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The Best of Europe

Here we mention a few of the best European beaches. To be fair we are mentioning the best of each country or region.

The Mediterranean is the home of the most exotic islands like the Greek Islands and the Balearic Islands of Spain.

Certain islands that are not specifically in Europe are considered as such because they are and integral part of their countries.

I mean Madeira and Azores of Portugal and the Canary Islands of Spain that are located in the Atlantic Ocean but we are going to consider them European.

Beaches of the Azores Islands of Portugal

Beaches of the Azores Islands of Portugal

Best European Beaches

The following beaches have been selected by an infinite number of beach goers from all over the world. When I selected them from a much larger list, I did it with my taste and experience in mind.

There are many best beaches in Europe and I will try to mention and describe as many as possible. In the following pages you’ll find more detailed information of each one of them.

Cala Salada Beach on the Balearic Island of Ibiza Spain

Cala Salada Beach on the Balearic Island of Ibiza Spain

Best European Beaches

Spanish Beaches

Spain is the country with most tourist visitors a year in the world. The charm of Spain cannot be described in a few words. We have been traveling to Spain for almost 40 years and visited its coasts in the north and south and above all Madrid, lovely Madrid. But Spain’s Capital is out of this site for obvious reasons. It is located inland.

Spain has thousands of kilometers of beaches divided in two regions. One is the south that stretches from the border with Portugal and Gibraltar on the west to the border with France on the east. The other is the Atlantic Ocean side stretching from Portugal to France.

Some of the best beaches of Spain are located in

  • Barcelona
  • Canary Islands
  • Ibiza in the Balearic Islands
  • Costa Brava
  • Marbella
  • Malaga Beaches
  • Valencia

European Beaches

The Medieval City of Robijn in Croatia

The Medieval City of Robijn in Croatia

Croatia Beaches

Croatia has a perfect geography for beach goers. It is a long and narrow country that covers a great portion of the Eastern Adriatic Coast. It has been attracting tourists to its coasts since the time when Yugoslavia existed and Croatia was just one of the republics

Today as an independent and free country they are proud to present their beaches to the world. Needless to say, that the queen of the Adriatic coast is Dubrovnik. We were fortunate to see Dubrovnik before the war, and later after the total reconstruction.

The main tourist attraction in Croatia is their beautiful beaches. This Adriatic country has close to 1,800 Km or 1,100 miles of seaside beaches. With over 1,000 islands, all along the Adriatic, and its mainland coast feature idyllic harbors, bays and coves for the delight of any tourist.

Some of the best beach areas in Croatia are

  • Brac Island
  • Hvar Island
  • Istria
  • Krk Island
  • Split
  • Dalmatian Coast

One of many gorgeous beaches in Brittany France

One of many gorgeous beaches in Brittany France

More European Beaches

French Beaches

No matter what type of beach you desire, you’ll find it in France. France has two accesses to the beach. One is the Mediterranean with its incomparable French Riviera, witness to so many movie stars for decades on end.

The other one is the Atlantic on the north. The coves of Brittany are the best area for family vacations. And last but not least the Island of Corsica with its white sand beaches.

France is always competing with Spain in how many millions of tourist they attract yearly. Since one can remember places like the French Riviera was known to us as the non plus ultra site for beautiful people and beautiful site.

Some of the beach regions of France are

  • French Riviera
  • Languedoc
  • Normandy
  • Brittany
  • Picardy
  • Island of Corsica

World famous Blue Grotto on the Island of Capri Italy

World famous Blue Grotto on the Island of Capri Italy

Italian Beaches

The Italian Peninsula and islands are blessed by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is not only the sand and clear waters, that made them famous. Italy is a complete package of food, sightseeing, ancient history and beautiful people.

Who hasn’t heard of the Blue Grotto in the Island of Capri or the beaches of Sicily or Sardinia?

Italy is surrounded by four seas of blue waters lined with beaches, cliffs, gulls, lagoons and many marine reserves and parks.

The seas are Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Liguria. Here you may find an infinite number of beaches, hotels, guest houses and luxury resorts, to please any taste.

And as a token, Italy has superb lakes on the north also surrounded by beaches and more beaches.

Some of the areas with top beaches in Italy are:

  • Abruzzo
  • Basilicata
  • Calabria
  • Campania
  • Emilia Romagna
  • Friuli Venezia
  • Giulia Lazio
  • Liguria
  • Marche
  • Molise
  • Piemonte (Lakes)
  • Puglia
  • Sardegna
  • Sicilia
  • Toscana
  • Veneto

Idyllic Beach or Tsigrado on the Greek Island of Milos

Idyllic Beach or Tsigrado on the Greek Island of Milos

Greece Beaches

Greece was created to be a beach country. The hundreds of Greek Islands attest to that. Every one of the Greek Islands is a beach world by itself.

Besides, Greece as a country is home to the Greek people. They are the best hosts in the Mediterranean. The food in Greece is to die for and the music, the nightlife on the islands keeps attracting visitors from the rest of Europe and the world.

Greece is a country of many islands. The Greek Islands are a touristic dream for more than half of humanity. Everybody has hear about the Greek Civilization that grew not only in the mainland but also in the Islands of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Most of the top cruise lines offer cruises that stop in many of the islands.

In the Greek Beaches tourist seek a good time. Besides the beautiful beaches of the islands, there is a lot to see and learn from this magnificent country’s history. I have been privileged to have visited Greece many, many times and spent time on the islands.

The most desired beaches of Greece are located in:

  • Crete
  • Corfu
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Rhodes

  • Milos
  • Samos
  • Patmos
  • Paros
Budva Beach in the Republic of Montenegro a Jewel on the Adriatic Sea

Budva Beach in the Republic of Montenegro a Jewel on the Adriatic Sea

The rest of European Beaches in the Mediterranean

Besides the countries mentioned, we are reviewing beaches in smaller countries, but nevertheless theirs are as gorgeous and all of the Mediterranean Beaches.

  • Malta Beaches
  • Cyprus beaches
  • Montenegro Beaches
  • Albania Beaches
  • Israel Beaches
  • Turkey Beaches

Skane Beach in Sweden

Skane Beach in Sweden

Great European Beaches on the rest of the Continent

Some readers may think that the beaches in Europe are only surrounded by the Mediterranean, I am going to show you that there are spectacular beaches on the other side of Europe in the north.

Due to its geographical location, these beaches have to be enjoyed during summer. The summer in northern Europe is short but the people know how to enjoy them and therefore some of them are really crowded during the months may to September.

I have heard of beachgoers that swim during the freezing months of winter. For me as a tropical person this is unbelievable.

Some of the beaches we are mentioning here with descriptions and pictures are

  • Swedish Beaches
  • Estonia Beaches
  • British Beaches
  • Dutch Beaches
  • Germany Beaches

Credits for images of European Beaches

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Nissi Beach on the Island of Cyprus

Nissi Beach on the Island of Cyprus

Beaches by category

There are beaches for all purposes. Where you want to spend your Family Vacation is not necessarily where you want to spend a romantic moment with your other half.

Some beaches are exotic while others are more cosmopolitan with a lot of excitement and nightlife. Maybe you are looking for a large selection of Watersports. Here you’ll find the solution.

  • Romantic Destinations
  • Honeymoon Destinations
  • Best Islands
  • Best Beach Resorts
  • Family Beach Vacations
  • Exotic Beaches
  • Tropical Beaches
  • Scuba Diving Vacations

Now, it’s time to take your beach gear and enjoy all the European Beaches. I hope you enjoy the ride like I enjoy talking about them.

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