzanillo
  • Playa la Redonda
  • Playa Ocotal

Central America Beaches

Beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

Beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica Beaches are visited by more than two million tourists from all over the world. For years, North Americans and Europeans have appreciated Costa Rica as an Eco Friendly country and keep visiting year after year.

Costa Rica is a small Central American country located between Nicaragua on the north and the Republic of Panama on the south. It has been called the Switzerland of the Americas.

  • Playa Dominical      
  • Cabo Matapalo      
  • Cahuita
  • Drake Bay      
  • Playa Jaco
  • Playa Mal Pais
  • Manuel Antonio  National Park    
  • Matapalo  

  • Montezuma      
  • Playa Ocotal      
  • Papagayo Gulf      
  • Playa Avellana      
  • Playa Azul      
  • Playa Flamingo      
  • Playa Conchal      
  • Playa Coyote      

Central America Beaches

Beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

Red Frog Beach in Panama Central America

Panama Beaches

The Best Panama Beaches are located on the islands surrounding this Central American country on both oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, meaning the Caribbean Sea. Let us explore a few of them.

San Blas Islands

Located in Panama’s northeastern district of Kuna Yala, it features some of the most pristine beaches in the Americas. Every single island is surrounded by a ring of white powdery sands and the waters a clear turquoise and swaying palm trees.

Some of the islands in this group are

  • Isla Pelicano
  • Dolphin Island
  • Isla Robinson

Bocas del Toro

This Isla Bastimentos National Park is a mix of soft white sands surrounded by a mini jungle and many corals on the undersea world attracting hordes of fish. The place is ideal for snorkeling. The best beaches here are:

  • Red Frog Beach
  • Playa Larga

Las Perlas Archipelago

This group of islands is near Panama City and offers white sand beaches and a great venue for snorkeling in its colorful coral reefs.

Isla Contadora in Panama

Isla Contadora in Panama

Contadora Island

The main island of the group is Isla Contadora, located about 75 Km from Panama City.

Isla Coiba National Park

The beaches of Coiba Island boast dense jungles that reach the sandy beaches. Located on the Gulf of Chiriqui it is the largest island in Central America.

Las Lajas Beach

Located in Chiriqui Province this is 13 Km long beach is ideal for swimming and some body surfing due to the right amount of waves.

Santa Clara Beach and Farallon Beach

These two beaches located about two hours from the Capital of Panama have clear waters and white sands.

Playa Los Destiladores

Located in the Azuero Peninsula are the cleanest and most attractive in the area.

Playa Venado

This is a calm beach ideal for families with small children. Further east the beach offers some waves for the surfers.

Playa de las Estrellas

Meaning Starfish it is located on Colon Island. Starfish are abundant on the clear waters of this beach also called Starfish Point. Island Colon is Bocas del Toro Archipelago’s largest Island.

Boca Brava

It is located in western tip of Panama’s Pacific coast on the Gulf of Chiriqui, near the border with Costa Rica. David is the main city of the area and the base to tour this beach.

Taboga Island

It is a short ferry ride from Panama City on Panama Bay on the Pacific coast. It features a few beaches for those that do not have the time to travel to Bocas del Toro or the Chiriqui Gulf.

Central America Beaches

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