Croatia Nudist Beaches
Some of the Most Beautiful in the Mediterranean

Croatia nudist beaches are renowned for being some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Most of them are not nude the whole area, but some secluded corners and coves where people feel more comfortable with their style of living.

Bunculuka Beach Croatia

Bunculuka Beach

This beach is a naturist camp located on the island of Krk near Baska. It is a modern beach with a shop and a famous restaurant where you can enjoy various delicacies. The camp has a selection of entertainment facilities to enjoy the time you spend on the beach.

Behind the beautiful sandy beach there is a pine tree forest that provides shade during the hot days. Be sure to visit the restaurant located in the camp and savor various delicacies of this region. The beach features public toilets, showers, changing rooms and more facilities, such as Croatia Scuba Diving.

Mekicevica Beach Croatia

Mekicevica Beach

Located on the Island of Hvar it can be reached by boat from the port of Hvar or walking along the coast line from Pokonji dol. These are two pebble beaches, part of them for the nudist visitors.

Crvena Luka Beach Croatia

Crvena Luka Beach

It is located 5 km south of Biograd na Moru, surrounded by pine trees. It can be reached by road and has plenty parking for your cars.

This sandy beach of Crvena Luka was declared one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. In the bay there are a few hotels, but you may access the beach freely. On the beach they have many amenities for rent.

Croatia Nudist Beaches

Kazela Beach Croatia

Kazela Beach

This camping Arena is located on an idyllic region of the Istria Peninsula. It offers campers so many facilities, that it became famous many years ago.

The beach is 2 km long and is partly a nude beach with areas allocated for this group of people.

This is a large campsite with some of the most spacious lots in the area. Children may take advantage of the water parks on the sea front.

Podvrske Beach Croatia

Podvrske Beach

This beach is located on the Island of Murter, near the town bearing the same name. Located only 2 km from downtown, you may reach the beach by foot or by car.

This beach is ideal for families with children but also for those who seek peace and relaxation without crowds or much additional content.

Sovinje Beach Croatia

Sovinje Beach

Located on the island of Pasman, this naturist camp is near the center of Tkon, one of the two largest town on the Island of Pasman, belonging to the county of Zadar.

This campsite accommodates about 200 guests and features two sandy beaches all available to them. There are many activities inside the camp and many sports equipment.

Sabunike Beach Croatia

Sabunike Beach

Located at Nin near Zadar, this is a little quiet attractive tourist destination suitable for families with small children. They are attractive because of the many shallow bays and sandy beaches.

This one of Croatia Nudist Beaches has been called "Queen's Beach". It is located at the foot of a hill which spreads a beautiful view of the beaches, Nin and Velebit.


Sahara Beach Croatia

Sahara Beach

On the island of Rab, walk 30 minutes from Rajska Plaža to get to Sahara, a gorgeous sandy beach. It is the most famous naturist beach in Lopar. It is not far, yet it is far enough should you desire a little bit of peace and quiet on your vacation.

Note that there is no facilities of any kind on this beach, so you better bring your own picnic or at least some drinking water.


Strasko Beach Croatia

Strasko Beach

Located on the island of Pag this is one of the most beautiful of Croatia Nudist Beaches.

The beach is very easy to reach, if you go with a car there is parking nearby. The beach has a natural shade thanks to oak and pine trees, so you can hide from the sun.

There are many sports and recreational facilities available to guests, such as beach volleyball, aqua park, jet-ski rental, paddling; all of which makes your vacation more fun.

For more information visit Croatia Tourism Official Website

all images are courtesy of wikimedia commons

Map of Croatia Coast and the Islands

Map of Croatia Coast and the Islands

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