Diving in Malta
A Lifetime Experience

Diving in Malta in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean is any divers dream. The abundance of reefs wrecks and caves make diving on Malta Beaches an unforgettable experience.

The same applies to veterans and beginners to the world of Scuba Diving. The quiet and calm waters with depths that go from shallow and reach more than 50 meters, create the ideal conditions for a great diving trip.

Dive Sites on the Islands of Malta Gozo and Comino

Dive Sites on the Islands of Malta Gozo and Comino

Malta has been named the # 1 Diving site in Europe

As we all know Malta is composed of three islands, Malta Island, Gozo Island and Comino a tiny Island between them. There are diving sites and diving centers in all three. All schools require proper documents and certifications before diving. Some can be acquired on site.

It is always recommended to check with the diving center as to where it is best to dive, depending on weather conditions and experience.  Diving in Malta only compares with Caribbean Scuba Diving, Croatia Diving and Cyprus Diving. Here are the best Diving Sites in Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Blue Hole in Gozo is a must among Malta Dive Sites

Blue Hole in Gozo is a must among Malta Dive Sites

  • Blue Hole in Gozo

Located in Dwerja, this is one of Europe’s best diving sites, located beneath the picturesque “Azure Window”.

With depths of up to 55 meters it welcomes the diver with a great variety of fish and marine life with and unsurpassed visibility. Going down to the two underwater caves, is by itself an experience with spectacular light reflections.

Diving in Malta

Um El Faroud

Located near Qrendi, this wreck dates to 1998. It was an oil tanker that exploded in Malta Dockyards in 1995, and has attracted a fabulous marine life with shoals and barracudas being a common sight.

Madonna and the Arch

Located in Cirkewwa, in northern Malta, this wall will lead us to an underwater arch which was created by a collapse of a cavern at 18 meter deep. You may also see the Madonna Statue at the

The original formation of Two Arches in Marsalfom Malta

The original formation of Two Arches in Marsalfom Malta

  • Double Arch

Located in Marsalforn, with a depth of 40 meters, this site is for experience divers only with Advance Open Water PADI certification.

After a 10 minute surface swim the divers descend to 30 meters deep and will encounter two arches on top of each other.  After going through follow the reef to find big shoals and barracudas, amber-jacks and groupers on a multilevel dive with an amazing marine life and natural formations.

  • The P-29

Located in Cirkewwa it is a former patrol boat used by Maltese Armed Forces scuttled in 2007, forming an artificial reef with a growing marine life and fish presence.

Measuring 51 meters long, it offers easy access to engine room and other parts of the boat.  Sting rays can be sighted in the vicinity too.

  • Karwela

A recently scuttled wreck, the Karwela measures around 50 meters long, this is a dive sheltered from the strong north westerly winds that hit Malta. After a short surface swim, we’ll descend to the wreck which has various possible safe penetration points. Due to its depth, one has to keep an eye on the bottom time as deco adds up quickly.

Diving in Malta

Santa Marija Caves

This site on the tiny Comino Island offers a maze of caves and an abundant marine life.

We start with the most easterly cave and keep discovering the adjacent interconnecting ones.

Anchor Bay

It is an easy dive with excellent photography opportunities; visit an underwater cave 10 meters deep where we can surface inside and enjoy the dome shaped ceiling.

It is located in Mellieha

Statue of Christ on the site of the Imperial Eagle

Statue of Christ on the site of the Imperial Eagle

  • Imperial Eagle

The Imperial Eagle served as a ferry between Malta and Gozo until it was scuttled in 1999. It measures 45 meters long and is located in Qawra.

From a depth of 20 meters the statue of Christ becomes clear which was blessed by Pope John Paul in 1990 and placed on the seabed to protect the fishermen of Malta

  • Middle Finger

Located in Ghajnsielem is an underwater pinnacle that raises from a depth of 40 to 12 meters. It features lobsters, octopus and morray eels.

  • Wied Iz Zurrieq

Located in Zurrieq, is the site for beginners and experience divers as well. It is a long wall with many species of fish.

  • Rozi

This is one is located in Cirkewwa, is a 40 meters tugboat scuttled in 1992. Here the diver finds one of the best visibilities in the islands of Malta, 35 meters deep.

Diving in Malta

Ghar Lapsi is a long shallow site

Ghar Lapsi is a long shallow site

  • Ghar Lapsi

It is a long shallow site. Beginners may enjoy many small fish around the big boulders. It has many entry and exit points and the sun coming in from various points. It is located in Siggiewi

  • Inland Sea

This one is located in Dwejra on the island of Gozo. This dive starts in the Inland sea behind the Azure Window and will lead us to an 80 meters underwater tunnel with maximum depths of 22 meters.

  • St Micheal

Located in M’Skala, it is sheltered from the North-westerly winds. These are two sunken tugboats. This site is ideal for beginners for being very shallow.

  • Lantern Point

Located in Comino Island, it starts with a tunnel going from 5 to 18 meters in depth. Here the divers will find various large boulders with abundance of marine life like groupers, moray eels and lobster.  It is located on the channel between Malta and Comino. 

For more information visit Malta Tourism Website

Diving in Malta is an unforgettable experience

Diving in Malta is an unforgettable experience

Diving Centers in Malta

Like in any other water sports, the success of an adventure depends highly on the instructors that will lead you from beginning to end.

There are many diving centers in Malta with all the accreditation necessary for a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

  • Paradise Diving

Malta's best located diving center, located in Cirkewwa, Malta's premier diving site.

  • Bezz Diving

Located in Mellieha Bay, it is one of Malta’s newest dive centers. They offer PADI and SSI courses, together with daily diving trips for certified divers.

  • Dive Deep Blue Malta

They are able to offer a full range of diver training options through five of the world’s leading recreational and technical diving training agencies.

  • Watercolours Dive Centre Malta

They run PADI Certified Scuba Diving Courses, accompanied scuba diving packages for groups, diving clubs and the individual diver all throughout the year. It located in Sliema Malta.

  • Dive Malta

Located on the picturesque seafront of St Julian's Bay is the most dynamic diving center in Malta.


Spectacular Marine Life on the waters of Malta

Spectacular Marine Life on the waters of Malta

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