Crete Beaches
The Largest Greek Island

Crete Beaches are all scattered around the shores of the largest Greek Island. Crete is located far south into the Mediterranean close to the shores of North Africa.

Crete weather is mild and fantastic all year round with little rain. The beaches are frequented by all Greeks and Europeans alike on their vacations, as well as many visitors on cruises that stop on the Island.


Falasarna Beach in the Northwest of Crete

Here a few of the Best Crete Beaches

Falasarna Beach

People come here for the beach. It is known for having some of most clean waters of Greece. The only drawback is that it could be very windy at times.

It is peaceful beach and offers very little to do but walk and enjoy the wild beauty of this site. The beach is wide and sandy with just a few Tavernas.

On the hills behind the beach you may encounter the ruins of the ancient city and harbor of Falasarna.

Falasarna is located on northwest part of Crete. This is a quiet area and visited by fewer tourists. This is an advantage if you are looking for solitude.

Elafonisi Beach on the Island of Crete Greece

Elafonisi Beach on the Island of Crete Greece

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach also called Elafonisos is located on the far west coast of Crete. The beach is part of a tropical lagoon. The sands are in a pinkish color and the water is crystal clear.

Don't be discouraged by the distance of travel to the west of Crete. It is a pristine beach. They have a few snack bars.

Crete Beaches

Crete Beaches

Preveli on the south is considered one of the Best Crete Beaches

Crete Beaches

Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach is on the south coast and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete. It is not easy getting there because of the steep walk down to the beach. You may also take a boat from Plakias or Agia Galini.

Once there, this palm fringed small beach is a delight. It is secluded, amazing and very romantic.

This beach is located just a few Km from the monastery bearing the same name, about 43 Km from the town of Rethymno. Many tourists combine a day beach with a visit to the monastery.

Frangokastello Beach on the south coast of Crete Island

Frangokastello Beach on the south coast of Crete Island


It is also spelled Frangocastello and it is located in the area of Skafia on the south coast of Crete, facing the Mediterranean. It is 13 Km east of Chora Skafion and west of Plakias. It is on the eastern side of the Island.

Some come here to visit the immense fortress, but mostly to enjoy the long stretches of sandy beach. The water as all around Crete is crystalline. If you like snorkeling, this is the place to be.

Frangokastello is a small village with a few houses and very few rooms or apartments for rent to tourists. It lies down the shadow of the eastern range of mountains called the White Mountains. The landscape is spectacular.

Georgioupoli Beach on the Greek Island of Crete

Georgioupoli Beach on the Greek Island of Crete


Georgioupoli is located on the north coast between Rethymno and Chania. Here you may combine visiting these two amazing towns with your beach days. You may also want to visit the fishing village of Georgioupoli.

The beach is many miles long and is very popular with local families of both towns. The beach offers some deserted spots for those that prefer some privacy. Besides swimming and sunbathing there are many water sports, beach bars with refreshments and meals.

Erimoupolis Beach

This beach is located in Lasithi near Sitia. It is a small beach of pebbles with great water and very secluded. During weekdays it may be there for you alone, but on weekends mainly on summer it could be very crowded.

The nearest restaurant is about ten minute’s drive, so make sure you bring your own drinking water and food. You may park at the ancient site of Itanos. It is just a five minute walk to the beach.

agia galini

Agia Galini Beach on the south coast of Crete

More Crete Beaches

Agia Galini Beach

Agia Galini Beach is located in southern Crete in the area of Rethymno near Faistos. This not a sandy beach, so if you don’t like to walk on pebbles or small rocks this beach may not be for you.

But it has many qualities to assure you a nice beach day. It is a friendly harbor village that can be reached by car or bus, about one hour from Heraklion Crete. You can have a nice swim and try many of the water sports offered.

It offers many types of restaurants and Tavernas where you feel Crete History and its real culture, lifestyle and coziness. This area is also used as a base to explore the wonderful south with many Greek sites and villages.

Makrigialos Beach

It is located on the south coast of Crete, in Lasithi. The beach has large pebbles, and the water is fine. The seabed is covered with sand making it very comfortable to walk. There are a number of bars and restaurants on the beach.

For more information visit Greece Tourism Website

Plakias Beach

Plakias Beach is a crescent form beach with a small harbor

Plakias Beach

Plakias Beach is near Preveli Beach. It is a lovely beach that can be crowded at times due to the growths of the resort.It is located on southern Crete about a 30 minutes’ drive from Rethymnon.

It is a large crescent shaped beach and a small harborThere are many small hotels, apartments and Tavernas to meet the needs of the visitors during summers. There also many shops and supermarkets, so you won’t miss anything.


It is located on the Akrotiri Peninsula about 14 Km from Chania or Hania. Stavros claim to fame is because of the scenes of the movie “Zorba the Greek” that were filmed here.

Since it is out of the way this lovely beach is not so frequented like all other north coast beaches. Stavros is on a beautiful bay and the beach is great for swimming and sunbathing.So those are a few of the best Crete Beaches.

Stavros Beach

Stavros Beach in Crete is where the film Zorba the Greek was filmed

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plakias by olaf tausch
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elafonissos by gerd a.t. muller
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