Cyprus Diving
On Crystal Clear Mediterranean Waters

Being blessed by the waters of eastern Mediterranean Cyprus Diving is a great sport loved by thousands of visitors that arrive to the island looking for clear turquoise waters and abundance of marine life around its coast.

Cyprus Diving

A map showing the important Cyprus Diving Sites

I will mention some of the dive sites by regions the regions of Cyprus Island. Cyprus Beaches are among the best in the Mediterranean with clear blue waters and fine sands.

Ayia Napa and Protaras dive sites

• Green Bay is not so deep so it’s ideal for beginners for a shallow dive

• Paramount has two reefs parallel to the shore with a depth of about 10 meter

• Konnos Point with a depth reaching up to 40 meters is one of the most popular sites in the area

• Chapel Bay has depth from 9 to 12 meters. It has a great variety of marine life and sometimes even some turtles.

Cyprus Diving

Crypus' Marine Life is awe inspiring

Cyprus' Marine Life is awe inspiring

• Crows Reef is reached by boat and offers an easy dive

• Amphora Bay has some remains of amphora’s stone anchors. Please remember do not touch or take anything from the sea. It is an offense

• Agia Thekla is probably the most beautiful site and a treasure hunter paradise

• Sunfish Reef is a site for experienced divers only. Its depth ranges 28 to 40 meters

• Kastelatsos Reef, Shallow Reef, Red Cliff and Telonis Reef are all enjoyable diving sites with lots of action.

Ayia Napa

Cyprus Diving in some of the coves and caves of Ayia Napa

Larnaca Beaches dive sites

• HMS Cricket is a World War I river gun boat that sank here in 1947 and lies in 30 meters deep waters

• Zenobia Ferry was a Swedish Ferry that sank on her maiden voyage in 1980. She now hosts many species of fish. Many divers have reported seeing schools of amberjack, grouper and barracuda

• Helicopter Wreck is the wreck of a British Helicopter deep into the waters and kept in very good condition

• Fraggle is the wreck of an industrial freighter carrying huge rocks, lying 16 meters deep and featuring lots of fish

• Octopus Reef features octopus, eagle ray and turtles

• Sheep Dip is a scenic dive with sponges, octopus and small fish. It has a few natural caves on a maximum depth of 12 meters

Scuba diving in the shallow waters of Akrotiri Cyprus

Scuba diving in the shallow waters of Akrotiri Cyprus

Limassol dive sites

• The Akrotiri Fish Reserve is a shallow dive that is suitable for all levels of experience. There are octopus, groupers, moray eels and bass

• Tombs dive is close to the shore. You’ll find a series of manmade caves resembling ancient tombs. It is full lots of marine life

• Archways and Pinnacles is a 21 meters deep dive site with abundance of marine life

• Twin Rocks is a dive site with two large rocks protruding out of the water from a depth of 21 meters. A blow hole can be found on the eastern rock and caves with lots of marine life

• Sharks Cove. The name may scare you, but no sharks have been sighted here. It is an amazing cove on the Akrotiri Peninsula with submerged tunnels

• Big Country is a site with many caverns and large boulders some about 12 meters high featuring grouper, moray, octopus and damsel fish.

Akrotiri Fish Reserve

The Akrotiri Fish Reserve is an important site of Cyprus Diving

Paphos Beaches diving sites

• Wreck of the Verak was a Lebanese freighter that was blown up in 1974. Many parts of the ship are still intact and submerged more than 10 meters. It is home to a few species of marine life

• Wreck of the Achilleas was a Greek vessel which exploded and sank in 1975. Divers enjoy the visit to many sections of the ship

• The Valley is located about 15 minutes from the harbor. You’ll find plenty of marine life and many holes in the walls with cardinal and slipper lobster

• Hundred Foot Reef has a few caverns to explore with lots of visibility and small holes and small fish

• The Shoals Site is an isolated area about 3 km from shore. It has interesting rock formations with many craters. In summary it is a very pretty site with plenty marine life.

For more information visit Cyprus Tourism Website

cyprus diving

The abundance of marine life in Cyprus Diving is awe inspiring

There many more dive site in the area of Paphos worth exploring. They are:

• Big Steps
• Bream Bay
• Pilot Reef
• Nikonas Reef
• Anzac
• Amphorae Caves
• Minerva Reef
• Lisa’s Drop

• Monty’s Reef
• Anchor Reef
• The valley of caves
• Green gullies
• Cameroons
• Grouper holes
• Bubbles

Cyprus Diving is the best Mediterranean diving, an adventure you will keep with you for years.

wreck of the Zenobia

This is the famous wreck of the Zenobia, a Swedish Ship

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The resorts images are courtesy of the resorts mentioned.

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