Formentera Beaches
In the Balearic Islands

Come and Relax in the Ambiance of Formentera Beaches which are the main attraction of this, the smallest of the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

A Typical Beach in Formentera Balearic Islands of Spain

A Typical Beach in Formentera Balearic Islands of Spain

Tourism is very important on this Island

The island is 20 km long and only 2 km wide at its narrowest point, with a total of 82 sq km. It is a flat island but it rises to a 190 meters high top in La Mola from where you have a great view of the island and you can see the cliffs falling down into the sea.

Tourism is the main source of income in the island and second comes agriculture. The island population is about 9,000 inhabitants, but during high season it reaches around 20,000.

It doesn’t have a commercial airport and all traffic is through the Port of La Savina separated from Ibiza by a 4 km channel. The normal ferry takes an hour from Ibiza Town and there is also a fast ferry that takes only 30 minutes to cross the channel. The Capital of Formentera and biggest urban center is Sant Francesc de Formentera

cala saona

Cala Saona is one of the exotic beaches on the island

Formentera Beaches

Most of the Beaches are unspoiled with no mass building and development and the government makes all efforts to keep them clean.

Many beaches have wooden walkways that enable visitors and locals to walk, jog or cycle without walking and damaging the sand dunes. There are signs with information about protected species of birds, local plants and marine life in the area.

The beach bars here are called Chiringuitos. They are scattered throughout the beaches and offer drinks and food and even some music and dance into the evening.

Formentera Beaches

Playa Ses Illetes one of the most beautiful Beaches in Formentera

Playa Ses Illetes one of the most beautiful Beaches in Formentera

• Playa Illetes

On this beach you may dream you are in the Caribbean. This is a long stretch of white sands and the waters are a light turquoise blue. This beach attract all kind of visitors, among them the day visitors coming from Ibiza and the rich and famous that stop here with their luxurious yachts on their Mediterranean journey.

In the height of summer this one is the busiest beach on the island due to the proximity to La Savina. The restaurants are fantastic and during summers it is recommended to make reservations.

The northern part of the beach is the quiet part and is a declared nudist beach. The beach has many amenities like water sports, restrooms and plenty of parking at a reasonable cost.

es pujols

The Formentera Beaches of Es Pujols

Formentera Beaches

• Playa Es Pujols

Es Pujol is the most important beach resort in Formentera. This is a curve formed beach with a few rocky islands offshore. It has a nice promenade with many bars and restaurants. Here you’ll find many stands of water sports like windsurfing, sailing and para-sailing besides many beach accessories.

• Cala Saona

It is located on the west coast only a short distance from San Francisco, the capital. The beach is shaped as a horseshoe and keeps the waters warm at all times. The sand is white and thin and the waters turquoise like in a dream. It offers a few coves nearby behind the red rocks for private bathing.

• Playa la Savina

With breathtaking views of Ibiza, this is a small stretch of white sands and azure waters combined with the sabina trees that provide the shade you are looking for. It is close to the port with the same name.

The tourists may walk the whole length of the beach on the walkway especially built by the local government in order to protect the sand dunes near the beach.

playa es calo

Playa Es Calo is great for Snorkeling

Formentera Beaches

• Playa Migjorn

The longest of Formentera Beaches is located on the southern coast and is about 6 km long. The fine white sands, the little beach bars and great restaurants and clear blue water make this our favorite beach in Formentera. The rocks scattered offshore offer a paradise of marine like for the snorkelers. This is also a beach for nudists.

• Es Calo

This is a great snorkeling site because the waters are deep and clear as a piece of crystal. There are some minerals on the rocks that reflect the light providing this amazing scenery.

Playa Es Arenals on the Island of Formentera Spain

Playa Es Arenals on the Island of Formentera Spain

• Playa Es Arenals

This is a continuation to the east of Playa Migjorn with white sands and all kind of amenities like sun beds, umbrellas and a windsurfing school. There are many bars and restaurants in the area.

• El Tiburon

This is a quiet small beach between Illetes and La Savina that beards the name of the renowned Restaurant el Tiburon. It has some pine trees that provide the much needed shade. The most beautiful thing is that you may relax and watch the luxury yachts coming and going to Ibiza Beaches.

For more information visit Spain Tourism Website

playa llevant

Playa Llevant a rocky but beautiful beach

• Playa Llevant

From this beach you have amazing views of Ibiza, since it is located on the northeastern coast. It is a peaceful beach and very close to Illetes Beach. It also offers private coves and lagoons for nudists.

This beach gets the strongest winds and therefore high waves and dangerous strong current. Please swim with caution and at your own risk.

Tanga Beach in Formentera mad of powdery white sands

Tanga Beach in Formentera made of powdery white sands

Formentera Beaches

• Playa Tanga

This white sand beach is located between Es Pujols and Llevant. It is very quiet and laid back. The Restaurant La Tanga is a good one.

• Playa TramontanaThis is a secluded little bay on the northeastern coast of the Island in the village of Es Calo. The sands are fine and white and the waters pure turquoise. The bay is just before the beach of Es Calo.

• Sa RoquetaIt lies between Es Pujols and Llevant. Here the waters are shallow, therefore great for families with kids. There are some vendors selling coconut and fresh fruit. There is typical beach bar on this beach.

hotel riu la mola

Hotel Riu La Mola in Formentera

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illetes by fabio invernizzi
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