Florida Panhandle Beaches
Among the Best in the State

Florida Panhandle Beaches are among the best in the state and probably in the whole country. Located on the north side of the Gulf of Mexico, this is a stretch of land featuring beautiful white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.

If you want to stay away from the masses, the Panhandle is your place. The towns are scattered and all of them have the most gorgeous beaches

Panama City is the hub of all of them and the area surrounding it is now called "the Emerald Coast."

Panama City Beach in Florida

Panama City Beach in Florida

It has become a very popular destination, especially since the opening of the Northwest Beaches International Airport in 2010. Everybody comes here such as snowbirds from northern states, spring breakers.

Take the shuttle boat across the channel to the underdeveloped Shell Island where you should go snorkeling with a spontaneous visit of the dolphins.

The quiet beach of St Andrews State Park at the mouth of St Andrews Bay, was named America’s Best Beach at a time.

Grayton Beach one the Florida Panhandle Beaches

Grayton Beach one the Florida Panhandle Beaches

This is a small beach city with Hemingway-style wooden homes and streets “paved” with crushed oyster shells, resembling Florida beach towns of the past.

It is located between Panama City and Destin along scenic 30-A Highway. It is always mentioned as a great beach destination, because its setting on a rare coastal dune lake surrounded by sand dunes and woodlands.


The Beaches of Destin Florida

The Beaches of Destin Florida

Destin is one of the most renowned cities of the Panhandle. It is known for its white sand beaches as well as the Destin Harbor Boardwalk. Don’t miss the waterfalls and pools of Big Kahuna’s water park.

Among the Destin Beaches are the following:

  • James Lee Park with crystal-clear waters and snow-white sands.

  • Henderson Beach State Park is such a beautiful place with nice facilities for a picnic near the sea.

  • James C. Beasley Park is a family favorite, with great beach and many amenities.

  • Newman Brackin 'Wayside' Park with a Wide beach, volleyball nets, shops, restaurants, bars together with playgrounds and picnic area.

Florida Panhandle Beaches

Beaches of Pensacola Florida

Beaches of Pensacola Florida

Nestled in Florida’s northwestern corner and the beaches of Pensacola. Like the rest of the Panhandle, they are of white sands and emerald-green waters.

Here a few of the beaches of Pensacola

  • Gulf Islands National Seashore with several beaches and picnic areas.

  • Perdido Key Beach is part of the Gulf Island National Seashore. This barrier island located west of Pensacola is a hidden retreat where you can fish, sunbathe, swim, surf or simply relax.

  • Big Lagoon State Park on the mainland across from Perdido Key Beach.

  • Fort Pickens located at the western end of the beaches in Pensacola, FL, this area offers a secluded, pristine beach.

  • Pensacola Beach is surrounded by the Santa Rosa Sound to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the south and on either side by the federally protected Gulf Islands National Seashore.

  • Opal Beach is located halfway between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach.


Dog Island

An untouched area with unspoiled beaches that you enjoy sometimes by yourself year-round. "The island that time forgot" is reached by passenger ferry from Carabelle, 50 miles southwest of Tallahassee. You're guaranteed quiet beaches with powdered-sugar sand, shells galore and aquamarine waters.

St Joseph Peninsula State Park

It is bound by three sides by the Gulf of Mexico waters. It is home to some of the most beautiful Florida Panhandle Beaches.

In the namesake park you’ll find sugary white sands for a stretch of about 15 km. It is also a birdwatching paradise and has a full-facility campground.

St Joseph Peninsula State Park

St George Island

This island has long been a favorite destination for families in the Southeast for their annual beach vacations. Far from the crowds of Panama City.

You won’t find an active nightlife here, this is a place for parents and grandparents to enjoy the kids as they play quietly on the fine sands.

Blue Mountain Beach in Florida's Panhandle

Blue Mountain Beach in Florida's Panhandle

Located between Destin and Seaside, Blue Mountain Beach is a residential community with a small private beach, where homes are available for rent by the week or season.

The powdery quartz sands, backed by the Gulf of Mexico, which is constantly fading between turquoise and sapphire are the background for your vacation here.

Our friend Fido roaming through the Beaches of Cape San Blas

Our friend Fido roaming through the Beaches of Cape San Blas

It is far from the nearest town, so it feels like the end of the world. It is a Dog Friendly Beach with public access points to the beach with plastic baggies and pet waste disposal canisters.

The long, narrow cape is a lot like St George Island, but even less developed. St Joseph Peninsula State Park on the cape doesn't allow dogs on its portion of the beach, which is a rule for all Florida state parks, but they're permitted in the campground areas.

For more information visit Florida Tourism Official Website

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Map of Florida Panhandle Beaches

Map of Florida Panhandle Beaches

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