Beaches of Ceuta Spain
On the Coast of Northern Africa

Ceuta Spain is an autonomous city, that together with Melilla Spain are two Spanish territories located in North Africa.

This city of 18.5 sq km or 7.1 sq mi in area lies where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean in front of the Strait of Gibraltar that divides Europe from Africa.


Breathtaking view of the City of Ceuta

A Spanish town across from the Rock of Gibraltar

The population is almost 80,000 people mostly of Moroccans and many Christians and a few Jews and Hindus. The official language is Spanish.

These two territories have been claimed by Morocco through the years, but one referendum after another shows the preference of the inhabitants by an 88% of being ruled by Spain and not Morocco.

Map of Ceuta in North Africa

Map of Ceuta in North Africa

The city is constantly renewing itself by the construction of new tourist facilities promoting the beaches, the sun and the mild weather year round. The enlargement of the port has brought more investments for a city that is looking to the future.

Monte Hacho is a low hill overlooking the City of Ceuta. It has a fortress at the top occupied by the Spanish Army. The city of Ceuta was built on the slopes of the hill.

Since Monte Hacho stands on the shore of the Mediterranean across from the Rock of Gibraltar, it is mentioned on Greek Mythology as being together with Gibraltar the two Pillars of Hercules.

Punta Blanca Beach in Ceuta

Punta Blanca Beach in Ceuta

Ceuta Spain Beaches

• Punta Blanca Beach

This beach is located outside the urban area of Ceuta Spain. You get there via the northern road bordering a beautiful pine forest.

Once on the beach the views are spectacular with a panoramic that covers the beaches of two continents.

This is a 320 meters long beach with a width of 15 meters. The sands are dark and made of gravel with moderate waves and good swimming conditions

• Benzu Beach

It is a 650 meters beach with an average width of 5 meters. This beach is located on the northern tip of the bay near the border with Morocco and on a clear day you may see the Iberian Peninsula.

The beach has some vegetation to provide some shade. The sands are dark made of gravel and the swimming conditions are moderate with some waves.

It offers the services of a lifeguard.

Ceuta Spain

Playa La Ribera near the city of Ceuta

Playa La Ribera near the city of Ceuta

• La Ribera Beach

This one is the beach of center of town and therefore the most crowded. It looks towards the south and is ideal for sunbathing and beach walking. This beach is busy during the day and evenings.

It is a 270 by 40 meters beach with mild waves and white sands. There are water sports shops where the visitor may rent equipment for snorkeling and scuba diving. It also features kiosks for some food and refreshments.

• San Amaro Beach

This beach is located on the north area of Monte Hacho. It is a small cove of gravel sands and calm waters 280 meters long and 6 meters wide. It has no flag rating and no lifeguard, so swim at your own risk. This beach is normally not so crowded.

Calamocarro Beach outside of Ceuta

Calamocarro Beach outside of Ceuta

Ceuta Spain Beaches

• Calamocarro Beach

Also located outside of Ceuta this beach is surrounded by pines and its waters are a deep amazing blue. The waters are transparent and cold.

• El Chorrillo Beach

It is located near the walls of the city facing south. This beach is frequented by a young crowd and being near downtown it becomes crowded sometimes. This 1,200 meters beach has fine white sands and fair waves for swimming.

• Benitez Beach

Located on the northern bay it is crowded most of the time. Located on the Atlantic Coast this 270 by 22 meters beach features concessions for water sport activities.

tropical beaches

El Sarchal Beach is one of the beaches of Ceuta

The Beaches of Ceuta Spain

• El Sarchal Beach

This beach has spectacular cliffs and amazing views towards the Bay of Ceuta Spain and the neighboring Morocco. The sands are thick and grey and a size of 270 by 10 meters.

• El Desnarigado Beach

It is on the south side of Monte Hacho. Its waters are crystal clear. On top is located the fortress bearing this name that is now a military museum.

• Miramar Beach

It is located on the southeastern part of Ceuta Spain and is 275 meter long by 18 meters wide. It is not so crowded with dark sands and moderate waves.

Tramaguera Beach near the border with Morocco

Tramaguera Beach near the border with Morocco

• Tramaguera Beach

This beach is located near the border crossing of Tarajal. During summers it is used to dry fish. The well known bonitos and “volaores” of Ceuta.

There are ferry services from the Spanish coasts to Ceuta Spain. If you have the time a visit is highly recommended.

• El Tarajal Beach

This beach is located near the border crossing bearing the same name that separates Spain from Morocco. It is not crowded and therefore great for a romantic getaway.

For more information visit Spain Tourism Website

ceuta spain

Spectacular View of Ceuta after the sunset

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