Ecuador Beaches
On the Equator

Ecuador beaches are located along the Pacific Ocean coastline. As we all know Ecuador is located in South America with Equator passing through its territory.

That means that the weather on the coast is always warm, but thanks to the Humboldt Current I never reaches more than 70-80 Fahrenheit meaning 21-26 Celcius. The main cities are Quito the Capital of Ecuador and Guayaquil the busy main port of the country.

We may divide the beaches into northern beaches that serve mainly the people from Quito and the southern ones serving the population of Guayaquil. Here we are going to mention the best beaches in this South American country.

Atacames is the trendiest of the Beaches in Ecuador

Atacames is the trendiest of the Beaches in Ecuador

Northern Ecuador Beaches


This beach is the one with most action in Ecuador. It features bars that are full with people especially in the evenings and weekend. It has also a number of hotels and restaurants catering to all budgets.

The beach is located about 4 hours from Quito and therefore the preferred one with Quiteños. I have to mention that during holiday weekends if may be so busy that you won’t find a room if you did not reserve in advance.

Sua beach is known for the

Sua beach is known for the "Peñon de Sua"


This is a lovely beach similar to Same but a little more action. It is located 25 km from the city of Esmeralda. The waters are so calm here that you may think of it as a large pool, great for swimming and sun tanning. This 5 km long beach features many tourists’ amenities


This is a laid back beach and therefore less visited by tourists. There are many apartment buildings along the coast and just a few hotels. If you are on a budget stay with Atacames, because here the few hotels and or apartments for rent are more expensive.

Ecuador Beaches

Isolated beach of Muisne with white sands and crystal waters

Isolated beach of Muisne with white sands and crystal waters


This is an island located 30 minutes south of Atacames Beach. It can be reaches only via a short ride by boat. It is fairly isolated and there are no bars or restaurants. But the beaches are made of powdery white sands and crystal clear waters, untouched by the human mobs.

Instead of bars the beach is lined by palm trees. If you are looking for action this is not your place; but if what you want is solitude on a pristine beach, you will enjoy this beach.


Try to imagine a beach with white sands stretching to the horizon, lined with palm trees and lush vegetation. If this is your dream, Mompiche Beach is for you. There are a few, only a few hotels offering accommodation to suit all budgets and also a few restaurants serving mainly seafood.

Canoa Beach in Ecuador is still under developed

Canoa Beach in Ecuador is still under developed


Here in Canoa Beach you may find a little more of developing features for the visitor. It has a nice variety of hostels and restaurants.

The atmosphere is still quiet relax and never crowded. It also has a few bars offering some nightlife for those that don’t have enough with a long day at the beach.

The beach is located near a small picturesque fishing town. So from here you may go fishing and for those that are beginners into the surfing world, they will find here the ideal place, because the waves are not so strong as in most of Ecuador Beaches.

At any given moment you will see many windsurfers and kite surfers concentrating on this beach.

Salinas Beach near the important port city of Guayaquil

Salinas Beach near the important port city of Guayaquil

Southern Ecuador Beaches


This southern beach is located 2 hours by road from the busy port city of Guayaquil. It is considered one of the most upscale beaches in Ecuador. Here you will find accommodations ranging from high class hotels to inexpensive hostels. Salinas features a Yacht Club, Casino and many dance clubs as well as restaurants and bars. Some say that it resembles Miami Beach with its beachfront properties.

This Jet Set beach performs a yearly Deep-Sea Fishing competition attracting many visitors from South and North America to its shores.


This beach is located near Ecuador’s largest port. Manta Ecuador port concentrates most of the activities of this town. But, the beach is great and features many attractions for tourists. It is a busy resort with accommodations and a great nightlife action.

For more information visit Ecuador Tourism Website

Isla de la Plata a near boat ride from Ecuador mainland

Isla de la Plata a near boat ride from Ecuador mainland

Puerto López

Puerto Lopez itself is insignificant. But its claim to fame is that it is a great whale watching spot during the months of July to September.

From here you may want to take a short boat ride to Isla de la Plata or Silver Island which is part of the Parque Nacional Machalilla. Isla de la Plata is called the small Galapagos with many species of animal life. Since the Galapagos is really far and costly to get there, many people arrive into Puerto Lopez in order to get to this small island as a substitute for the Galapagos trip. You may want to visit our page on Galapagos Beaches

Montañita Surfing Championship in Ecuador

Montañita Surfing Championship in Ecuador


Are you a surfer? Well this is your place to be in Ecuador. It has the best waves in the whole country. Some of the waves may reach 3 meters high. This beach is starting to become known around the world for surfers and there isn International surfing competitions taking place yearly in February.

To summarize this beach is great for “mochileros” or backpackers and also for young Ecuadorians. But if you are not either one of the above, there is always some quite spot for you, or me as a matter of fact.

I can tell you that Ecuador beaches are a “Well kept Secret” in South America. Go and discover it.

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