Dutch Beaches
On the North Sea

When you think of Dutch Beaches, the first thought may be that it is too cold to go to the beach. But we have to remember that Holland has a very nice and warm summer and people flock to the beaches to take advantage of the few months of sun. The beaches of the Netherlands are located on the North Sea and some are very attractive.

Aerial view of the beach Zandvoort aan Zee in Holland

Aerial view of the beach Zandvoort aan Zee in Holland

  • Zandvoort aan Zee

This large stretch of sandy beach is located 24 km west of Amsterdam in the province of North Holland. Just seven miles from Haarlem, the town that gave this beach its name draws crowds of Germans and Dutch. The waters are too cold for prolonged swimming. I look at it with eyes of the tropics where I have lived, but many northern people will enjoy the cold waters. During August it goes above 20˚C.

It is considered one of the most important beach resorts in Holland. There is a nudist section located about 2 km to the south that extends several more kilometers to the south. And there is also a Gay Beach in the area.

During the summer months the sands are lined with temporary beach cafe-restaurants. They also feature the Holland Casino Zandvoort, in the center behind the seafront promenade. There are roulette, blackjack, punto banco, fruit machines, and more.  Getting to Zandvoort is easy by train from Amsterdam Central Station and it takes roughly 30 minutes to get there. By car you may go via Harlem.

Scheveningen Beachis the most popular beach resort in Holland

Scheveningen Beach is the most popular of Dutch Beaches

  • Scheveningen Beach

This is the most popular sea side resort in Holland.  It is one more resort near The Hague and only a 15 minute tram ride from the center of The Hague.

Modern amenities include the Sea Life Center where visitors can walk in see through tunnels for underwater views of sharks, stingrays and other forms of sea life.

This is a modern seaside resort with a long sandy beach, a pier, a lighthouse and an esplanade. The beach is known for its water sports such as windsurfing and kite boarding. Just one km to the north they have a small nudist section.

They also have very nice waves for surfing. Some say it is one of the best surfers beaches in Europe.

The town is now where the original fishing village of Scheveningen existed, which has still managed to maintain some of its traditional fishing industry. The south side of the harbor is the departure point for tourists' fishing trips.

Take a breath of fresh air on the beach, go strolling along the bay or go shopping at the Palace Promenade

This wide and long beach offers restaurants and bars crowded with people.

There is an amazing hotel in Scheveningen called the Kurhaus Scheveningen, it was built by the Germans in 1884, and has recently been completely renovated and now is a high class hotel and casino.

  • Kijkduin Resort Beach

This is another resort near The Hague. It features a delightful beach with many restaurants and shops. During the summer all restaurants on the sands are open. You may find all kind of cuisine like Mexican, Italian and French Cuisine; and of course, Dutch delicacies. During the winter the restaurants operate from the top of the dike.This is a family oriented beach that features even a carrousel and other kid’s amenities.

Dutch Beaches

The Seaside resort town of Katwijk aan Zee in Holland

The Seaside resort town of Katwijk aan Zee in Holland

  • Katwijk aan Zee

Literally, Katwijk on the Sea is a seaside resort located on the North Sea at the mouth of the Oude Rijn. It is situated in the municipality of Katwijk and the province of South Holland.

  • Blijburg (Happy Village)

This a fully equipped beach located on the harbor side of the RAI exhibition center, next to Beatrix Park.  It features 2000 square meter with a terrace, a breakfast to diner restaurant, barbecue in July and August and DJs in the weekend.

The beach can be covered in case of rain. Amazing!!!

Beach on the Maas River in Rotterdam Holland

Beach on the Maas River in Rotterdam Holland

  • Beach on the Maas

This beach is located near the Maas River and Rotterdam. During the summer, it is a great place to enjoy the sun with relaxing music and food, and a great view on the river and Rotterdam skyline. Rotterdam is the second largest port in the world and largest one in Europe.

Each year, Rotterdam hosts numerous festivals, concerts and sporting events including the Fortis Marathon, the International Film Festival, the Fast Forward Dance Parade, North Sea Jazz festival, and the exuberant Caribbean Summer Carnival. The nightlife in Rotterdam rivals that of Amsterdam’s, with a hip and creative young scene filling restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs.

For more information visit Holland Tourism Website

One of the

One of the "wild" beaches of Zeeland in the Netherlands

The Dutch beaches of Zeeland

They have much to offer to beach goers. The total is 450 km of coastline. The beaches are the cleanest in Holland. Here are just a few names of the beaches

  • Cadzand
  • Oostkapelle
  • Dishoek
  • Domburg
  • Vlissingen
  • Renesse
  • Ouddorp
  • Westkapelle< … and many other beaches.

Every beach has its own personality like if they were made for everyone of us. If you look for quiet and peace or if you are looking for action and sports, you’ll find the beach for you. Families with children enjoy the beaches because they are protected by lifeguards and have all amenities.

I hope you enjoyed our tour of the Dutch Beaches

Images for Dutch Beaches:

katwijk aan zee arjen lugtendorf
domburgt golf domburgeshne gc
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hertum zeeland beach lusitana

all courtesy of wikimedia commons

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