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Costa Verde Spain is one of the “Costas” on the north of Spain stretching from Bilbao west all the way to the Portuguese Border. It is on the Atlantic coast and begins in the Basque Country passing through Asturias and Galicia.

The beaches of Costa Verde are totally different from the coasts of the south like Costa del Sol Beaches in Andalusia. In summer, when in the south can be unbearably hot, in the north of Spain the weather is much milder.

Berria Beach near Santander on Spain's northern coast

Berria Beach near Santander on Spain's northern coast

Costa Verde Spain or “Green Coast” offers some spectacular views with laid back beaches on marvelous settings.

Washed by the waters of the Cantabrian Sea and of Biscayne Bay, the beaches are mostly of soft golden sands and needless to say that the waters are clear and cool.

The beaches are not so crowded and are in general well kept with many. We are going to mention the most known beaches of Costa Verde Spain.

We are going to divide them by areas, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

Beautiful long beach El Jardinero on the Region of Cantabria

Beautiful long beach El Jardinero on the Costa Verde Spain

Cantabria Beaches

Those are the beaches surrounding or near Santander the beautiful and big city of the north of Spain.

  • Berria beach

This golden sands beach attracts a many surfers. This 2.5 km beach is near Santander, the great city of the north of Spain. It is a quiet beach and the Cantabrian waters are crystal clear and cool.

  • El Sardinero Beach

These are two beaches Primera “first” and Segunda “second” they are divided by a park called Jardines de Piquio with beautiful tamarind trees.

  • Comillas Beach

This is originally a fishing village, but now it is a full beach resort with many restaurants offering the best seafood just arriving from the Bay of Biscayne. The beach is great for sailing, surfing, diving and off course, swimming and sun tanning.

Costa Verde Spain

Langre Beach in the region of Cantabria Spain

Langre Beach in the region of Cantabria Spain

  • Langre Beach

This beach is so perfect that you won’t believe that you are not in paradise. It takes some steps to go down to the beach. It is a beach without facilities, so com prepared.

  • Los Locos Beach

The Crazy Ones Beach is ideal for surfers in great waves. It is a half hour drive from Santander. There is a surf school for beginners in the area.

  • Valdearenas Beach

This beach is 3 km long by 50 meters wide and it is considered a secluded beach. It has idyllic settings.

For more information go to Costa Verde Tourism

Magdalena Beach once the beach of the Royal Family of Spain

Magdalena Beach once the beach of the Royal Family of Spain

  • Magdalena Beach

It was once the Royal Family’s nearest beach. It is a busy urban beach of Santander where locals play “palas” on the wonderful stretch of sand.

  • Mataleñas Beach

This small beach is the perfect setting for a Family Beach Day. Children can play building sand castles.

Oriñon Beach in the Cantabrian Sea

Oriñon Beach in the Cantabrian Sea

  • Oriñón Beach

This is a beach enclosed between cliffs in the form of a horseshoe. It is known to be very good for snorkeling and enjoying the marine life of the Cantabrian Sea.

  • Somo Beach

I call it the beach of the three area, on on the left is great for kite surfing, the center for swimming and the right side for surfing. This is a beach for everybody. You may get there by car or by boat from Santander Bay.

Rodiles Beach in Asturias is a delight for tourists and locals alike

Rodiles Beach in Asturias is of the Costa Verde Spain beaches

Asturias Beaches

The Autonomous Region of Asturias also called the “Principality of Asturias” has more than 200 beaches; most of them unspoiled and in a natural state as nature made them. The tides are very different during some hours of the day. For some people it won’t make a difference but for surfing, diving and other sports it may be “yes or no”.

  • Playa de Rodiles

A one km long beach with dark beige sands, a setting for pure delight of visitors. It has a pine forest in the background providing enough shade during the hot summer months. It features some amenities for beach goers.

Guadamia Beach in the Costa Verde Spain

Guadamia Beach in the Costa Verde Spain

  • Guadamia Beach

This beach is surrounded by rocks and cliffs, so at any given moment when the sea is rough you may feel the sound of the waves as they hit the rocks. The beach is popular with surfers and just people like you and me enjoying a good swim and sun tan.

  • San Antonio Beach

Near the “Picos de Europa” snowy mountains this intimate beach has fine sands and cliffs surrounding it. The tides vary according to the time of day. You may enjoy this beach at any time.

Gulpiyuri Beach in Asturias is a Wonder of Mother Nature

Gulpiyuri Beach in Asturias is a Wonder of Mother Nature

  • Gulpiyuri Natural Beach

This beach is not at the sea. You may say how come?  This is an inland beach near the mountains with tunnels carved by Mother Nature that bring salt water to its shores. It is sandy and the waters, of course, very quiet and no waves at all. It is accessed from Naves village and although is not signposted, is not too difficult to find.

  • Torimbia Beach

It is a clothing optional beach making it a mix of both nudist and regular. You have to park up the mountain and go down to a secluded beach.

  • El Borizo Beach

This is a great beach surrounded by a few villages with mountains as a backdrop. They feature places to eat and drink.  Playa del Borizo is located between Barro and Celorio villages.

Sablon Beach near the town of Llanes in Asturias

Sablon Beach near the town of Llanes Costa Verde Spain

  • Sablon Beach

This is an urban beach near the medieval town of Llanes. It is a picturesque and cozy beach for families with children, because its easy swim and many facilities.

  • Cobijeru Beach

This is a secluded cove with caves and cliffs considered to be a national monument. The trick for this beach is coming at midday, because when the tides are too low, the waters recede too far and when the tides are high it floods almost all the sand spaces.

  • La Franca Beach

It is located close to the border with Cantabria. This is a beach ideal for families with many facilities. This beach is perfect for long walks from there to other nearby beazches.

  • Regolgueru Beach

Either going down a steep set of stairs or walking from nearby La Franca Beach, this beach is worth a visit. It is near the village of Pimiango.

Playa de San Mariño is an idyllic beach in Galicia Spain

Playa de San Mariño is an idyllic beach in Galicia Spain

Galicia Beaches

The general public thinks of the Spanish beaches as those in the Mediterranean and many are unaware of the majestic beaches of the north. Now, on our tour to the west we reach the Galician Beaches north of the border with Portugal. The beaches may be quiet and rough depending where you go.

  • Cies Islands

Only a short boat ride from Baiona, these islands are accessible only during the summer months. These exotic beaches are gorgeous, but beware, the waters are cold.

Playa de As Catedrais in Galicia Spain with its rock formations

Playa de As Catedrais in Galicia Spain with its rock formations

Here are a few more of Galicia Beaches:
  • Playa de San Martiño
  • Ensenada de Esteiro
  • Playa de As Catedrais
  • Playa de Rodas
  • Playa de Carnota
  • Playas de Melide y Barra-
  • The Morrazo
  • Playa de Vilarrube
  • Playas de Ladrido y Morou
  • Morouzo Beach
  • Playa en la-isla de Ons
  • Playa en Castro de Baroña
  • Playa de Esteiro y Estaca
  • Playa de Rodas Illas Cíes
  • Playa de San Roman
  • Praia de Campelo Valdoviño

Now you know that the Spanish Beaches are not only those on the Mediterranean, the Costa Brava in the north there are wonderful beaches on Costa Verde Spain for all tastes and all kind of people.

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