Costa Rica Beaches
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Costa Rica Beaches are visited by more than two million tourists from all over the world. For years, North Americans and Europeans have appreciated Costa Rica as an Eco Friendly country and keep visiting year after year.

Costa Rica Map of Beaches on both oceans

Costa Rica Map of Beaches on both oceans

Costa Rica is a small Central American country located between Nicaragua on the north and the Republic of Panama on the south. It has been called the Switzerland of the Americas. We have visited Costa Rica several times and can say that it is a beautiful country with beautiful people that enjoy life. Pura Vida!!!

Costa Rica has coasts on the Caribbean Sea and on the Pacific Ocean, being most of the beaches on the Pacific side. But Costa Rica is not just swimming and sunbathing. It is great for hiking through its amazing flora and fauna; surfing, scuba diving, cliff diving and deep sea fishing.

Here we are going to concentrate on Costa Rican Beaches. I am going to mention a few of the best.

Costa Rica's Playa Dominical is popular with locals and tourists

Costa Rica's Playa Dominical is popular with locals and tourists

  • Playa Dominical

    This laid back beach town is on the South pacific of Costa Rica. It is surrounded by estuaries, mangroves and marshes. Just getting there is an experience as you approach and see the blue ocean and its cliffs and small coves. It is located south of Puerto Quepos.

  • Cabo Matapalo 

    It is located on the tip Osa Peninsula on the southern part of the Pacific side, south of Puerto Jimenez. It is great for world class windsurfing. The beach is spectacular surrounded by rocks and rain forests.

  • Cahuita

    Cahuita is one of Costa Rica’s Caribbean Beaches, located south of Puerto Limon, the important port of the Caribbean side. The area residents are of Afro-Caribbean origin and it shows in their Creole culture felt everywhere. Once on this side of the country the Limon Province, you may want to visit this little village for a great experience.

Costa Rica Beaches

Drake Bay one of the laid back Costa Rica Beaches

Drake Bay one of the laid back Costa Rica Beaches

  • Drake Bay  

    Drake bay is on the northern side of the Osa Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. This beach is for those seeking relaxation in a rustic environment. But if after a while you feel like having some action, there is the possibility of many water sports in the area, like scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking; besides the land activities like hiking, horseback riding and bird watching.

  • Playa Jaco

    This is the closest beach to the capital of San Jose and therefore one of the most visited Regions in the country. It offers great surfing on an almost three km beach. They have many water sports, as well as restaurants and affordable hotels.

  • Playa Mal Pais

    This tranquil beach is located in the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific on the Region of Puntarenas. Its neighbor Santa Teresa offers attractions like boat tours for watching dolphins and manta ray. The waters in the area are ecologically protected. This site is the ideal one for stringing up a hammock and relax under the shade of the trees.

Costa Rica beaches of Manuel Antonio Park

Costa Rica beaches of Manuel Antonio Park

  • Manuel Antonio National Park  

    Located on the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is a national park featuring amazing views of nature and beautiful beaches.

    There is plenty of accommodation on the area surrounded by sandy beaches and blue crystal waters. A sunset as the sun sinks into the Pacific in Manuel Antonio is and unforgettable experience.

Matapalo Beach on Costa Rica Central Pacific Region

Matapalo Beach on Costa Rica Central Pacific Region

  • Matapalo     

    This is different than any tourist destination. Matapalo is located on the Central Pacific region. If you want to relax and get away from large crowds, this is the place to enjoy a sunset on scenic beaches surrounded by palms, coconut and mango trees.

  • Montezuma  

    Montezuma, located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the southwest is a bohemian town, favorite among young people, surfers. Here the beaches mix with mangroves, estuaries and tropical forests.

Pacific Sunset seen from Papagayo Gulf

Sunset at the Costa Rica Beaches of  Papagayo Gulf

  • Papagayo Gulf

    Guanacaste region is home to Costa Rica’s best luxury resort and most beautiful beaches. The beauty of this area has attracted many developers for all inclusive resort complexes.

  • Playa Avellana   

    Also located in Guanacaste this beach boasts extraordinary waves as high as 18 feet. Surfers from all over the world flock to Avellana for great surfing. Locals call this beach “Little Hawaii”. At the same time the beach is secluded and has white sands inviting swimmers and sunbathers.

Playa Ocotal on Costa Rica Pacific Region

Playa Ocotal on Costa Rica Pacific Region

  • Playa Ocotal    

    Playa Ocotal is one of Guanacaste beaches on the northwest Pacific area is for those enjoying good swimming, snorkeling and plain sunbathing. Just offshore is Catalina Island. In nearby Playa del Coco you’ll find an array of restaurants and many nightlife options.
  • Playa Azul   

    This is a remote Guanacaste beach with dark cobalt blue sand and dark blue sea. This is a real off the beaten path beach that has recently been opened for tourists. It’s a real paradise.

For more information visit Costa Rica Tourism Website

Playa Flamingo in the Guanacaste Peninsula Costa Rica

Playa Flamingo in the Guanacaste Peninsula Costa Rica

  • Playa Flamingo 

    Playa Flaming is also known as Playa Blanca. It is located in Guanacaste. This is an incredibly beautiful beach it has evolved into one of the country’s most exclusive areas. It is home to the country’s largest marina for private yachts and recommended for Deep Sea fishing.

  • Playa Conchal  

    Also located in far Guanacaste region this beach features crushed shells sands. Surrounded by crystal clear waters that make the idyllic scenery for swimming, snorkeling and enjoy the tropical fish.

  • Playa Coyote

    Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, this beach is in the form of a horseshoe with powdery sands and fringed with tall coconut palms. It’s considered one of Costa Rica’s best beaches

Costa Rica Beaches compare with the best beaches in Mexico, Brazil and the South Pacific.

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