Dominican Republic Beaches
A Paradise in the Caribbean

I know the Dominican Republic beaches from visiting this country many times during more than four decades. This country has been blessed by some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Then add to this a great tropical weather, great food and lovely people, you’ll have the perfect equation for a super beach vacation.

Dominican Republic Beaches Map

Map of Beaches of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on two thirds of the Island of Hispaniola, the second largest of the Antilles, east of Cuba. The other third of the island is the Republic of Haiti. Its name in Spanish is “Republica Dominicana” and the aborigine name “Quisquella” is also used.

Let’s visit the beaches of the Dominican Republic by going on a virtual tour starting from the northwest and going clockwise around the shores of this amazing country.

Surfing at Cabarete Beach on the Atlantic coast

Surfing at Cabarete Beach on the Atlantic coast

Cabarete Beach

This beach located on the northwest of the country is world renowned for its surfing. Visitors come from all over to compete in the many competitions offered by this beach. But, there is always space for the regular swimmer. This beach is great for families, couples and sports people.

Playa Cofresi

This beach named for the famous Pirate Cophresi, offers a Theme Park called Ocean World where you may swim with the dolphins, feel the touch of the stingrays and other marine games.

This is a beach where you may enjoy sun bathing, swimming and walking through its white powdery sands. It also hosts two lodging facilities, Sun Village Resort & Spa and Lifestyle Hacienda Resort.

Dominican Republic Beaches

Playa Dorada near Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Playa Dorada near Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Playa Dorada

This is a beach protected by reefs home to one of the world’s largest All Inclusive Resorts. If you are not a member of Playa Dorada Club you may acquire a one day pass . It is worth the she symbolic price for a day of fun, warm sands and cool clear waters.

Playa Grande

This spectacular beach located near Luperon on the Atlantic north coast features the Occidental Allegro Resort. The beach is large and with ample space for all.

Playa Punta Rucia

This beach features many coral reefs for the delight of snorkelers and scuba divers. It is located near the important town of Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.

Playa Sosua

This beach surrounded by amazing cliffs is ideal for families because it offers a great swimming environment.

It is worth the visit to this perfect beach. The water is calm clear and deep, ideal for swimming. It also features some impressive cliffs.

Dominican Republic Beaches

Dominican Republic Beaches

Samana Peninsula with some of the best beaches

Samana Peninsula with some of the best beaches

Samana Dominican Republic

The town of Samana is home to great beaches that I am going to mention here:

Cayo Levantado

This is a small islet a few miles from the coast of Samana. It in idyllic place with lush vegetation, white powdery beaches and the most clear waters of the region. Here the trick is going by ferry to the island and then head for the other side for less crowded beaches.

This is a small island a few miles offshore from the town of Samana. A ferry departs from the port of Samana. Once you arrive to the island, head for the other side where beaches are less frequented.

Other Dominican Republic beaches in the Samana Peninsula are:

  • Las Terrenas
  • Playa Bonita
  • Playa Las Flechas
  • Playa Rincon

Please allow me to mention that the renowned Travel Magazine Conde Nast has rated the beaches of the Samana region as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Dominican Republic Beaches

Punta Cana beaches on the eastern coast of the country

Punta Cana beaches on the eastern coast of the country

Punta Cana Beaches

We continue our virtual tour on a clockwise direction and arrive to the easternmost point of the islands. Here the beaches are to die for. They are visited by millions of tourists from North America and Europe. I was seating at Punta Cana International Airport once and counted the Jumbo Jets from all corners of the world bringing and taking back tourists.

Isla Saona

This is a very popular beach located at the eastern point of the island. It offers sands that you may think they are baby powder. The waters are clear and warm. This is perfect retreat for a great romantic moment.

Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Playa Bavaro

This stretch of beach, together with Punta Cana is covered by hundreds of All Inclusive Resorts. Some of them are interconnected and you may stay in one, dine in another and go for a great nightlife in a third one.

During the days you are able to practice all kind of water sports or just lay on your sun bed under an umbrella with your Piña Colada in one hand and a good book on the other.

We have the best memories of the Beaches of Punta Cana when we spent many weekends with friends and family, after all is just 45 minutes from Puerto Rico and 2 hours flight from Miami.

Playa Minitas and Casa de Campo Marina

Playa Minitas and Casa de Campo Marina

Playa Minitas

This is beach of the world known resort Casa de Campo. This resort is famous for its golf courses. But after a great early golf game you may head for Playa Minitas and enjoy all the facilities of the hotels right on the beach.

Isla Catalina

This small island of only 6 square miles size is located off the southern shores. It is great for a one day excursion. This island is surrounded by coral reefs ideal for the snorkelers and scuba divers.

Boca Chica Dominican Republic

We keep going west towards the busy capital of Santo Domingo and find this famous beach of Boca Chica. This beach is frequented by the residents of the capital and offers all the facilities of a great beach. When visiting Santo Domingo for pleasure or business do not miss this lovely beach.

Playa Juan Dolio

This beach, next to Boca Chica is less crowded. It offers many resorts, restaurants and bars.

Dominican Republic Beaches

For more information Dominican Republic Tourism Board

Playa Pedernales near the Haitian border

Playa Pedernales near the Haitian border

Playa Pedernales

Here we almost reached the Haitian border, close to the fishing village of Pedernales. This is a quiet beach to sit relax and watch the fishermen go and come back with their catches.

San Rafael

This is a beach with strong surf great for windsurfing. It is located south of the city of Barahona. It is very popular with locals.

It is very popular among locals. Besides being a beach with strong surf it features a natural swimming pool made by nature of a waterfall running down from nearby mountains.

I hope you enjoyed our virtual tour of the Dominica Republic Beaches of this country I love and visited so many times during the years.

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