Exuma Bahamas
Miles and Miles of White Beaches

Exuma Bahamas located near the Florida coast is a secret for many. The pristine beaches of white sand and clear turquoise waters are idyllic for those looking for a relaxed vacation.

It is one of the Out Islands of the Bahamas where Mother Nature is Queen and life is as it was a few decades ago. Imagine lying on the exotic beaches experiencing the only sounds of birds and the waves gently touching the shore.

Saddle Cay Beach in Exuma

Saddle Cay Beach in Exuma

Beautiful Sunsets

Once on the islands you will be greeted by some of friendliest people in the Caribbean. You will be welcomed as their guest and you will immediately feel the simplicity and humbleness in the atmosphere of the community.

Exuma is part of the chain of islands that form the Bahamas. The islands stretch as an arch from the coast of Florida to the north of Hispaniola and the Turks and Caicos, a British Territory.

Great Exuma is the largest of the Exuma Islands and is home to Georgetown a charming Caribbean Town. The sunsets that you’ll experience here are undisturbed by high rises.

Exuma Bahamas

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Getting there
You may fly to Exuma Bahamas from Miami or Nassau.


Fishing or bone fishing are some of the activities you may experience in Exuma Bahamas, the clear waters and the abundance of marine life will make your day and don’t forget to take many pictures to show back home to family and friend.

Exuma is also home to the National Family Island Regatta and the National Land and Sea Park.

Exploring the island can be done by taxi or car rental, which are very common on the islands. Many visitors like to hike or go by bicycle and get to places and coves not reached by car. Caribbean Snorkeling or Scuba Diving is the most popular of all sports. The colorful corals and marine life is awe inspiring

Touring Georgetown is a must. Take a walking tour and visit the Central Straw market where you’ll find many Bahamian crafts. Don’t miss the many shops, grocery stores and restaurants all around Lake Victoria. And don’t miss the Bahamian local Beer Kalik and some cracked conch.

Starfish abound on the Beaches of Exuma

Starfish abound on the Beaches of Exuma

One of your best choices for Caribbean Beaches in the Exuma Islands is Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma, which is the longest beach on the island and has light sand and turquoise water.

The imaginary line that defines the northern tropics supposedly runs right along the beach. The hotel beaches on Great Exuma have lots of personality and are open to the public.

Shroud Cay has beautiful beaches interspersed with mangroves, and the beaches at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park are home to local iguanas.

Find your romantic cove anywhere in the Exumas

Find your romantic cove anywhere in the Exumas

Great Exuma Bahamas is one of those places on earth that you may have dreamed of. In those winter days of North America or Europe, you may want to remember your visit to as you close your eyes.

The weather is perfect always warm and always cooled by the constant breezes. It is not one of the common tourist traps.

Here beauty is natural and the laid back attitude is genuine. The water is “really” turquoise blue and the sands are “really” like white baby’s talc.

The Washington Post once published that Exuma is one of the ten most desirable international destinations. But if you don’t trust the reporter’s opinion, come here and experience for yourself.

Exuma's  popularity stems from its tropical greenery that stretches from inland to meet the sands and waters of its beaches.

For more information visit Bahamas Tourism Website

Map of Exuma Islands in the Bahamas

Map of Exuma Islands in the Bahamas

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