Chile Beaches
On a Long Shoreline

Chile Beaches are spread out along a very long coastline. Chile as we know is a long and narrow country in South America bordering Argentina on the east and Bolivia and Peru on the north.

With such a coastline there are many beautiful beaches of all kinds. Here are many beach towns and many bare beaches where the visitor can find the desired solitude far from the noise of the outside world. I am going to mention just the best of them, for the purpose of this article.

The White Sand Beach of Bahia Inglesa in Chile

The White Sand Beach of Bahia Inglesa in Chile

Bahia Inglesa Chile

It means British Bay in English. This beach is located near the Pan de Azucar National Park featuring walking trails and live penguins. This beach and its neighbors La Piscina, White Beach and El Chuncho are covered with miles of white sands surrounded with warm waters of small waves.

Flamenco Beach

It is located in the northern region of the Atacama Desert. In this area the weather is always great for beach-goers. The white sands and clear waters are an invitation for swimming and all kind of water sports. It is also perfect for families with children.


Arica Chile is its northernmost city, featuring good beaches. This is a great beach for swimming and the practice of water sports. From Arica you may visit the Lauca National Park near the Bolivian border.

Viña del Mar the best Beach City in Chile

Viña del Mar the Best Beach City in Chile

Viña del Mar

Vina del Mar Chile is probably the best known of Chile’s beaches. Nut this is not only a beach city. It is recognized for its gardens and many cultural activities. It features many great accommodations, restaurants and bars for the delight of visitors


This beach is located north of the city of Antofagasta. It owes its name “oven” to the high temperatures of the sands. It is divided into to main beaches: Los Hornos and Punta Hornos. In this area you may sight sea tortoises.

Chile Beaches

The Beaches of Valparaiso the Gateway to Chile by Sea

The Beaches of Valparaiso the Gateway to Chile by Sea

Valparaíso Chile

This is Chile's most important sea port not far from the inland capital of Santiago de Chile. It has many beaches that you may enjoy at the same time as the big urban center.

La Virgen

Located in the Atacama Region near Bahia Inglesa, this beach is ideal for families because of its calm turquoise waters and white sands. It features all kind of amenities like toilets, lifeguards and restaurants. What makes this beach special are the fine sand dunes surrounding it, geat for sand boarding and 4x4 vehicles.


This beach is located near the city of Taltal in the Antofagasta Region. It is becoming an important tourist center. This is a large beach covered with white sands and crystal clear waters. While in Cifuncho, enjoy the fresh catches of fish and seafood brought by the area fishermen.

Paradisiacal scenery on Zapallar Beach Chile

Paradisaical scenery on Zapallar Beach Chile


This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chile for its paradisiacal scenery and clean white sand beaches. The beach is surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests.


The beaches of Iquique are ideal for swimming, surfing and all kind of water sports. It has a slight slope towards the sea.

Las Tijeras

This beach is located on an island called Isla Damas and is part of the National Humboldt Penguin Reserve. It is a great beach for scuba divers that will enjoy a great marine system off its coasts. It is known that Chile has the world’s greatest concentration of fish on its waters.

La Serena and Coquimbo

These are two nearby beaches that are becoming very popular among visitors and locals alike. They are great for swimming and windsurfing.

Totoralillo Beach near Coquimbo in Chile

Chile Beaches in Totoralillo near Coquimbo


This beach is located on a small peninsula south of Coquimbo. It is great for relaxation, swimming, fishing, surfing and diving. The area offers restaurants and other facilities.

Playa Blanca

It is located in the Coquimbo area and it is considered one of the most beautiful of that area. It is great for swimming and diving.

For more information visit Chile Tourism Website

Anakena Beach in Easter Island, Chile

Anakena Beach in Easter Island, Chile

Anakena in Chiles’s Easter Island

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean this Polynesian beach is awesome. It has scenery of palms on low hills and moais that create special unforgettable sights. It is located near the town of Hanga Roa, the main settlement on the island, so you may get to the beach by car or motorcycle.

For those visiting the awe inspiring Chile Beaches you have the option of touring with a motor home since in many of the beaches there is enough facilities to camp, refuel and rest.

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