European Nude Beaches
Attracting Millions of Visitors

Here is a list of our favorite European Nude Beaches in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the North Sea. I made a research of these beaches based on the opinion of the Travel magazines.

This is not my field of expertise but I wanted to bring to my readers the basic information of the best naturist beaches in Europe.

island of Jerolim

The tiny island of Jerolim off the coast of Hvar Croatia

European Nude Beaches

Jerolim Beach Croatia

This beach is located on the island of Jerolim one of the Platkeni Islands off the coast of the bigger island of Hvar. Please read about Hvar here…

Jerolim Beach has been voted by the nudist lovers as one of the best ones in Europe. It is well prepared to receive this type of beach goers. It is equipped with showers, restaurants and bars.

This beach has been recognized by Naturists for its  openness towards the culture of the beauty of the nude body and where people visiting just live and let live.

paradise beach

Paradise Beach in Mykonos on the Greek Islands

European Nude Beaches

Paradise Beach Mykonos Greek Islands

The two beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise are both a center of Nudism in Mykonos. But what really makes this beach famous is the atmosphere of partying and “joy de vivre “ so common to all Mykonos Beaches.

There is a campground behind the beach providing inexpensive accommodation, very popular with young people traveling on a tight budget. It can be reached by taxi or cheap bus.

European Nude Beaches

Plage de Tahiti a nude beach in St Tropez

Plage de Tahiti a nude beach in St Tropez

Plage de Tahiti St Tropez France

Plage de Tahiti located on the Bay of Pampelonne is featured in my site also among the best beaches in St Tropez one the French Riviera Beaches. Some say it is just topless, but I heard that in certain corners of the beach it is also nude.

This beach claimed to fame in the 1950’s with famous star Brigitte Bardot and has been getting better with time like good wine.

To compliment the beach is the closeness to St Tropez where you may spot celebrities at all times and the atmosphere of Rich and Famous emanating from this famous beach city.

Campground of the Naturist Centre Helio Montalivet in France

European Nude Beaches

Montalivet Beach France

This beach is located on the Bay of Biscayne not far from Bordeaux on France’s Atlantic coast. The place is known to be the Birthplace of Naturism in Frances in the 1950’s.

The Centre Hélio Montalivet is a Nude Family Beach. It is perfect for families with children, since the place is private and protected by a fence and guards. So, once there the parents can leave their kids to enjoy their day and enjoy the bars and restaurants available for adults.

There is local camping zone for your tent or caravan, and also chalets for rent with the whole Center. It is complimented with a surfing school, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, and swimming pools.

Being a complete village it features a supermarket, restaurants, a baker and a butcher.

Red Beach on the Island of Crete Greece

Red Beach on the Island of Crete Greece

Red Beach Crete Greece

There are several Red Beaches on the Greek Islands, they are called like that because of the red sands of volcanic origin.

Red Beach is located in Matala Crete. Although it is called a nude beach the actual nude area is in the north of the beach.

Since the beach does not provide restaurants and bars it is recommended to bring enough water and food to last for the day.

platja d'enbossa

Platja d'enbossa in the Trendy Island of Ibiza Spain

European Nude Beaches

Platja d’en Bossa Ibiza

This famous nude beach is located in Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands of Spain off the coast of Catalonia.  It is actually the largest beach in Ibiza and offers many cafes and restaurants. This long and wide beach offers several hotels for all budgets.

It is famous for its constant partying and for a “no problem” all nude beach. By the way Ibiza is the trendiest of all Spanish Beaches and this one is not the only nude beach on the island.

To summarize, this beach is not only nude and partying, it is a great Mediterranean Beach with lots of sunshine, white sands and clear azure waters.

Playa de la mar Bella in Barcelona, Spain

Playa de la Mar Bella in Barcelona, Spain

Playa de la Mar Bella in Barcelona

This 500 meters’ long beach is one of the two nudist Beaches in Barcelona. The nudist lovers have a special are on the south of this beach where to enjoy privacy. Besides the Gay community has also an area where they enjoy their “personal beach” with bars catering to them. This beach is well attended and features sun beds and umbrellas for rent

The beach is a great 40 meters’ wide with warm waters and enough sunshine year round to keep it busy practically all months of the year. 

Island of Sylt Germany

This is the largest German Island on the North Sea and is located about 12 km off the coast of the mainland.

This busy summer Germany Beaches feature among others a few nudist beaches. Some time ago the lines were clearly drawn as to where the nude beaches are but lately it is much easier to be accepted all over the island.

But still I recommend that if you want to drop all your clothes to stick to the designated nude areas of the island. People regard this as part of their general freedom and not as an invitation to any sort.

Bassona on the Adriatic is the largest Nude Beach in Italy

Bassona on the Adriatic is the largest Nude Beach in Italy

Bassona Beach near Emilia Romagna Italy

This Adriatic Beach is the longest nude beach in Italy with 1 km long beach with white sands and warm waters, enjoying a mild temperature all year round.

Since Italy is a fundamentally Catholic country, not all accept nude bathing, but it has been agreed upon a small stretch of this beach when naturists may strip down and enjoy their style without offending others.

Adegas Nude Beach in the Algarve, Portugal

Adegas Nude Beach in the Algarve, Portugal

Adegas beach in Algarve Portugal

Just mentioning Algarve means the best beaches in Portugal. This one is hidden away of the beach of Odeceixe Beach, near Aljezur.

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