Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and Snorkeling while on a tropical island surrounded by idyllic marine life is a dream come true. In many of these islands you’ll find coral reefs full of marine life of all types, depending on your locations.

Divers constantly search for new places. I have mentioned many places on my Caribbean Beaches site and specifically Red Sea Scuba diving on this site.

Blue Hole Belize is a once in a lifetime scuba experience

Blue Hole Belize is a once in a lifetime scuba experience

Out of hundreds of scuba diving spots
We are going to mention the most famous of them

  • The Blue Hole Belize

Located in the Central American country of Belize, it is one of the most famous dive sites in the world. Belize Barrier Reef is second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The Blue Hole was brought to fame by the legendary Jacques Cousteau who designated it as one of the Top Ten Scuba Diving spots in the world. In these blue waters you may encounter many types of reef sharks as well as the bull shark and hammerheads.

  • Thailand Scuba Diving

Thailand has a number of famous dive sites located on Phuket Beaches and the famous islands Ko Tao, Similan Islands, and the Surin Islands. The whole Kingdom of Thailand is a paradise for divers and you can learn to dive inexpensively in many places. Needless to say, that those that are expert divers will enjoy any single island or beach of this country.

Marine Life in front of your eyes on a Scuba Diving Adventure

Marine Life in front of your eyes on a Scuba Diving Adventure

Scuba Diving Vacations

  • Gili Islands Indonesia Scuba Diving

The Gili Islands in Indonesia not far from famous Bali is becoming more and more famous and divers are flocking to these beaches in great numbers. The islands provide a great reef system better preserved by local lowas than in other places. Beside, Indonesia is still inexpensive as compared to many of its competitors.

  • Sipadan Malaysia Scuba Diving

Sipadan Malaysia is possibly one of the best five dive sites in the world. The place is teeming with life. There are many cave systems with sharks dolphins, turtles, and schools of fish. The volume of marine life is spectacular so your senses will explode with colors and sights not seen everywhere.

  • Great Barrier Reef Scuba Diving

The Great Barrier Reef Australia is perhaps one of the most renowned places in the planet. It can be seen from space. It is by far the world’s longest reef and has all the tropical marine life that one can imagine. No visit to Australia is complete without a visit to this natural wonder of the world.

Diving and Snorkeling

Colorful Coral Reefs on the Hawaiian Islands

Colorful Coral Reefs on the Hawaiian Islands

Diving and Snorkeling

  • Hawaii Scuba Diving

The Islands of Hawaii are surrounded by great reefs and wildlife. If you are not an expert diver you may do it as a beginner in any of the state’s diving spots. The United States has secured the northern part of the Islands of its 50th State into the largest marine reserve in the United States, ensuring great diving for years to come.

  • Micronesia Scuba Diving

Micronesia are tropical islands and that said you will understand that they are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. One diving site called the Blue Wall makes Micronesia one of the top Scuba Diving vacations destination in the South Pacific. The islands are inexpensive so it compensates with the long trip to reach them.

  • Boracay Scuba Diving

Boracay is located in the Philippines in the tropics. This is a real diving paradise. It is surrounded by abundant reef systems. This is a perfect combination of great diving sites and exotic beautiful beaches to relax once you are done with the deeps of the ocean.

The Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha

The Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha

  • Fernando de Noronha Scuba Diving

These islands are located on the Atlantic Ocean off the Eastern coast of Brazil. In recent years it was discovered by divers and they are starting to come in large numbers. Here you may swim with turtles, dolphins and many more species. Because the blue waters and the exuberant marine life it has become the best diving spot in South America and perhaps one of the best in the world.

  • Red Sea Scuba Diving

The Red Sea is shared by Israel, Jordan and Egypt among others. The reefs are stunning with a great diversity of life. In Israel you may go diving in the southern city of Eilat Israel. In Jordan you may dive in the port and beautiful city of Aqaba and in Egypt the choice is much larger due to its long coast on the Sinai Peninsula that starts ar the border with Israel and stretches all the way south to Sharm El Sheikh. It is in Sharm where the diving is the best.

Aerial view of Australia's Great barrier Reef the world's largest

Australia's Great Barrier Reef the world's largest

A few more great diving and snorkeling spots

  • The Yongala, Australia - The Yongala is a shipwreck off the coast of Queensland. Full of life you may see manta rays, sea snakes, octopuses, turtles, bull sharks, tiger sharks, clouds of fish and spectacular coral.

  • Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia - An upwelling means this splendid wall dive is favored by pelagic.

  • Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island - Wall of coral where sharks come cruising by and barracuda surround you.

  • Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea - These are big wrecks whose cargo includes motor bikes, train carriages and trucks.

  • Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea - Three dives in one: anemone city, shark reef with its spectacular drop off and the wreck of the Yolanda.

  • Navy Pier, Western Australia - Extending 300 m from the shore, packed with marine life.

  • Big Brother, Egyptian Red Sea - The Brothers, or El Akhawein, are two small islands in the middle of the Red Sea.

  • Manta Ray Night Dive, Kailua Kona, Hawaii -Underwater lights placed on the ocean floor attract plankton, which in turn attract the huge manta rays of Kona Hawaii.

  • Richelieu Rock, Thailand – This is a horseshoe of rocky pinnacles, famous for whale shark sightings but also great for big schools of pelagic fish.

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