Corsica Beaches
The Finest on the Mediterranean

Corsica beaches are scattered among 1,000 km of glorious coastline. The French Island of Corsica prides itself with more than 200 beaches that are truly some of the best in the world.

The sands are pristine white, the Mediterranean waters together with the Tyrrhenian Sea waters are crystal clear blue and close to all these beaches are the picturesque small towns with an undisputable French flair that we all like so much.

Most of the best of them are found in the northwest corner of the island. Some of the Best French Beaches in the Birthplace of Napoleon are:

Ile Rousse Beach

Ile Rousse Beach offers many amenities for the visitors

• Palombaggia

His is most famous beach in Corsica and has been voted as one of the Best Beaches in Europe. The beach is surrounded by mountains and pine trees.

It is 2 km long with golden sands and shallow waters of a perfect crystal clear blue shade. From the beach you can see a group of uninhabited islets called the archipelago of Cerbicale.

The beach offers lifeguards and many water sports, great for families with children where they are going to find activities for all ages. During summers it may be very crowded.

So, my recommendation is to arrive early and secure your spot on the beach.

• Ostriconi

This beach gets its name from the Ostriconi River that flows into its waters. Corsicans like this beach mainly because it’s isolated and not frequented by crowds of tourists.

It is surrounded by mountains and sea making it access only by foot. Because of this, this one of Corsica beaches is great for those seeking tranquility and peace.

Corsica Beaches

Calvi on the Island of Corsica France

Calvi on the Island of Corsica France

• Calvi Beach

It is located on the Gulf of Calvi. This is a complete beach with all you need for spending a great beach day.

Here you may do some snorkeling, diving, jet skiing and surfing among many others.

These activities are offered to the visitors on several spots along the beach.

The beach may be reached from downtown Calvi and you may parks behind the beach in one of the restaurants parking lots.

• Lotu Beach

Called Plage du Lotu in French, this is a beach taken from a tourist postcard. It is located on the shores of the Agriates Desert on the northwestern coast of the island of Corsica.

The beach offers such clear water that is almost like dipping into a large swimming pool. The sands are white and it seems they dip slowly into the Mediterranean waters.

This beach is “the” place where you want to spend a beach day with some friends, family or maybe search for a secluded corner and elope with your other half.

Plage de Saleccia on the Désert des Agriates on the north

• Plage de Saleccia

As we know plage means beach in French. This is one more beach on the Désert des Agriates on the north coast.

The closest city to this beach is Bastia which is also a ferry port.

The beach is large, little visited and features white sands and azure waters.

It lacks facilities for the visitors and can be accessed by ferry from St Florent of by a heavy vehicle capable of driving in the sand dunes.

Algajola Beach on the French Island of Corsica

Algajola Beach on the French Island of Corsica

A few more Corsica Beaches

• Algajola Beach

This is a big stretch of sands running parallel to the town itself and beyond. Near the village, the waters are shallow but the area is rocky.

On the other end the water is deep and beware of strong currents that may drag you away from the shore. There is a part on this beach frequented by naturists.

• Bodri Beach

This one is located between Algajola and Ile Rousse beaches. The sands are white and the waters a light turquoise. To reach this beach you have to walk at least 500 meters, but it is worth the effort. There are a few little cafes and restaurants in the area.

For more information visit France Tourism Board

Plage du Lotu one of Corsica Beaches
The best place for a Romantic Getaway

• Ile Rousse

This beach is mainly located in the center of town and it’s accessible by train. Besides the white sands and blue waters this beach offers many water sports as well as umbrellas and sun beds for rent.

If you want to avoid the town, head directly to the beach following the sign that says Plage.

• Lozari Beach

This is a large crescent shaped beach close to lama village. It is relaxed and in summers offers water sports.

I hope I gave you an idea of the Corsica Beaches. All of them are worth a visit. Make Corsica a priority when you visit either Italy or France next time.

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