Egypt Beaches
On the Mediterranean and the Red Sea

Egypt Beaches are not exactly what comes to mind when you hear the name of this legendary country. Your first thought goes to the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the Nile River.

But you’ll be surprised to know that for thousands of Europeans the beaches of Egypt beaches are their dreams.

The beaches are a big part of the Tourism Industry of Egypt. For 20 years I took to Egypt another kind of tourism, the one looking for the Wonders of the world of this country.

Naama Beach

Naama Beach in Sharm El Sheik a top beach destination

I used to visit Cairo twice a year to work with my local operators and saw firsthand with them importance of the Beach Tourism especially to the Peninsula of Sinai and the spectacular beaches of the Red Sea.

Egypt Beaches are on the Mediterranean on the north and the Red Sea on the east, so let me mention a few of the best of the beaches.

Sharm El Sheikh on the Egyptian Red Sea

Sharm El Sheikh on the Egyptian Red Sea

• Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh Egypt is located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula across from the Island of Tiran and the Tiran straights.

You can reach this beach by plane from Cairo, by road through the Sinai and also from neighboring Israel by crossing the Eilat-Taba border and driving south until you reach Sharm.

We did that around 1998 when we were invited with our whole family of children and grandchildren to one of the spectacular resorts on the beaches of Sharm El Sheik.

We drove from Eilat Israel back and forth and enjoyed every moment of our visit.

The waters of the Red Sea are crystal clear and offer glorious coral reefs for the fanatics of Scuba Diving. These waters attract thousands of visitors that come here just for this sport.

We have to mention to great bays adjacent to the Old Center of Sharm. One is Naama bay with many of the resorts, restaurants and some nightlife and shopping. The other one is Sharm Al Maya around the bustling Old Market with plenty shopping and eating out.

Nuweiba Beach

Nuweiba Beach on the Red Sea for those who like natural beaches

Egypt Beaches

• Nuweiba

It is located between Taba on the north and Dahab on the south. It is still undeveloped. These 7 km long beach wont’t stay like that for long.

Developers have discovered it and soon you’ll see hotels and big resorts flourishing towards Taba and Dahab. At this moment it’s mostly frequented by backpackers, mostly from Israel when security allows them to visit.

• Dahab

Dahab Egypt is located on the Sinai Peninsula midway From Eilat Israel to Sharm El Sheikh.

It is nestled between the mountains of the Sinai and the Red Sea offering incredible sightseeing and views.

The beach is full with palms and has retained the Bedouin look that makes it so characteristic.

Even thought it has maintain the relaxed mood it still has a few modern amenities and as the time goes by it keeps growing, but thanks God very slowly.

The corals near the beach are a poem. At any time you may fish of all colors like the blue parrot fish, black and white sergeants’ majors and yellow butterfly fish.

Egypt Beaches

The Beaches of Hurghada on the Red Sea of Egypt

The Beaches of Hurghada on the Red Sea of Egypt

• Hurghada Beaches

This tourist resort is further south on the coast of the Red Sea but not on Sinai but on the coast of mainland Egypt, northeast of Luxor.

It has become one of the most important of Egypt Beaches, and at any time you can see hundreds of Italians, Scandinavians and Germans enjoying its beaches.

There are many good hotels in the area besides great restaurants, bars and clubs that have made Hurghada known as a party town with an incredible nightlife.

Like on all Red Sea Beaches the marine life found on its waters is mind boggling. There are full underwater gardens of all colors of the rainbow. Being closer to the tropics its waters are warm as compared to those of the Mediterranean.

This beach is ideal for windsurfing, sailing, deep sea fishing and many more water sports.

Egyptian Red Sea

The breathtaking marine life in the Egyptian Red Sea is awesome

Egypt Beaches

• Safaga Beach

This beach is located to the south of Hurghada. The black sands are a favorite with sunbathers and scuba diviers. It provides one of the best scuba diving spots on the Red Sea.

Safaga beach has become internationally known for its therapeutic facilities for the skin. The sea water is known for its high concentration of minerals.

Some towering reefs like Arbaa and Abu Qifan offer great diving and some big tunas and manta rays can be spotted on the area. Once in Safaga you may take advantage of a visit to Luxor with the Valley of the Kings and the Queens. It is not so far away.

Soma Bay on the Red Sea

Soma Bay on the Red Sea is one of the Best Egypt Beaches

• Soma Bay

Soma Bay is located 45 km south of Hurghada International Airport with flights direct from many European cities. Soma is a peninsula surrounded by water from all sides of about 5 km in length and 2 km wide. The peninsula is reached by a private toad.

Soma Bay features great golf courses, one of the largest spa centers in the region. The beaches are great and ideal for many Watersports due to the winds prevailing at all times. For those that want to learn to windsurf and sail this could be their place.

• El Gouna

This is beautiful Red Sea resort town on the Red Sea north of Hurghada with beautiful beaches attracting many Europeans seeking the warm waters of the tropics just a few hours away by plane. It has a full infrastructure to receive all these tourists.

The beaches are spread out across many lagoons and small islands with white sands and turquoise waters for your delight. This is the place for diving and snorkeling and an array of water activities. El Gouna is one of the top diving sites of the Red Sea.

For more information visit Egypt Tourism Website

alexandria egypt

Stanley Beach in Alexandria
Egypt's second largest city and and home to its Mediterranean Beaches

Egypt Beaches

• Alexandria Beaches

Egypt’s second largest city on the Mediterranean Sea, only 225 km from Cairo, is lined by beaches of great quality. These beaches offer all tourists facilities including great hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions.

The ambiance here is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern. It is called “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”.

The Corniche or boardwalk is lined with beaches. To mention a few, try Stanley Beach inside town. Further east you’ll find Montazah Beach, Maarmoura and the small fishing village of Abu Qir. In all of them you may sunbath, swim and eat fresh seafood.

The Egyptian Mediterranean with its white sands and blue waters is full of beaches that are underdeveloped but still have the necessary tools to receive tourists from everywhere.

To mention a few of the beaches along the shores are:

• Mersa Matrouh is a natural bay with a long White sand beach great for swimming and sunbathing
• Sidi Abd al Rahman is a secluded beach with some villas and Hotels
• El Alamein Egypt is a coastal village located 100km east of Alexandria. The name may sound to you because it is the site of an important Allies Victory during World War II.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria is pure Middle Eastern Luxury

Image Credits:
naama beach by marc ryckaert
nuweiba by chris yunker
soma bay by dereemb
stanley beach alexandria by defrancisci
coral in sharm by hannes grobe

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The resorts images are courtesy of the resorts mentioned.

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